Nightlife in Switzerland

Exploring Switzerland’s nightlife is an exciting way to experience the colourful and diverse entertainment scenery that the country has to offer. Besides stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Switzerland has a lively nightlife that caters to both locals and tourists alike. With Thrillophilia’s Switzerland package, you can dive into this unique and eclectic nightlife with your friends and family.

Ranging from bustling clubs and chic bars to world-class theatres and casinos, there is something for everyone to enjoy after the sun sets. You can enjoy plays at the Grand Theatre and watch films at KITAG CINEMAS Cinedome. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, our Switzerland package for couples offers wonderful experiences, such as witnessing aurora borealis and opera performances.

In cities like Zurich, Geneva and Bern, you can find a plethora of options to make the most of your nightlife in the country. The trendy clubs like Hive and Mascotte in Zurich provide a lively atmosphere with modern music. On the other hand, the Grand Casino in Bern offers an elegant setting for those who want to try their luck at the gaming tables. So, stop waiting and enjoy the best nightlife in Switzerland with Thrillophilia to make your holiday enjoyable and memorable.

Best Things to Do in Switzerland at Night

1. Visit the vibrant clubs in Zurich- Visiting the colourful clubs in Zurich is one of the top things to enjoy Switzerland’s nightlife. The city has the highest number of nightclubs in the country that offer a wide range of music genres and venue styles. Some famous clubs like Aura and Jade in Zurich attract the celebrities of the city with their lively atmosphere. You can also check out Plaza for a calm environment, trendy decor, and performances by famous DJs.

2. Try your luck at the Grand Casino in Bern- You can have some fun with your friends until the sun comes up at the Grand Casino in Bern. With roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained in the casino. You can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or grab a drink at one of the two bars or the smoking lounge.

3. Enjoy the Opera and Ballet Performances- Enjoying the opera and ballet performances is a cultural highlight of nightlife in Switzerland. If you love dance and art, you should attend the world-renowned shows at Opernhaus in Zurich. It is a fantastic place to experience extraordinary and majestic performances. If you do not want to party, you can admire the beauty of the stunning displays of creativity at Opernhaus.

4. Go for Stargazing- If you are travelling with your soulmate, stargazing is among the romantic things to do in Switzerland at night. All you need to do is find a peaceful spot to relax with your partner and admire the beauty of the stars. You can also bring a blanket and a bottle of wine to make the moment even more special. Some of the best places for a romantic stargazing experience are Swiss National Park and the Jungfrau-Aletsch region.

5. Watch Films at KITAG CINEMAS Cinedome- Watching movies at KITAG CIMEMAS Cinedome is a fun activity when experiencing Switzerland’s nightlife. This multiplex cinema offers movies with great picture quality and comfortable seating. They show all the latest Hollywood hits in English, with translations in German and French. Besides movies, Cinedome also has bowling alleys for fun with friends and a sports bar with big-screen TVs for sports lovers.

6. Enjoy Plays at the Grand Theatre- The Grand Theatre in Geneva is famous for its opera, dance performances, recitals, and concerts. You can enjoy these performances on one of the biggest stages in Switzerland with your fellow travellers at night. Moreover, you can explore the rich history and cultural heritage of Geneva through interesting acts at this theatre.

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Switzerland Nightlife FAQs

What are the best nightclubs in Switzerland?

Some of the best nightclubs that you can visit in Switzerland are:

  • Club Supermarket- Club Supermarket is one of the best nightclubs in Switzerland that is famous for its unique underground parties. 
  • Hive- Hive is a leading electro-club in Zurich that has a trendy and alternative atmosphere with experimental music. 
  • X-Tra Concert Venue and NightClub- X-Tra at Limmatplatz is a big venue hosting popular parties like Rollschuh Disco and Lollipop Party.
  • Papiersaal- Papiersaal is a great place for music lovers that allows you to enjoy the nightlife in Switzerland through folk and indie pop concerts.
  • Hinterhof- Hinterhof is a large bar and dance complex that provides a variety of music from international artists to local DJs.
  • Nordstern Techno Club- Nordstern in Basel is a massive techno club in an old power plant that is popular for its high-quality techno music.

Does Zurich have a good nightlife?

Yes, Zurich offers a mesmerizing nightlife experience in Switzerland. Some of these places are:

  • Hive- Hive is a popular nightclub in Zurich that is known for its techno and deep house music. The club has a cool industrial look, where you can dance and have fun in Switzerland's nightlife.
  • Mascotte- Mascotte is the oldest nightclub in Zurich that offers different music nights like indie, 80s, and current hits.
  • Club Zukunft- Club Zukunft is a futuristic nightclub that has a unique spaceship-like interior and plays the latest electronic music.
  • Gonzo- Gonzo is a cosy and friendly club in Zurich, where you can hear a mix of music from hip-hop to disco. It has a relaxed vibe and feels like a fun house party.

Does Switzerland have casinos?

Yes, Switzerland has numerous casinos. Some of them are as follows:

Casino Barrière Montreux- Casino Barrière Montreux is a famous casino in Switzerland. It has modern slot machines and classic card games like blackjack and poker.

Casinò Lugano- Casinò Lugano offers big jackpots and games like roulette and blackjack. You can also enjoy food and drinks at Elementi restaurant in the casino.

Casino Zürich- Casino Zürich is a great place for gaming with 280 slot machines and table games like blackjack and poker. 

Grand Casino Bern- Grand Casino Bern allows you to experience the best nightlife in Switzerland through various slot machines and poker games.

What are the best parties to attend in Switzerland?

Some of the best parties to attend in Switzerland are:

  • Kaufleuten- Kaufleuten in Zurich is a classy and famous spot that has welcomed stars like Madonna and Robbie Williams. You can enjoy drinks at the bar or party throughout the evening on the terrace.
  • Dracula Club- Dracula Club in Saint Moritz is well-known for hosting a live jazz music festival. It lets you party your heart out to the music performances by international artists and bands.
  • Club Supermarket- If you want to dance to experience Switzerland’s nightlife, there is no other place than Club Supermarket. Here, you can have a great time in its big disco hall.
  • Les Docks- Les Docks is a special place in Switzerland for live music concerts. You can see international bands like Moby and Patti Smith in this nightclub.

Is there a nightlife in Geneva?

Yes, there is a bustling nightlife in Geneva. Some of the best nightclubs in the city include: 

  • Le Baroque- Le Baroque is a famous club in Geneva that is known for its beautiful interiors with chandeliers and velvet curtains.
  • Java Club- Java Club is a favourite spot for the trendy crowd of the city as it has a big dance floor where people love to dance until early morning.
  • Victoria Hall- Victoria Hall is a special concert hall that allows you to enjoy symphonies, concerts, and special Sunday shows at night.
  • FloorTwo Bar- The FloorTwo Bar in Geneva lets you soak in the energetic music of DJs and trendy lights and party throughout the night.

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