Museums in Switzerland

Switzerland, popularly known as 'Heaven on Earth', is home to many fascinating museums. These Switzerland's museums, can't be missed out on if you are looking to give your trip to the country a splash of colour. This heavenly destination is known to be a nation with the highest number of museums across all of Europe. This is why Thrillophilia offers a wide range of Switzerland tour packages which include museums covering history, culture, and beyond.

Explore the Swiss charm that lies beyond the beautiful landscapes. Switzerland is especially popular among couples for their honeymoon trips. An ideal Switzerland honeymoon package wouldn't be complete without a visit to the finest museums. The Kunsthaus Zürich is the perfect place to admire art with your partner.

Be it FIFA, artwork, transport, or chocolates - Swiss Museums have it all. Create your chocolates on your own at the Lindt Home of Chocolate. You could also visit the Swiss National Museum, for a closer look into Swiss history. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the essence of the true Swiss culture and heritage, with a visit to the most loved Switzerland’s museums.

Best Museums in Switzerland

  • Swiss Museum of Transport: Witness the development of Swiss mobility over the years, at the Swiss Museum of Transport. Immerse yourself in a variety of interactive exhibitions for all forms of transport. The museum, built in 1959, showcases the work of Hans Erni, a Swiss artist. It also features attractions beyond the transport category, such as the Planetarium, and Swiss Arena. Experience the true charm of cinema at the largest IMAX screen in the country at the museum.
  • Kunsthaus Zürich: The Kunsthaus Zürich, when it comes to area, is the biggest museum of art in Switzerland. Among all the museums in Zurich, Switzerland, Kunsthaus Zürich is home to the most valuable artworks. The museum was founded in 1787, by a group of art lovers who used to meet and discuss each others' work. It showcases the artworks of Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, and Edward Munch, among several other artists.
  • Swiss National Museum: The Swiss National Museum is one of the best museums in Switzerland. It features a collection of various cultural and historical items. The museum holds approximately 8,20,000 artefacts that take you on a ride through Swiss history. Items may include everything from daily objects to exclusive handicrafts. You can also take a look at the popular medieval knights’ armour, at the Waffenturm, the Tower of Arms.
  • Lindt Home of Chocolate: Bring out the child in you at the Lindt Home of Chocolate. Admire the 30-foot-high chocolate fountain, the tallest in the world, pouring on a huge Lindt Truffle. Learn about the history of Swiss chocolate and the experts who made it world-famous. You could also try making chocolates with the help of experts by your side. Before leaving, visit the biggest Lindt chocolate shop, and get your favorite chocolates. 
  • FIFA Museum: Explore the FIFA Museum, one of the most famous museums in Zurich, Switzerland. It showcases the history of football over the years, with the help of displays and exhibits. The Trophy Room features imitations of trophies from events like the Ballon d'Or. Explore the Hall of Fame, which showcases the greatest players of all time. You could try your skills at the Hands-On Zone and shop for your favourite merchandise at the Museum Shop.
  • Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva: The Museum of Art and History is known to be the biggest art museum in Geneva. Musée d’Art et d’Histoire features the evolution of art and culture through various themes. At the centre of the building, established in 1910, you'll find famous artworks. Admire the altarpiece that Konrad Witz painted in 1444, a benchmark in landscape paintings. Explore the applied arts segment, which showcases watches, musical instruments, and jewellery.
  • International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva: The museum was established by a group of businessmen in Geneva during the 1860s. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum is dedicated to the Red Cross Society. The museum aims at bringing about awareness regarding the humanitarian associations in the world. It's home to a 3-exhibition set that features: reducing natural risks, restoring family links, and defending human dignity.
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Switzerland Museums FAQs

What is the largest art museum in Switzerland?

The Kunsthaus Zürich is the biggest art museum in the country. It is home to more than 700 years of art. The museum, unlike other Switzerland museums, was established over time by a Swiss Art Association named 'Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft'. The association was originally a small group of art lovers who wanted people to admire their art.

How many museums are there in Switzerland?

Switzerland, home to more than 88 lakh people, also holds more than 1100 museums. There are a variety of museums in the country, including but not limited to modern, archaeological, and cultural museums. Tourists visit from all across the globe, to admire popular artworks showcased at the best museums in Switzerland.

Are there any free museums in Switzerland?

There are around 500 museums in Switzerland that you can explore free of cost. Most of Switzerland's museums can be accessed through a Swiss Travel Pass. Besides the most popular museums, you can also admire the secret spots like the Maestrani's Chocolarium and more.

What art Switzerland is known for?

Switzerland is a country known for many art forms like wood carving, and poetry. The northern region of the country is world-famous for yodeling, and many other types of songs and music. The nation is also popular for art festivals such as Art Basel, and the The Kunstmuseum, which houses more than 3,00,000 artworks.

Is the Swiss National Museum worth it?

The Swiss National Museum is one of the best museums in Zurich, Switzerland. The neo gothic castle features an incredible collection of historical and cultural artifacts. It features items from the time of its origin to the modern day. It houses more than 8,50,000 items spread across 14 sections including Hall of Arms, and more.

Switzerland Museums Reviews

Satish Karri
Reviewed: 10 Aug 2022
The National Museum of Switzerland is a grand place. The guide who assisted me told me about a variety of over 8 lakhs of artefacts preserved there. I loved the theme library there. The best part was that it housed over 14 themed collections showing different versions of Swiss history. Spent really ... Read More
Uttam Kaniyar
Reviewed: 10 Aug 2022
Getting free chocolate, surrounded by chocolate fountains and bowls is simply amazing. Thrillophila offered great deals on the pass and my friends and I enjoyed the guided tour. The interiors of the place are so classy and we got a lot of amazing pictures.
Shubham Gagneja
Reviewed: 20 Jul 2022
A trip to Switzerland would remain incomplete with a visit to the heart of Swiss chocolate- the Lindt Museum! We had the very best time on our tour with Thrillophilia. Our tickets were really inexpensive, and the experience was well worth the price. Would highly recommend it to everyone.
Pratik Chauhan
Reviewed: 24 Jun 2022
The tour of the Lindt chocolate museum takes you through the origin and history before we got to see the production and then taste some. Our guide was very friendly and gave a great tour. If you're in Zurich and don't mind traveling a small distance south of the city, this delectable experience is d... Read More
Tilottama Tilottama
Reviewed: 07 Sep 2022
If you're interested in Swiss history, then a visit to the Swiss National Museum is a must. The museum is located in the heart of Zurich and is filled with exhibitions and artefacts that tell the story of Switzerland. The tour of the museum by Thrillophilia is incredibly informative, and our guide w... Read More
Bhushan Abbott
Reviewed: 23 Apr 2022
As lovers of chocolate, my mum and I have been huge fans of Lindt chocolate, and it was a great experience to visit the Lindt museum in Zurich. We even saw the huge chocolate fountain there, and got to taste so many different types of chocolate. We booked this experience from Thrillophilia and got a... Read More

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