Lake Lucerne Overview

Surrounded by picturesque lush green mountains and Swiss architecture, Lake Lucerne is an emerald stretch of calm waters situated at an elevation of 1,424 feet from the sea level. Fed by four basins crawling through the edging lands, the lake is always brimming with freshness and coolness in its waters.

You could plan a cruise or boating experience in these waters where you could organise a business event, a celebration party, a proposal or simply a romantic date. Whatever you choose to do in here, you will be astounded with options for a diverse fleet which includes historic paddle steamers and modern motor vessels too. With Switzerland tours, create unforgettable moments against the stunning backdrop of Swiss lakes, making your journey a perfect blend of scenic beauty and personalized experiences.

While on your cruise, you would witness the cluster of beautiful Swiss houses in its west accompanied by the untouched grasslands of Horw. While on its south, the majestic and pale limestone mountain chain could be seen creating a reflection in the calm lake waters.

Also the Seelisberg cut through by various tiny basins is situated in its south and the Swiss Meggenhorn Castle is aligned to the north bank of the Lucerne Lake. You could explore the mountain Rigi on foot and admire the beauty of the lake from a height. Every mentioned element combines together to make this a tourist hub which is appreciated by every person visiting here.

How To Reach

There are several options that you can choose from to reach Lake Lucerne from Luzerne station.

Taking a ferry from the station is one of the most popular ways that you can travel by. It is about 8.8km of travel and takes about 35 minutes. 

In case you do not wish to go by ferry, you can take a taxi from the station. It would take you about 25 minutes to reach the lake and cover a distance of 21.5km.

You might also want to self-drive up a car there and in case you wish to do, be sure to carry the necessary documents with you. It is a 21.5km drive and would take you the same time to reach the lake.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Lake Lucerne is during the summers, that is from May to September. The weather during this time is just perfect and the temperatures range from 12-24 Degrees. Be sure to take your trip to the lake in the morning itself and not delay it since the place experiences thunderstorms in the afternoon and it might concern your safety.

Other Essential Information

History of Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne holds a significant place in history as it dates back to the 19th Century. At that time, the Gotthard Pass was becoming famous for transporting materials and men. The A2 Motorway situated nearby would remain closed for several reasons including landslides.

Hence, an alternative was needed at the earliest. Moreover, the villagers of Lucerne town decided to use waterways as an efficient mode of transport. Therefore, in the year 1837, a boat company namely PS Stadt Luzern commenced operations on this route.

There was significant business on this route, especially for transporting mail as well and the Gotthard route to Italy was the only option before. However, with the introduction of this service, there was an effective alternative and the Uri canton was utilised the most for this purpose.

In the year 1849, there were many operations on this route. Later, the connectivity of Railways to the town of Lucerne aided as well. More and more tourists flocked into this beautiful city as awareness spread.

Travellers’ Tips for visiting Lake Lucerne

It is advisable that you choose the correct time and weather to enjoy Lake Lucerne to the fullest. If you are not adept to the colder climes, you can visit in the summer where the temperatures rise significantly. 

If you are considering a visit to nearby destinations such as Mount Pilatus, ensure that you buy a clubbed ticket as it will save you a few bucks. 

You might face some struggle as many boards and instructions are in German. You might want to learn a few of those words, or better use a translation tool. 

The food is quite expensive here so if you intend to order anything extra, ensure that you have a look on the right-hand side column as well. Spending lavishly on food, especially if you are looking for a budget tour can be disastrous. 

If you are travelling with kids, there can be an extra rush and hence you must take care of your kids in the crowd.
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Lake Lucerne FAQs

Can you swim in Lake Lucerne?

There are a few spots where you can swim and dive in Lake Lucerne. You must consider that the water is quite cold throughout the year in the lake. Also, you can opt to swim in the Reuss River which originates from this lake since it has a designated swimming area called Lido where you can swim freely.

Is Lake Lucerne in Zurich?

No, Lake Lucerne is around an hour away from Zurich and is a 52km drive. Also, you can catch several trains to Lucerne from Zurich which would cost around 20 dollars per person.

How long is Lake Lucerne?

Lake Lucerne is a staggering 30 kilometres long and one of the largest of all in Switzerland. It covers an area of 113.6 km² and 214 meter deep.

Can you walk around Lake Lucerne?

Yes, you can take several hiking trails around Lake Lucerne and if you wish to, you can also go for a two-hour long walk in and around the town of Lucerne. The places around the lake are too scenic and you must not skip taking a walk by the side to enjoy the views.

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