10 Places to Visit near Puri : 2024 (Updated with Distance)

Tourist Places Near Puri

Raghurajpur, Konark, Chilika Lake, Pipili, Astaranga Beach, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Brahmapur, Balasore and many more.

Propelling millions of tourists from across the globe, the abode of Lord Jagannath Puri is not just known for its interior beauty. Rather, this incredibly popular city is also famous for a number of amazing destinations that are located just outside its periphery, making for excellent getaways.

Puri is located at a very proximate distance to a myriad of beautiful places, which shelter important attractions that speak of the culture and beauty of the state. Whether you are a nature lover or spiritual seeker, you can find many tourist places near Puri that can meet your taste and promise you a surreal holiday.

From artistic and traditional places like Pipili and Raghurajpur to well-developed and modern destinations like Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, you can find the best kept secrets of the state without going too far from Puri.

Here are some of the best places to visit near Puri: 

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Raghurajpur (10.0 km from Puri)

Known popularly as an artist village, Raghurajpur has achieved a lot of fame all over the world for its unique Pattachitra paintings. These types of paintings are done on palm leaves using natural colors and usually revolve around the Hindu mythological characters.

Almost all the residents of this village are artists by occupation and passion and are said to have inherited the skills of Pattachitra painting from their ancestors. Raghurajpur is also known to be the only village where Patas, the traditional garment used for the decoration of the throne of Lord Jaganath, are made.

Such notable works, make this quaint town one of the suggested places to visit near Puri for the art and craft enthusiasts.

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Distance from Puri: Raghurajpur is located at an approximate distance of 10 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Pattachitra paintings, stone and wood carvings, Gotipua folk dance, palm leaf engravings


Konark (35.8 km from Puri)

Known widely for its ancient temples, pristine sandy beaches, and Annual Dance Festival, Konark is a quaint little town of Odisha. The beauty of this charming city lies in its iconic Sun Temple, which has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This age-old architectural marvel makes for one among the most spectacular monuments in the country and speaks of the glorious past of the state. Konark hosts a number of festivals and events at the Sun Temple, including the Sun Festival, Annual Dance Festival, and Handicrafts Mela.

The historical city of Konark is one of the major places to visit near Puri to get an insight into the history and culture of Odisha.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

Distance from Puri: Konark is located at an approximate distance of 35.8 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Sun Temple, Chandrabhaga Beach, ASI Museum, Konark Dance Festival, Sun Festival

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Chilika Lake (37.0 km from Puri)

Known as Asia’s largest saltwater lake, Chilika Lake is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. This pear-shaped lake shelters a few tiny islands and features multiple fisheries on its shore.

Chilika Lake is home to umpteen varieties of fauna and flora, which makes it one of the best ecosystems on the earth. The lake also houses a plethora of colorful native as well as migratory birds including Flamingos, Sandpipers, White-Bellied Sea Eagles, and Golden Plovers.

This enchanting lake is even known to offer one of the most surreal sunset and sunrise views in the entire country. Making available for many fun and thrilling activities, Chilika Lake is one of the most exotic places to visit near Puri.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Distance from Puri: Chilika Lake is located at an approximate distance of 37 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Bird Island, Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island, Kalijai temple, Satapada, Rambha Bay, Nalabana, bird watching, boating, Irrawaddy Dolphins, rich flora


Pipili (37.2 km from Puri)

Famous for its spellbinding local handicrafts, the small town of Pipili represents the culture of the Indian state of Odisha. The whole economy of this town is dependent on its amazing creation of crafts that are put out on sale mainly for the tourists visiting Puri.

The handicrafts offered by this place mainly have that traditional touch in them and manifest different hues of the state. Some of the important things that tourists love to purchase in Pipili include Figurines of Hindu gods and goddesses, sheets, pillow covers, purses, handbags, and home decor items.

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year.

Distance from Puri: Pipili is located at an approximate distance of 36.6 kilometers from Puri.

Highlights: Markandeswara temple, local handicrafts, shopping.
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Astaranga Beach (60.8 km from Puri)

With its name inspired from its colorful sunset, the magnificent Astaranga Beach is popular for its stunning picturesque vistas. Featuring clear blue waters and soft sands, this place gives rise to a magical environment that has an ever-lasting effect on its visitors.

Lying away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city, this beach is one of the most recommended places to visit near Puri for a peaceful time to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. Famous for its fishing villages, this place buzzes with an amazing fish market every morning, which lets the visitors purchase fresh fish.

There is also a sufi shrine lying on the beach that attracts many muslim visitors.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Distance from Puri: Astaranga Beach is located at an approximate distance of 60.8 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Jahania Pir Shrine, picnicnicking, swimming, Olive Ridley Turtles, sunset watching

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Bhubaneswar (61.1 km form Puri)

Known as the ‘Temple City of India’, Bhubaneswar is home to a myriad of magnificent temples and architectural marvels. Manifesting a glorious history and a rich cultural heritage, this ancient city is also a thriving hub for business and commerce.

Making rapid progress without losing its hold onto its impressive traditions, the bustling city of Bhubaneswar presents the perfect blend of modern developments and old world charm.

Packed with ancient temples, huge shopping malls, elegant restaurants, lofty buildings, and lush parks, this spectacular city has something in store for every traveler and hence makes for one of the most versatile tourist places near Puri.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Distance from Puri: Bhubaneswar is located at an approximate distance of 60 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Lingaraj Temple, ISKCON Bhubaneswar, Kalinga Stadium, Bindu Sagar, Rajarani Temple, Orissa State museum, Mukteswar Temple, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Nicco Park, Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Chausathi Yogini, Deras Dam, Ananta Vasudev Temple, Khandagiri Caves, Esplanade One mall

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Cuttack (81.9 km from Puri)

Known popularly as Odisha’s cultural capital, Cuttack happens to be a commercial and touristy city of the state. Making for the state’s  2nd largest city, this buzzing place is known for its local handicrafts, cultural activities, delicious delicacies, and fairs and festivals.

Some of the important events that are observed here with great pomp and show include the Kite Festival and Durga Puja. Also denoted as ‘The Silver City’, Cuttack has even gained a lot of fame for its impressive silverwork.

Best Time to Visit: July to March

Distance from Puri: Cuttack is located an approximate distance of 81 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Barabati Stadium, Dhabaleshwar, Bali Yatra, Dahi Vada Alu Dum

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Brahmapur (176.0 km from Puri)

Better known as Berhampur, Brahmapur is believed to be the abode of the Hindu God Brahma. Popularly referred to as ‘The Silk City’, this charming town has achieved a lot of fame for its stunning Ikkat silk sarees. Brahmapur has also gained a lot of popularity for its beautiful local handicrafts and handlooms.

This makes the city one of the best places to visit near Puri to purchase impressive jewelry, brass items, papads, badis, pickles, and mangoes. Brahmapur is also packed with a number of old temples, pristine beaches, and a hill station to offer tourists an ecstatic holiday.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

Distance from Puri: Brahmapur is located at an approximate distance of 176 kilometers from Puri.

Highlights: Gopalpur beach, Sri Sri Sidhi Binayak pitha, Taratarini temple, Potagarh fort, Daringbadi, Rushikulya Beach, silk sarees
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Balasore (251.0 km from Puri)

Perched at an altitude of around 54 feet, Balasore is an amazing city surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on the West, Midnapore on the North, Kendujhar on the Southwest, and Bhadrak on the South.

This city formed a segment of the renowned Kalinga Empire in bygone times, but was captured by the Mughals. In the later period, the region was developed into an important port by the Britishers during their rule.

At present day, Balasore makes for a critical site for the Ballistic Missile testing by DRDO. Packed with a number of attractions including beaches, temples, and markets, this city also attracts a lot of tourists each day.

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Distance from Puri: Balasore is located at an approximate distance of 251 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Chandipur Beach, Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, Panchalingeswar, Chandbali, Talsari
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Rourkela (394.2 km from Puri)

Known popularly as ‘The Steel City of Odisha’, Rourkela is counted among the country’s first cities to have received commercialization for the production of steel. Surrounded by serene rivers and lofty hills, this place is also popular for its rich natural beauty.

Brimming with natural minerals, this city makes for a huge part of the state’s natural resources. In addition to commercial advancements, the place is even famous for its religious significance because of its illustrations in the Hindu epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

All these important features make Rourkela, one of the best offbeat tourist places near Puri.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Distance from Puri: Rourkela is located at an approximate distance of 394.2 kilometers from Puri

Highlights: Khandadhar Waterfall, Ghogar, Vedvyas, Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium, Hanuman Vatika, Shopping

People Also Ask About Puri

  1. Which beaches are near to Puri?

    1. Chandrabhaga Beach: Located close to the world-famous Konark Temple, this powdery white beach is loved for its stunning sunset views, several cultural festivals, and watersport experiences like parasailing, surfing, and boating. Don’t miss to try delicious traditional Odisha cuisine and seafood from the beachside shacks.

    2. Golden Beach: Mesmerising sight of the sun casting a stunning golden glow on the yellowish-white sands of this beach is what gives it this name. It is famous for the solitude that it offers broken only by the sounds of the crashing waves and is perfect for taking long seaside strolls.

    3. Swargdwar Beach: This holy beach, said to be the final resting place of Lord Jagannath, is visited by thousands to pray and take a dip in the sea waters at the popular Mahodadhi bathing spot. The beach also has numerous shacks that sell handicrafts made of seashells and coconuts, seafood, and even clothes. 
  2. What are some of the popular places to visit near Puri with family?

    1. Konark: Its UNESCO protected Sun Temple, centuries-old temples, stunning beaches, and the cultural festivals celebrating nature, dance, and crafts make Konark one of the top places to visit near Puri. The Oriya cuisine here with Bengal influences here is a must-try.

    2. Bhubaneswar: This intriguing city, often referred to as the Temple City, is famous for its temples bearing influences from Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu religions like Lingaraja, Yogini, Mukteshwar temples, etc. It is also visited by thousands to explore its verdant landscape and participate in festivals like Rukuna Rath Yatra, Rajarani music festival, and Adivasi Mela.

    3. Balasore: Home to the world-famous Chandipur Beach for its receding waters and the pristine Dagara Beach, Balasore is one of the most fun places to visit in the region. Acres of forests and mystical temples like the Khirachora Gopinath Temple and wildlife hotspots like Bichitrapur Mangrove Reserve and Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary make it a popular destination. 
  3. What are the best places to visit near Puri within 300 Kms?

    1. Raghurajpur: Known for its Pattachitra paintings, this is a crafts village that’s a must-visit for people who appreciate traditional art and culture. You can meet the resident artists here and see and buy their exquisite paintings made on betel nuts, bottles, and coconut shells.

    2. Chilika Lake: The largest saltwater lake in the Asian continent, this lake is famous for its rich ecosystem consisting of species of exotic migratory birds, flora, and Irrawaddy Dolphins that are spotted frequently. Don’t miss exploring the nearby nature trails, boating, and visiting the various islands amidst the lake.

    3. Pipili: This 10th-century heritage craft village is famous all over the world for its Pattachitra and stone-craft art. You can pick up artworks like intricately-painted lanterns, bags, umbrellas, lampshades, etc. here and interact with the artists and even visit their houses. 
  4. What are the best places to visit near Puri for long drives?

    1. Sakhigopal: One of the best long drive destinations, Sakhigopal is famous for its 19th-century Lord Krishna Temple that’s a replica of the Lord Jagannath Temple. Other must-visit places here include Biswanath Hill and the ancient open-air school Bakulabana.

    2. Astaranga Beach:
    Famous for its brilliantly-hued sunsets, Astaranga Beach never fails to amaze. The beach has Olive Ridley Turtle nesting spots, the Jahania Pir shrine, vibrant fish markets, and beachside barbecue facilities perfect for keeping you engaged for hours. 

    3. Brahmapur:
    Known as the ‘Silk City’ due to its beautiful silk Patta sarees, Brahmapur is one of the most culturally-rich places to visit here. Besides housing temples like Mahurikalua, Narayani, Budi Thakurani temples, the city also houses some of the oldest theatres in the country like Ganjam Kala Parishad and Prakasam Hall. 
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