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Orissa Tour Packages

Orissa tour packages offer exotic tourist places to be explored. Located on India's Eastern Coast Orissa is home to various amazing forts, significant shrines, vibrant ethnicity and many others. Having a coastline as long as four hundred and eighty-five kilometers it houses various beautiful beaches. It also flaunts beautiful ancient history in the forms of monuments and varying other beauties including Khandagiri caves, Udayagiri etc. Here you can experience the rich heritage of India. Orissa also possesses huge and admirable waterfalls as well as sprawling biodiversity. There is so much to do, see and experience in Orissa. Apart from housing various tourist places it also stores temples and is a visited by people out on pilgrimage trips. Various tribal cultures can be explored while visiting this place. Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa offers various temples, the remarkable one being the incredible and beautifully carved Mukteshvara.

 Lake Bindusagar has the famous Lingaraj Temple Complex situated around which dates back to the eleventh century. The State Museum of Orissa focuses on the history as well as the environment of the State. The list of Orissa attractions includes Jagannath Temple, Chilika Lake, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Konark, Simlipal National Park, Paradeep Port, Tribal Villages, vast stretches of Puri beaches and many others. A rejuvenating trip can be taken up by travelers to the Chandipur Beach which would turn out to an extremely exciting affair for you and your companions. This is one of those few beaches in the whole wide world where the waves of the sea recede up to 4-5 kilometers on a daily basis. Tourists love to chase the sea water while riding a jeep. This beach is located nearly 200 km away from the capital city of Bhubaneshwar, close to the town of Balasore. Concludingly, with the best Orissa tour packages, it is a place that offers a blend of all the necessary elements for a perfect vacation.

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    Bicycle Tour to Painting Village, Puri
    h8 Hours

    Known as the painting village in India, Raghurajpur is said to be the birth place of a unique form of painting called ‘Patachitra’. The spellbinding 8 hour guided cycling tour of 10km takes you to this very place and offers a delightful experience. Meander through the charming hamlet and get to know more about its art and culture. Assembling near the starting point on the outskirts of Puri at around 9am, gear up with bicycles, helmets and other safety equipment for cycling. Ride through the country roads, explore the rustic settlements, interact with the local artists and know more about their indigenous art form. While on the tour, buy souvenirs, paintings and other handicrafts directly from the villagers and add to your cycling experience. A befitting end to the tour is the picnic lunch amidst the pleasant ambience of Raghurajpur. After which, you ride back to the assembling point of the tour. Duration: This 10km cycling tour would be completed within 8 hours  

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  • l
    h3 Hours

    About the Activity: Over three hours, a guided tour will take you through a roller coaster of marvel, enchantment, and history. Explore Puri like never before. Catch its medieval by-lanes, zesty street food, spot the towering Jaganath Puri temple, and many historical evidences. Your authentic experience of Puri begins around 4pm with a quick overview by your guide. Discover the hidden rustic charm of this place as you brace yourself with short yet impressionable stopovers at meditation hub - Jatia Baba Ashram. This is followed by Narendra Tank, hosting Lord Jaganath’s Chandana Mandapaat its epicenter. Visit Akhara, an assembly point of Naga Babas. Along the way, explore Raghunandan Library, among Puri’s oldest libraries for a panoramic view of the rustic essence. Tantalise your taste buds at Chennopoda Shops at the tour end around 7pm. Complete your visit with local souvenirs purchases available at every stopover. Duration: Around 3 hours

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  • d7 Days n6 Nights

    6N/7D : Bhubaneswar - Simlipal - Bhadrak - Bhitarkanika - Ekkakula Island - Garhimata - Bhubaneswar What will you see : Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary, Simlipal National Park, Bhimkund, Simlipal Sitakund, Temples, Olive Ridley Turtle Nesting Grounds. What will you do : Sightseeing Tour, Forest Tour, Motor Boat Cruise. The wildlife sanctuaries in Orissa showcase an endless list of exotic and opulent wildlife. These sanctuaries are the home to some of the rarest and endangered species of animals. Indian Elephants, Bengal Tigers and the Olive Ridley turtles are the dominating names in the list of Orissa’s wildlife. This tour will take the visitors to some of the wildlife sanctuaries in Orissa. Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary and Simlipal National Park are the dominant names in this adventure trip. The trip also offers the visitors to visit the nesting grounds of the rare Olive Ridley turtle, which are on extinction. This trip also helps in creating awareness towards the sanctuaries and their wildlife. 

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  • d20 Days n19 Nights

    19N/20D : - Bhubaneswar - Konark - Puri - Chilika lagoon - Chandragiri-Taptapani - Rayagadab - Koraput - Gupteswar - Jeypore - Kotapad Textile Village - Jagdalpur - Kanker Royal Farm - Raipur - Delhi/Mumbai/Hyderabad What will you do : Interact with Tribal People, Trekking, Tour Tribal Museums, Ferry Ride What will you see : Sun Temple, Jagannath Temple, Tribal Villages, Arts and Handicraft Villages, Caves The magnetic land of Orissa has many hidden beauties to be unravelled. Stepping beyond the regular holiday experience is our one of a kind tour that takes you on a fascinating journey. For over here, you will get to interact with welcoming tribal people dwelling in inaccessible green hill tops and in the heart of the jungles. Get a whiff of their rustic life, gorge on the flavourful food and revel in their dramatic tribal dances. It is in this tour that you will get to witness deft workmen engaging in their craft and handicrafts be it shawl making, traditional weaving, painting or metal working. Amble through ancient pathways of cities and seek blessings from temples more than a century old. Take an exhilarating drive through bountiful forests and twisting hill trails. 

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  • d5 Days n4 Nights

    4N/5D : Bhubaneswar - Konark - Puri - Bhubaneswar What will you see : Ancient Temples, Caves, Sun Temple, Beaches, Chilika Lake, Irwadi Dolphins. What will you do : Temple Visits, Wildlife Tour, Beach Activities. Orissa is the abode of some of the sacred as well as popular temples in India. Among all the places to visit in Orissa, Bhubaneswar and Puri are considered as the most delightful places. Historical and ancient temples, stupas, wildlife parks and sanctuaries and lakesides are some of the major attractions of Orissa. Popularly called as ‘Orissa Golden Tour’, this tour will surely help the visitors in having a clear picture of the various traditions and cultures of Orissa. Thus, this tour is called as the golden tour. 

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  • d4 Days n3 Nights

    3N/4D : Bhubaneswar - Cuttack - Bhubaneswar What will you see : Khandagiri and Udaygiri Caves, Shanti Stupa, White Tigers, Barabati Fort, Chandi Mata Temple. What will you do : Cave Exploration, Religious Visit, Wildlife Tour. Orissa, the abode of some of the ancient Buddhist sites is very closely related with the mighty Indian ruler, Asoka-the Great. Shanti Stupa is the most popular among all the Buddhist remnants in Orissa. Though some of the sites in this state were discovered very lately, they still reflect the life and religious preaching of Ashoka as well as Lord Buddha. This tour has been designed in a way, which will take the visitors to most of the important Buddhist religious sites in Orissa. Along with the Buddhist sites, the tour also takes the visitors to some of the important sites related to Jainism, Hinduism and sanctuaries in Orissa. In a nutshell, this tour is the best tour to have the tenderness of spirituality alongside visiting other important. 

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  • d7 Days n6 Nights

    6N/7D : Bhubaneswar - Baliguda - Rayagada - Chatikona - Koraput - Jeypore -Ankadeli-Lamtaput-Jeypore - Kunduli - Nandapur - Jeypore - Taptapani - Bhubaneswar. What will you see : Hills, Villages, Kutia Khond Tribe, Tribal Marketplaces, Hot Water Springs, Colourful Birds. What will you do : Picnic Lunch, Countryside Road Trip, Interact with Tribal People, Boat Ride.  Some of the tranquil villages in Orissa serve as the permanent abode to ancient tribes. Most of these villages are jotted with lush green forests, scenic landscapes and an array of flora and fauna, which makes the villages, self-sufficient for the tribal people. This tour will take the visitors to some of the remote villages and will offer them the opportunity to know about their colourful life and cultures. Almost each of the days in this tour will be dedicated to different tribes so that the visitors can get to know them closely. 

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Orissa

  • What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Orissa?

    Orissa offers a combination of varying kinds of places worth visiting while touring the State. From beautiful beaches to sacred temples to vast stretches of lakes, Orissa houses then all. There are many places that one can visit in Orissa while out for a sightseeing trip. The various places are as follows:

    •   Jagannath Temple
    •   Dhauli
    •   Putudi Falls
    •   Brahmeshwar Temple
    •   Chilika Lake
    •   Mukteshwar Temple
    •   Khandadhar Falls
    •   Nandankanan Zoological Park
    •   Konark Math
    •   Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves
    •   Archeological Survey of India Museum
    •   Bhubaneswar
    •   Rajarani Temple
    •   Kuruma Beach
    •   Harishankar Falls
    •   Barabati Fort
    •   Barehipani Waterfall
    •   Popular tribal villages - Onukadelli, Rayagada as well as Bantalbiri
    •   Sun Temple
    •   Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri
    •   Lingaraja Temple
    •   Shree Lokanath Temple, Puri
    •   Chandipur Beach
    •   Puri
    •   Konark
    •   Shree Gundicha Temple, Puri
    •   Simlipal National Park
    •   Mausima Temple, Puri
    •   Paradeep Port
    •   Chakra Teertha Temple, Puri

  • Which are the famous pilgrimage tours in Orissa?

    Orissa is a place that is quite sacred to all the Hindus, Buddhist as well as Jains. A huge number of devotees visit the place each year. It houses an ample number of pilgrim places as well as holy temples. Some of the many places to visit are as follows:

    •   Papanasini
    •   Lingaraja Temple
    •   Chakra Teertha Temple
    •   Mukteshwar Temple
    •   Bharatimath
    •   Rajarani
    •   Jagannath Temple Puri
    •   Brahmeswar
    •   Swarnajaleswar
    •   Bharateswar
    •   Satrughaneswar
    •   Taleswar
    •   Mausima Temple
    •   Ananta Vasudeva
    •   Brahma
    •   Sree Lokanath Temple
    •   Shree Gundicha Temple
    •   Tirtheswar
    •   Rameswar
    •   Sun Temple of Konark
    •   Uttareswar
    •   Bhaskareswar
    •   Temples in Bhubaneshwar
    •   Baladevajew
    •   Subarneswar
    •   Gaurisankar temple

  • Which are the best cycling routes on a tour in Orissa?

    The roads of Orissa are perfectly carved such that one can enjoy cycling to the core. One can take up the following cycling tours while visiting Orissa.

    •   Cycle to Konark from Bhubaneshwar en route visiting Dhauli where you can adore The Shanti Stupa as well as the Asokan Rock Edicts and Pipli. It is around 65 km.
    •   Cycle from Sun Temple to Puri. It is around 35km.
    •   Local sightseeing within 35 km of Puri.
    •   Take an early morning cycling trip from Puri to Satapada and explore the villages around. It is around 50 km.

  • When is the best time to visit Orissa for its festivals?

    The ideal time to visit Orissa in order to witness the ongoing festivals is amidst the months of November to May. Fortunately, this time also offers a pleasant as well as cool climate. The various festivals that one can witness are as follows:

    •   The villages to be visited during this time are found celebrating Makar Sankranti. This is celebrated in the middle of January. Harvest festivities during this time are ideal to witness.
    •   Adivasis Mela which is a tribal fair starting from January twenty-sixth to first of February,
    •   Magha Saptami is celebrated in January or February at the beautiful Chandrabhaga beach.
    •   Panashankanti in the month of April is celebrated all across the state.
    •   Chaitra Parba in the middle of the month of April where the Santals are seen performing Chhou dance performances at Ashokastami as well as Baripada in the month of either April or May.
    •   Rath Yatra Festival at Puri is one exception falling in the month of July.

  • Which are the best places for a wildlife experience in Orissa?

    Loaded with a wide variety of animal species along with varying flora and fauna collection, the attractive wildlife locations of Orissa are worth a visit. With each passing year, the national parks, as well as the wildlife sanctuaries of Orissa have successfully conserved a wide variety of animal species. Listed below are some of the wildlife tourist attractions that would successfully deliver a mesmerizing experience to the visitors.

    •   Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Gahirmatha (Marine) Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Badrama or Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Chilika (Nalabana) Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary
    •   Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

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