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Best Places to Visit in Medan of 2017

  • 01 Tjong A Fie's Mansion

    Tjong A Fie's Mansion
    Image Credit : Tjong A Fie's Mansion
    Tjong A Fie's Mansion was the erstwhile residence of the renowned Chinese merchant who passed away in the year 1921. It is a melange of Victorian and Chinese style of architecture and was formerly the wealthiest resident in Medan.

    Highlights: Some things that may catch your eye in the mansion include the huge bedroom of Tjong, a vivid collection of the hand painted ceilings, extravagant art pieces, imported dark food furniture that is inlaid with the mother of pearl and marble, Taoist temples and an upstairs ballroom. The mansion has 40 rooms and surprisingly each of them are adorned with hand painted floor items imported from Italy. These depict the life of people in China in elaborate details. Together these make the Tjong A Fie's Mansion a principal historic wonder in the Medan city of Indonesia.

    Location: Tjong A Fie's Mansion is located at 105 Jl. Jend. A. Yani Medan 20111, North Sumatera, Indonesia

    Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Price: IDR 35.000 per entry

  • Nearby Getaways from Medan
  • 01 Kuala Lumpur

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    Just think of a city with skyline perforated by campaniles, skyscrapers, Mogul styled domes? Now, think of one with leafy canopy of banyan trees and streets lined with food vendors? Finally, merge the two – that’s Kuala Lumpur for you.  

    The KLites of today are segregated by a smattering generation of the Malay Tin and Chinese explorers who established the city chiseling it out of the virgin jungle. By the late 19th century, British finally entered the capital of Peninsular Malaysia and went ahead erecting grand colonial buildings everywhere in the country. Kuala Lumpur had then been in existence for only a couple of decades then hence it couldn’t do much. Ever since then, the city has witnessed multiple history-defining moments for Malaysia. In the year 1957, it was at the Stadium Merdeka that the first prime ministers of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman imprinted his first 7 time in the air and declared independence for the country.  

    A quintessential part of the flamboyant mix is the incense arched, beautifully embellished temples and mosques of the different Indian, Chinese and Malay communities. This veneration to the ancient cultures is well equated with the co-existing modern contemporary world. It is an appetite that is visible in Malaysia’s contemporary design, art and architecture. Further, the enthusiastic cutting-edge architecture and the riverbank-regeneration project once finalized the new Merdeka PNB 118 tower, will be towering the iconic Petronas Towers.

    Go ahead and play a holiday in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 02 Langkawi

  • 03 Penang

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    Penang is an island state in Malaysia on the northwest coast of peninsula of Malaysia. It is divided into Penang island and George town. You can visit the sandy villages, fruit orchards, nearby small Malay villages, and go sightseeing tourist places on the Penang island. Monsoons in Penang are wet with thunderstorms; January and February are dry and humid. For the rest of the year the climate is mostly humid. You can visit this island during summer, if you want to experience some sun and sand. There are temples, gardens, war sites from Second World War, farms, heritage sites, beaches, adventure, outdoors, and water sports activities available at Penang and nearby places.

    You can enjoy your holidays at Penang sightseeing, snorkelling, camping, cycling, golfing, trekking in jungles, shopping at plazas and local markets, and gorging on the local ethnic food. Enjoy the mountain farms, visiting fishing villages, and the diverse and cosmopolitan culture of Penang. You will enjoy the desserts, drinks, snacks, and local cuisine of Penang that is exotic and unique compared to most of the oriental platters. This island has locals of many Asian races and ethnicities. This is one island where you can find things to do if you are looking at sightseeing, adventure, and night-life.