20 Places to Visit in Baku, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Baku

Icherisheher, Maiden Tower, Palace of The Shirvanshahs, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Flame Towers, Baku Eye, D?nizk?nar? Milli Park, Nizami Street, Highland Park, Heydar Mosque, Icherisheher Fortress Walls a nd many more.

The lively places in Baku call for a great holiday vacation. A trip to these places will not only give you a sneak peak about the heritage of this age old city but will also embrace you with its vibrancy. The city of Baku is dotted with age old monuments, divine mosques, tall observation towers, lush green parks and gardens, full of life squares, pristine beaches, and marvellous palaces. 

The places to visit in Baku offer you some everlasting memory as you take on exploration tours and get a chance to marvel at some of the tourist spots. You will get to enjoy the intricate artworks on the walls as well as stroll across the relics displayed in the museums that date back to a considerable time in the past. While you can stroll around the city of Icherisheher to get insights into the history of the city, heading over to Maiden Tower, you will be able to enjoy some heritage monuments crafted to perfection. While Palace of The Shirvanshahs lets you marvel at one of the pearls of the famous Azerbaijan Architecture, Heydar Aliyev Centre expresses the sensibility of Azeri Culture. 

While tourist places in Baku like Icherisheher offer you glimpses of heritage constructions, Maiden Tower presents you a historic evolution of the city of Baku. While the Palace of The Shirvanshahs has served as the residence to the royal family, the D?nizk?nar? Milli Park is famous for winning union competitions.4

Here is the list of best places to visit in Baku:

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Baku Ferris Wheel is popularly called as Baku Eye or Devil’s Wheel is located in the Seaside National park of Baku. The wheel was constructed by Dutch company. The wheel is about 200 ft in height and has got 30 enclosed cabins which can hold 8 people.

There are two VIP cabins that can hold only 4 people. Taking a ride in this wheel, one will be able to capture the views of Baku bay, Crystal Hall, Flag Square and a panoramic view of the whole city.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM
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Teze Pir Mosque which is also known as Taza Pir Mosque is an important heritage mosque in the capital city that was constructed in between the year 1905 - 1914. The complete idea of building the mosque as well as financing it was provided by an Azeri Philanthropist named Nabat Khanum Ashurbeyov.

It is one of the very first religious constructions as well as popular places in Baku where white stone was used. The chief architect of this mosque was Zivar bey Ahmedbayov who designed the interiors with accordanmce to the Muslim desings of the east.

Location: 7 Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Baku 1001, Azerbaijan

Timings: 4:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Baku Boulevard which is also known as Dənizkənarı Milli Park was established in the year 1909 runs parallel to the Baku Seafront. The heritage of this place goes back to almost 100 years. It is considered as one of the oldest and the most valuable monuments in Azerbaijan.

The park has been able to win zillions of medals in the past and have also been able to win union competitions. It is one of the places to visit in Baku with your loved ones to relax and rejuvenate.

Location: 92 Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan
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Flame Towers in Baku happens to be a trio of skyscrapers with the tallest tower being 182 meters high. The flame shaped towers happen to symbolize the element of fire. The flame towers are home to some 130 residential apartments spread across 33 floors, office blocks, and service apartments.

The construction of the tower started in the year 2007 under the supervision of HOK, the chief architect. While entering the towers, you will definitely be caught by the large display screens that make use of 10000 high power LEDs.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Timings: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, 2:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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National Flag Square happens to be a large city square off Neftchilar Avenue that has a flag measuring 70 meters by length and 35 meters by width. The flag is hoisted on a pole that is about 162 meters tall.

As per the Guiness Book Records, the flagpole is the second tallest in the whole world. The square is spread over an area of 60 hectares and you can find a coat of arms anthem and map of the country.
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Baku Boulevard is a popular promenade that was established in the year 1909 along the seafront of Baku. It is a breezy place that hugs the seafront for about 3 miles from the National Flag Square to Freedom Square. Heading out to this place, you will be able to enjoy the sidewalk lined with trees and some evening refreshment.

This place is usually visited by walkers, rollerbladers and joggers who love to spend time in tranquility. During your visit to this place, you should make sure that you visit 197 foot (60 meter) Baku Ferris Wheel and the Park Bulvar shopping mall.

Location: 92 Neftchilar Ave, Baku, Azerbaijan
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Little Venice is one of the most sought after tourist places in Baku that is made up of artificial waterways. The construction of this place was started in the year 1960 and then in the year 2012, it was expanded. Little Venice is home to some of the canals that are interspersed with islands which are again connected stone bridges allowing free movement of Gondolas.

The design of Little Venice in Baku city is not meant for giving you an authentic experience of Venice but a fun filled activity that tourists would love to indulge in.

Location: 73 Neftchilar Ave, Baku 1004, Azerbaijan

Timings: 10:30 AM - 11:30 PM
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Icherisheher Fortress Walls happens to be one of the largest forts that consists of the Icheris Sheher as well as the towers surrounding it. Being one of the popular places in Baku has been included in the UNESCO World heritage list in the year 2000.

The walls were constructed between 1138 and 1139 on the orders of Shirvanshah Manuchohr III. The fortress consists of a double wall for added protection. As per the nation’s etiology, the fort is considered to be an armory. Despite the fact that walls have been constructed for defensive purposes, the builders have strengthened it by constructing it in the centre of the fort.

Location: Icherisheher, Baku 0100 Azerbaijan
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Fountain Square happens to be a public square that is located in downtown Baku. This popular square was known to be Parapet in the bygone times. It is called fountain square because of the presence of dozens of fountains which were constructed in the course of Soviet rule.

It is a public gathering place that attracts tourists with its restaurants, hotels, passages, shops, and boutiques. Being one of the most sought after places in Baku, it hosts a number of festivals, celebrations, and concerts all through the year.

Location: Baku 1005, Azerbaijan
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Bilgah Beach is one of the most sought after tourist places to visit in Baku that can be visited to enjoy the surreal shorelines. Dotted with some of the beautiful natural elements this place offers you a sense of rejuvenation during your visit.

Heading over to this place, you will be able to feel the warmth of the soft white sands. The beachside is adorned with some of the luxury places in Baku for accommodation that can offer you some wonderful memories.

Location: 94 Glebe Street, Bilgah District, Bilgəh 1122, Azerbaijan
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Heydar Mosque happens to be an Azerbaijaini Mosque that is named after President Heydar Aliyev. Inaugurated in the year 2014, the mosque is spread over an area of 12000 square meters. The facade of the building is decorated with some special stones that are based on the style of Shirvan Abshoeron architecture.

This mosque is connected to the executive power of Baku City and all the management is done on the basis of some relevant regulations.

Location: Hamza Babashov, Baku, Azerbaijan
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Nizami Street is one of the largest pedestrian and shopping streets in downtown Baku which is named after classical Persian Poet Nizami Ganjavi. The street had found its way from 1864 during the town planning project. Running from downtown in the west to the east, you will get to enjoy some of the charming age old buildings as well as heritage monuments.

You will also come across a number of shopping outlets where you can shop souvenirs. It is also home to some embassies of Germany, Norway, Austria, and Netherlands in Azerbaijan.
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The museum of Miniature books happens to be one of the only museums in the whole world that is located in the old part of Baku. The museum has been operational since 2002. The museum holds a Guinness book of record being one of the largest private museums of miniature books.

Majority of the exhibits of the museum are collected by Zarifa Salahova for a period close to almost 30 years. There are more than 6500 books that belong to almost 64 different countries in this museum which is considered to be one of the best tourist places in Baku. The main motive of opening this museum was to promote childhood literacy.

Location: Icherisheher, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

Timings: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Highland park happens to be a well known place which is popular for its viewing spots.   It is considered as one of the best places in Baku where you can enjoy the views of the sea and spend time in relaxation.

You can chill out with your loved ones breathing the fresh air, drinking tea in the cafe and listening to some classical lounge music. The best time to come over to this place would be in the late afternoon or evening hours.
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The palace of the Shirvanshahs happens to be a 15th century palace that was constructed by the Shirvanshahs. It is considered as one of the pearls of the famous Azerbaijan Architecture. The palace forms an ensemble of historic monuments with the Maiden tower under the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Apart from holding the main palace, the complex is also home to burial vaults, Seyid Yahya Bakuvi’s Mausoleum, Murad Gate and lots more. In the bygone times, the palace was armored by a wall with towers that served as a stronghold of the fort. Apart from providing residence to the royal family, the palace had also got residences for all those who worked for the royal family.

Timings: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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The Juma Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a historical landmark known for its unique architecture and religious significance. Dating back to the 12th century, it features intricate Islamic designs and is notable for its ancient stone columns. The mosque remains an important cultural and spiritual site in Baku.

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People Also Ask About Baku

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Baku?

    1. Icheri Sheher: During the rule of Shirvanshahs in the medieval period, Icheri Sheher used to be the capital city. This old city is surrounded by a grand wall and has the iconic Maiden Tower in its heart. This UNESCO listed city has a rich history and houses traditional carpet weavers, bars, and restaurants.

    2. Maiden Tower: This cylindrical tower was built in the 12th century and has a mysterious history. This tower has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The spiral staircase leading to the top of the tower offers a fascinating view of Icheri Sheher.

    3. Palace of Shirvanshahs: The Shirvanshahs were the ruling dynasty of Azerbaijan for almost 800 years. An image of this palace can be seen on Azerbaijan’s 10 manat banknotes’ back. This 15th-century complex has been listed by UNESCO, has a palace, a mausoleum, a mosque, and burial vaults.

    4. National Museum of History of Azerbaijan: It is the largest museum in Baku and has more than 300000 artefacts in its vicinity. This museum is located in a mansion with an Italian Renaissance style of architecture. It has an extensive collection of coins (numismatic collection), including Ancient Greek coins.
  2. What are the best places to visit in Baku at night?

    1. Flame towers: It is a set of three flame-shaped high buildings, linking Baku with the futuristic concept. The towers house several posh kinds of stuff like Fairmont Hotel, a Lamborghini dealer store, etc.

    2. Heydar Aliyev Center: This futuristic building is a centre of attraction in Baku, designed by an Iraqi-British architect named Zaha Hadid. The building hosts many temporary exhibitions. Besides the weird statues around the building, it is also famous for curved walls, making it a perfect example of modern art and innovation.

    3. Fountain Square: It is the best place to complete your day and many local people gather here at night to hangout. There are several restaurants, bars, parks, hipster cafes, and fashionable shops here. The beautiful lighting around the fountains makes it even more mesmerising after a long day.

    4. Explore clubs and restaurants: You can also enjoy the nightlife at any one of the several clubs and restaurants in Baku. Some of the famous restaurants are Xezer restaurant, Sumakh, and Gourmet Pendir & Chorek. Heading over to one of the most sought after places to visit in Baku, you can get traditional as well as fast-food, whichever you like.
  3. Which are the best romantic places to visit in Baku?

    1. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center: Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center is a building complex designed by an Iraqi-British architect named Zaha Hadid. The building is designed in a flowing, curved style with sharp angles. The distinctive architecture of the building houses a museum, a gallery hall, a restaurant, and a conference hall.

    2. Baku Old City: Icher Sheher or the Old City of Baku is a historical fortified city in Baku, Azerbaijan. Here you can explore the palace of Shirvanshas, climb the Maiden tower for a view of the city, visit the Muhammad Mosque, trace the old city walls, etc. where you can take photographs.

    3. Baku Boulevard: Baku Boulevard is located on the seafront looking towards the Caspian Sea. It has a beautiful green surrounding with different types of flowers and trees planted in an arrangement. You can take a romantic walk along the path of the boulevard and also take photographs.

    4. Highland Park: Highland Park, also known as Viewing square is one of the best places in Baku to have a walk and enjoy the beautiful sea view. You can relax here and also enjoy tea in the Highland Park Cafe.
  4. Which are the best beaches in Baku?

    1. Shikhov Beach: Shikhov beach is located in the south of the city centre. There is an Aqua Park with water slides, adjoining the beach. You can use colourful umbrellas, loungers, and even enjoy a drink from the bar.  Heading over to this place, you will be able to enjoy clear sandy shore and azure blue water of the ocean. There are a number of cafes and eateries perched on the beach side where you can chill out with your loved ones enjoying the pristine natural beauty.

    2. Crescent Beach: Crescent Beach stretches for around 400 meters and has clean sand, along with lifeguards and a safety cordon. It is a family-friendly beach providing swimming pool access, changing rooms, and a whirlpool. You can also get food and drinks in the restaurants and cafes located on the beach.

    3. Bilgah Beach: Bilgah beach is one of the most famous beaches located at a distance of 30 minutes from the city centre of Baku. The Bilgah beach has sandy stretches and clean, unpolluted water. There are also several hotels and restaurants around this beach as it is one of the best places in Baku.

    4. SeaZone Beach Baku: SeaZone Beach Baku is located in Nardaran and is a clean spot to enjoy your time without the crowds. The beach has sun loungers and clean sand, giving you a beautiful place to relax.
  5. What is the best time to visit Baku?

    The best time to visit Baku would be from the month of April to the month of June and again from the month of September to the month of October. In this phase of the year, you will be able to enjoy a moderate climatic condition and also be a part of Novruz Bayrami Celebrations as well which is the Persian New year.
  6. How to reach Baku?

    - By Flight: The international airport of Baku which is Heydar Aliyev International Airport connects to a number of major cities across the globe. You will get flights from Istanbul, Bahrain, and Dubai on a regular basis. Some of the major flight operators in Baku are Air Arabia, Air France (SkyTeam), airBaltic, Austrian Airlines (Star, Alliance), Belavia, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa (Star Alliance), and Qatar Airways (Oneworld).

    - By Rail: Baku has got rail connectivity with some of the Russian cities, Moscow, and Kiev in Ukraine.

    - By Road: You can also reach Baku by road through some of its neighbouring cities like Bilasuvar and Mingecevir. You can take highways E119 and E60 to reach your destination in the city of Baku.
  7. Is Baku safe?

    Yes, it is definitely safe to visit tourist places in Baku as the rate of crime is very low and the city is really safe even after sunset. You can freely move around the city without any fear but you need to be very careful as well as watchful when moving solo. You should be vigilant and it is also suggested to avoid large sums of money when going out alone in the night.
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