Camping in Pondicherry

Camping in Pondicherry attracts locals and tourists from all across India. There are both beach and forest sites for camping with various activities included in the package for you to have a memorable stay. These activities include parasailing, boating, paragliding, and fishing. BBQ is a prominent part of almost all camps, at times coupled with bonfires. From the campsites you can have a panoramic view of nature and these enthralling views will definitely calm your mind. The tents here are of hermit fashion and give you lots of aloof time to introspect your inner self. Lots of adventurous activities like rappelling, rock climbing and river crossing are organized during the day for the travelers at these camps and at night you get to sleep amidst the harmony of nature in the open sky.

You can get both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food at these campsites. There are many family-friendly activities that are organized regularly at the camps near Pondicherry like geocaching, fishing and surfing. So pitch your tent and get ready for a fun filled adventure by camping in Pondicherry.

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Pondicherry Camping FAQs

Where can we go camping in and around Pondicherry?

Auroville - Auroville is a safe and sound place for camping in Pondicherry, either on your own or through various operators. However, if you are doing it on your own then you must take permission from the local authorities. It shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Different operators have diverse plans that involve nature camps, treks, or rafting. They also teach you how to make a fire to sustain yourself in the wilderness and how to fish. Although at some campsites, you have to prepare your own food.
Location: Auroville, Pondicherry

Chennai - Chennai is about 139 km from Pondicherry, and is a popular camping destination due to its waterfalls. The most popular campsite is Nagalapuram, near Tada Falls. Another popular campsite is the Chembarambakkam Lake. Locals and tourists alike come to light a bonfire and fry freshly caught fish from the lakes. The greenery around and the starry sky above make for a memorable stay. One can have a BBQ night, or get in touch with various camping operators for a professional camping experience.
Location: Ubbalamadugu (Tada Falls), Chennai

Yelagiri - Yelagiri is a solitary place to camp near Pondicherry, about 220 km away. Nestled amid lush green fields, ever-flowing brooks and birds chirping, Yelagiri has in its itinerary a vast area of unexplored land sustaining exotic species of flora and fauna. Several thrilling sports including trekking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and learning how to use a compass are all laid out for you, to provide you with a stimulating experience. If you are a solitary traveller exploring culture and camping in south India, Yelagiri is what you are looking for.
Location: Yelagiri, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud - Yercaud is another town in south India, about 235 km from Pondicherry. There is a stark contrast amidst nature and monumental bliss here. Various sightseeing places include buildings that have withstood the test of time, along with marvellous architecture. Moreover, the gushing streams and oak trees surrounding the area pose as a fascinating camping site. Along with camps, there are various activities available that are bound to make your adrenaline levels go high! They include paragliding, parasailing, and trekking and water sports. And after a thrilling day, you can relax in the warmth of a bonfire.
Location: Yercaud, Salem district, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal - Although a tab bit further from Pondicherry, about 400 km away, Kodaikanal’s nature is calling for those backpacking, exploring and yes, camping! This hill station has a salubrious temperature during summers and winters, making it habitable for camping. However, avoid camping during monsoon because it experiences perpetual rainfall, often making the land marshy, and trekking all the more dangerous. Mountain camping is a popular go-to activity here, wherein you trek with the help of a guide and camp atop a hill and trek down the next day. Some other camping perks include BBQ, river water swimming, and games like archery. Another popular campsite is Sterling Valley.
Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram- Mahabalipuram is one of the few places in India that offer a beachside camping experience. It is at a distance of 99 km from Pondicherry. You can wake up to the waves of the ocean, go for a dip early in the morning and make breakfast with your fellow camp-mates. Various camping operators have a repertoire of beach games like volleyball in their itinerary. And if you want to camp at your own will, without hindrance from any operator, Mahabalipuram is open for that too.
Location: Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu

When is the best time to visit Pondicherry for camping?

The best time for camping in Pondicherry is from October to March. The temperature during this period ranges from 15 to 28 degrees Celsius, making it habitable for camping, trekking, and bonfires. This is soon after monsoon has receded, leaving the brooks flowing and surroundings lush green.

During summers (April – June), the atmosphere is moist with humidity and temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius, while during Monsoon (July – September), the constant rainfall hinders with camping, leaving everything marshy and incongruous.

Is it safe to do camping in Pondicherry?

Yes, camps in Pondicherry are safe with no hindrance. Especially in Auroville, which is inhabited by foreigners from all around the world who have made their own spiritual and religious community in the town. There are very few, if any, instances of discomfort.

What things should I keep in mind while camping in Pondicherry?

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind while camping in Pondicherry:
If you are camping by the beachside, then do not venture too deep into the beaches. Unlike the beaches on the Arabian Sea, beaches on the Bay of Bengal are murky, muddy, and full of crabs.
Remember to carry sunscreen as even with the winter sun; you might get sunburnt.
Consumption of alcohol in public spaces is illegal in Pondicherry.
Try carrying as little things as possible.
Carry hats and sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun.

Can we do trekking with camping in Pondicherry?

Unfortunately, Pondicherry camps do not have trekking in their itinerary. Being in a plain, non-hilly region, Pondicherry does not have many mountains for trekking. However, there are several beach sites to provide you with an avant-garde camping experience.

You can BBQ by the beach, go for a swim at night but only at a safe distance, and even bonfire. Even though trekking is not a popular activity coupled with camping, other activities include nature walks, adventurous sports like kayaking, boating, parasailing, and paragliding.

What should I wear while camping in Pondicherry?

When it comes to Pondicherry camps, clothing poses as the least of your issues. If you are camping by the beachside, you can carry regular beachwear like shorts and tank tops. However, if you are amid green forests, wear full-length pants due to the persistent mosquitoes in the surrounding area.

What things must I carry while camping in Pondicherry?

Here is a list of things that you must carry with you while camping in Pondicherry:
Sunscreen - Sunscreen will protect your skin from the constant heat of the sun.
Sunglasses and hats - Do carry sunglasses and hats to relieve your eyes from the constant glare of the sun.
Mosquito repellent - There are not many mosquitoes by the beachside, but jungles do have an ample amount of them, so carry mosquito repellent.
Pepper Spray - Be it anywhere; your safety is paramount. So do carry a bottle of pepper spray.

What is the general cost of camping in Pondicherry?

The cost ranges from anywhere in between INR 1,200 – INR 2,500. It is directly related to the items present in your itinerary. Naturally, camping inclusive of sports like parasailing are more expensive.

What kind of food will be provided for me? Will I get non-veg at camps?

Yes, both non-veg and veg food is available at camps in Pondicherry. It mostly depends on certain factors like your budget, your preference, and the surroundings. Some camps offer fishing privileges, wherein you can catch your own fish and roast it. They often have BBQ nights with bonfires. But this is not to be mistaken for disappointment by vegetarians. There are camps that serve only vegetarian food, with adventurous activities in their itinerary.

So, food should be the least of your concerns as both quality and hygiene are taken care of, be it veg or non-veg food.

Can we smoke/drink at campsites?

Unfortunately, consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in public spaces, primarily to preserve the surroundings and keep from rash incidents from occurring. Smoking is permitted at some sites. This depends on the crowd you are camping with, and the rules and regulations you have signed up for.

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