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Munnar is best explored by walk, specially the tea estates nestled among the lush greenery. Start your day with the best walking tours in Munnar to the spice gardens or just walk along with the busy tea pickers. The tea plantation walking tours are quite popular with the tourists along with sightseeing tours. Along with soaking in the aroma of different types of tea grown here, the tea gardens are a perfect weekend getaway brimming with stunning landscapes and beautiful tea fields. The place makes a great photo opportunity and ideal destination for families.

A walking tour in Munnar is incomplete without a visit to Meesapulimala which is considered to be the second highest hill in the Western Ghats. This place is known for its high-altitude garden plants and ancient structures. Take a stroll here and once you are perched on top of the hill, the sight is unforgettable. One gets to witness a spectacular view of neighbouring hills, low-hanging clouds and overall view of Meesapulimala. Be mesmerized by the varied range of flora and fauna, gusty winds and scenic ambience here. If you are lucky, then you get a chance to spot deer, wild cats, Indian guar, leopards and tigers.

The Kolukkumalai Tea estate located at a great height is another great place for taking a stroll and relaxing through one of the best walking tours in Munnar. Considered to be the highest organic, orthodox tea plantation in the world, tourists get a chance to stay here and get a peek into the production of fresh, aromatic tea. Kannan Devan Hills is another favourite joint among the trekkers and strollers . Stroll down the passages under the guidance of an expert and walk through the tea plantation. One can reach the famous Lakshmi Hills on route after walking for about half an hour from the plantation. One can camp at hills and get a glimpse of Idukki dam—the highest arch dam in Asia besides a nice view of Kannan Devan Hills and surrounding tea gardens.

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