Best Plantation Stays in Munnar

Have you ever visited Munnar? It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Reckoned as an idyllic hill station, homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate are just astounding. They make a perfect stay place for enjoying your leisure time.

People mostly prefer to visit Munnar in summers for refreshing themselves for a new beginning. In such cases, tourists prefer to accommodate themselves in homestays rather than hotels. Munnar homestays stand unique in both their affordability and comfortability. These are well-known for the facilities they offer at affordable rates. 

After all, relaxing holidays are empty without rejuvenating homestays!

Imagine how wonderful it feels to peep out of your room’s window pane and glance at the lush green blanket stretched across! Munnar homestays are paradise for couples on honeymoon. Enjoying your holidays with family at Munnar homestays itself drives away all your stress and negativities apart.

Acquainting yourself in homestays brings you closer to the natives of that place. In this way, you become familiar with the local traditions and culture. You get to know a new language and their customs. And believe us, Munnar natives are kind at their hearts.

Almost every other street of Munnar Tea Estate has a homestay to accommodate yourself. Munnar natives are quite respectful in their behaviour. So, worry less about isolating yourself. We are sure that you can easily mingle with them. After all, it is more endearing to stay closer to locals rather than dealing with the professional hotel staff. Their friendliness gesture is sure shot to win your heart and persuade you for a re-visit. 

It is better if you pre-book your Munnar stay to avoid last moment hustles. Pre-booking Munnar homestays will help you in deciding on your budget too. Building relations with the homestay owners becomes quite more comfortable in comparison to the hotel staff.

Complimentary breakfasts served by them are mouth-watering and reflects the authentic taste of Munnar Tea Estate. There are lunch and dinner facilities available as add-on services. Food cooked here is no less than that by a professional chef. Quality and hygiene of the food shall be taken care of by the homestay owners. More or less, you will be indulged in home-made food.

Homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate ensure that you get the best view of the sprawling tea plantations. Once here, you won’t be feeling far away from your own home. Every single need of yours shall be taken care of. Tourists find these homestays to be affordable alternatives. Instead, you can refer to it as a perfect value for what you invest in. Munnar homestays are sure enough to take good care of all your luxuries and comfort.

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Munnar Plantation Stays FAQs

What is a homestay in tea estate like?

After a long journey around the nook and corner of Munnar Tea Estate, definitely one seeks to have a refreshing time at leisure. Munnar Tea Estate homestays offer you an unmatched comfort to relax from all your tour hustles. These offers you picture perfect natural views.

Homestay rooms are quite spacious, well-furnished and equipped with all the amenities you desire. Some even offer roof-top restaurant services to their guests with no additional costing. Refurbishing their estates into quaint homestays, Munnar Tea Estate natives are exhibiting the warmness of their rich culture. Closer you grow with them, more you acquaint yourself with their customs and traditions.

What are the different options available?

Munnar Tea Estates have a wide array of beautiful homestays to suffice the needs of every visitor. Here are the best ones we came across:

Spice Valley Homestay:

When it comes to quality, nothing matches the level of Spice Valley Homestay. This homestay offers you a homely feel and comfort so that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. For those who visit here with their family, there is a 4 executive bedroom facility available. Securing your stay is a prime concern of Spice Valley Homestay. Veranda of this homestay offers the best view of Lakshmi Peak

Amenities: TV (with cable connectivity), extra bedding, blanket, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, 24-hours room service with the availability of hot and cold water facility.

Location: Chithirapuram Post, Anachal Amakandam, Munnar.

Price: Room here costs from 1345 INR onwards.

Briar Tea Bungalows:

Perched amidst the hills of Western Ghats, Briar Tea Bungalows are the stay point for those who wish to wake with the smell of sprawling tea plantations. The architecture of these homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate reflects the style of the colonial era. There are four suites available here: Rose, Blue Jay, Magnolia, and Royal Talayar. Each of them reveals a different theme to define a luxurious aura. Though you will be spending a bit more here, believe us, your stay here will be a worthy one.

Amenities: Finest quality food, proper hygiene adherence, room servicing, bonfire, barbeque, fully furnished and well-equipped with all amenities for a perfect stay.

Location: Talliar Estate, Talliar Post, Munnar.

Price: A suite here costs around 9000 INR onwards.

Munnar Garden Villa

Searching for a peaceful retreat? Munnar Garden Villa is the name for you then. Here, you eco-friendly cooled rooms with all modern amenities to take good care of your holiday mood. Rates are affordable making it the best fit for those who wish to go ahead with an affordable variant. Colors of the room are fully vibrant and are lit brightly. You can either enjoy a sip of tea or have a brewing coffee at their private coffee shop. This place offers the best hospitality and medical assistance. Munnar Garden Villa homes to a private garden zone where guests can step out for strolling without putting on their slippers.

Amenities: Coffee Shop, Free parking facility, modernized rooms, fans, sofa unit, attached bathrooms accompanying a shower, bonfire, guide service.

Location: Devikulam, Near Higher Secondary School, Munnar.

Price: Price Range of this villa starts from 9000 INR onwards.

The Munnar House

Reckoned for their luxurious ambiance, The Munnar House stands as one of the most preferred homestays for Munnar tourists. It is situated at a distance of around 8km from your Munnar Bus Stand. You can reach here by riding a cab from Cochin International Airport. It is located at a distance of approximately 140km. They have 7 fully furnished and well-equipped rooms. Do not worry about the rates!  These are cost affordable.

Amenities: 24-hours hot water availability, TV service with satellite support, campfires, medical and travel assistance, free car parking and laundry facilities.

Location: Pallivasal, Moolakada, Munnar

Price: Rooms here are available from 3000 INR onwards.

Gruenberg Munnar:

Nestled amidst misty mountain ranges is Gruenberg Munnar. It is the best Munnar homestay for those who love prowling all along a green terrain. Rooms are quite spacious, well-furnished offering a comfortable look of a green blanket stretched far off the mountainous ranges. Lorelei and Rheintal are two room variants offering different views through their window panes.

Amenities: Roof-topped restaurant (Tea Haus), LED TV availability, Wi-Fi connectivity, 24-hours hot water availability, library,

Location: Power House Road, Dobipalam, Munnar

Price: Rooms at Gruenberg Munnar range from 4000 INR onwards.

Is campfire available?

As Munnar is a hill station, the climate and weather there remain cold for the most part of the year. Homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate makes sure that their guests stay warm indoors. Almost each of them will be offering you a campfire service.

What kind of amenities do homestays in munnar provide?

Munnar homestays are fully furnished and well-equipped with all the modern amenities you need to take care of your daily routine. 24-hour hot water availability, room servicing, most excellent quality, and hygienic food, medical assistance and free Wi-Fi connectivity and car parking services.

Is it ideal for family outing or friends outing?

Munnar Tea Estate is a place meant for all. Majority of people usually visit here for family holidays. People do plan out for a are couples and friends groups visit the Tea Estate of Munnar. Munnar homes to a lot of camping sites to enjoy either with your family or friends. So no matter who you accompany, Munnar Tea Estate shall take care of sufficing all your enjoyment requirements.

Will we get all the meals i.e Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during our stay?

Yes. All homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate do offer home-made, fresh and hygienic food. Breakfast will be complimentary throughout your stay. However, you can opt for customized options for lunch and dinner. Every homestay has got a team of culinary chefs ready to serve you some of the outstanding delicacies of Munnar Tea Estate.

What are the activities one can do during the stay?

Never limit yourself to the close of homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate. Munnar has got a lot of exciting things to do to keep you engaged for a more extended stay. You can head towards echo point to take a dig at camping and trekking activities. At Eravikulam National Park, you can spend a day at leisure spotting out rare flora and fauna species.

Mountain biking at Suryanelli is yet another activity meant for cycling enthusiasts. You can either hire a cycle from the homestay where you will be accommodating yourself or else the owner can guide you for the same. The day when you feel discomfort, you can head towards

Lakkam Waterfalls to snap some picture-perfect moments in the tranquility of nature. Here, hilly streams are making their way all along from a considerable height of the plunge pool. Munnar also offers exciting activities such as rock climbing and paragliding. Then there’s something called Shikara Ride at Kundala Lake to take care of your sad mood.

What about the furnishing and facilities?

No matter which homestay in Munnar in Tea Estate you step in, each of them is fully furnished with all the essential amenities. Majority of them exhibit a furnishing which reflects the style of a colonial era. You even can avail a Munnar guide assistance from your place of stay. Food will be home-made, so there is absolutely no need to worry about hygiene and food quality.

Your homestay owner shall be taking care of your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some homestays do home to a roof-topped garden cum restaurant to feed all their guests. Standing at the rooftop, you can have a panoramic view of the vast and sprawling lustrous green tea plantations.

What is the best time to visit homestays in Munnar in Tea Estate?

While Munnar Tea Estate is open all around the year, you can head any point of time. Yet, June to September sounds the fresh season to plan for a family retreat here. A lot of tourists prefer to stay away from this pristine place in monsoon. But there’s no other time to have a look at the great green allure of this heavenly place except monsoons. Everywhere, there is a lush green blanket stretched across.

It is this season of the year when homestays here would be offering the best deals of all time. Spare a Munnar vacation time on the outskirts of monsoon to witness the real charm of this beautiful hill station. Standing on the roof-top garden of your homestay, you can definitely have a lot of panoramic clicks.

What type of food will we get during our stay? Is vegetarian available?

When it comes to accommodating yourself in Munnar Tea Estate homestays, assure yourself to feed on the most exquisite quality food. Quality and hygiene stand at top priority here and so you won't be compromising on either of them. You can either enjoy the taste of Munnar or have customization of North or South Indian food varieties. Breakfast shall be complimentary in nature at most of the homestays.

Also, you can either go for an entirely vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet throughout your stay. Costs shall vary with your selection. Chefs at each homestay are proficient enough to serve unmatched food at affordable pricing here.

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