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Guwahati is fast emerging as a preferred destination for adventure enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of adventure activities such as kayaking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing etc. So, if you have a penchant for adventure topped up with fun then head straight for an exhilarating kayaking tour in Guwahati. Kayaking is an astounding water sport which demands both stamina and skill. Kayaking in waters of Brahmaputra is an experience which will stay with you for a lifetime. This energizing sport is becoming quite popular off late. Though kayaking is not everyone’s cup of tea but with effort and practice you can become adept at it. Kayaks basically look quite like small angling boats. You can opt for kayaking all alone or even in a group as per your wish and adventure appetite. The adrenalin rush which you experience when kayaking in stiff waters of Brahmaputra is simply amazing. It actually offers you a daring high which no other adventure sport can offer.


The kayaking tour usually starts at Tooting. This is point where Tsang Po River of Tibet becomes the Siang River of Arunachal Pradesh. The rapids in this river for instance Toothfairy, Pulsating Pulsi, Ninguing makes kayaking here quite exciting. There are several rivulets, rivers and mountain streams in this region. This makes the entire terrain ideal for different water adventures such as rafting, canoeing and kayaking. The months from November to March that is just after the monsoon, are the best time to go in for the best kayaking tours in Guwahati. You should begin the kayaking expedition in the morning. It is recommended that a guide accompanies you on your trip so that you do not face any kind of problem. These professionals are fully acquainted with the region and will provide you all necessary guidance needed for kayaking.

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