Ghoom Monastery Overview

Ghoom Monastery is one of the oldest and well-known Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Darjeeling, West Bengal. It is also known as Yiga Choeling Monastery, which is the largest monastery in Ghoom. The monastery was constructed in 1850 by Sokpo Sherab Gyatso, the famous monk and the Mongolian astrologer. 

Witness the 15 feet (4.6 m) golden-high statue of the Maitreya Buddha, the primary attraction of the monastery. Two huge oil lamps hanging in front of the statue of Buddha keep burning throughout the year. Inside the monastery, you can also admire a huge drum and bells. In addition, the monastery’s walls have beautiful illustrations and artwork of Tibetan Buddhism and Bodhisattva images. 

You can meditate and rejuvenate in the peaceful atmosphere of the monastery. Soak in the positivity and spiritual aura while strolling around the enchanting monastery.


• Witness the beauty of Ghoom Monastery, the first Tibetan Buddhist Monastery constructed in Darjeeling.
• Seek blessings from the golden-high statue of the Maitreya Buddha in the monastery.
• Soak in the positivity and spiritual aura, while admiring the monastery’s breathtaking architecture. 
• Meditate to relax your mind in the peaceful atmosphere around the monastery.
• Get a chance to learn about Buddhism which can help you in your everyday life.

How To Reach

By Road:

Ghoom Monastery is approximately 5.5 km from the city centre of Darjeeling, West Bengal via NH110. You can cover this distance within 15-20 minutes from the city centre. There are many local buses and taxis available that take you to Ghoom. Additionally, if you wish to travel by yourself, then you can hire a vehicle. 

Best Time To Visit

Ghoom Monastery is a year-round place, so plan your visit according to your seasonal preferences and availability. 

  • Best day in the week: The best time to visit Ghoom Monastery is on the weekdays, as you can experience large crowds on weekends. 
  • Best time of the day: The best time to visit Ghoom Monastery is early morning at 7:00 AM. During this time, you can see several monks praying in the monastery. 

Other Essential Information

  • Dress in modest and comfortable clothing while visiting and seeking blessing in the Ghoom Monastery. 
  • Take off your shoes before you enter the monastery and remain silent as people can be meditating and praying. 
  • Consider throwing the garbage responsibly in the dustbin rather than throwing it anywhere. 
  • Avoid making loud noises, and speak politely while communicating with your loved ones.
  • Ask for permission before clicking any photographs as photography might be restricted in certain areas.
  • Carry a water bottle and snacks to stay hydrated while exploring the Ghoom Monastery. 
  • Refrain from plucking the flowering plants or damaging the bells in the monastery.  
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