Mahakal Mandir Overview

Hike up the Observatory Hill in Darjeeling to the sacred Mahakal Temple, which is a mere 20 minutes from the highway. Along the way, the challenging winding path makes the journey worth your while for the breathtaking panoramas, lush fields, and lovely cottages. You also get to spot naughty monkeys while enjoying the spiritual vibes and beautiful scenery. 

Enter a world of spiritual harmony at Darjeeling's Mahakal Mandir, where Buddhist priest Nima Tshering Lama and Hindu priest Balaram Sharma chant Sanskrit mantras, creating a tapestry of sacred sounds. Here, in the peaceful embrace of Darjeeling Observatory Hill, also known as 'Daara,' you can experience a distinctive blend of beliefs. Amidst majestic coniferous forests, the grounds of the temple entice you with vibrant Buddhist prayer flags, prayer wheels in motion, and ringing metal bells, making it a highlight in North East tour packages.

Inside the sanctum sanctorum, you can find the sacred Shiva linga, represented by three black rocks. Moreover, you can also witness the entrance being guarded by a white plaster statue of the bull, Nandi. Take time to visit the numerous smaller shrines honouring Hindu deities with varying degrees of divine energy, such as Durga, Hanuman, Shiva, Siddhi Sai Baba, and Kali. 

Beyond the temple, you can discover secret caverns and rock formations that provide quiet areas for introspection. From Observatory Hill, you can see the beautiful town of Darjeeling surrounded by the majestic Mount Kanchendzonga. 


• See the Mahakal Temple, which is positioned on the highest peak in Darjeeling and provides stunning views of Mount Kanchendzonga and the quaint town below.
• Witness the harmonious coexistence of Buddhism and Hinduism while priests recite mantras in Bhutia and Sanskrit, creating a singular aura of harmony.
• Witness the three black rocks in the sanctum that are considered Shiva lingas, along with a white plaster sculpture of Nandi, among colourful prayer flags and bells.
• Discover an abundance of temples honouring Hindu deities with distinct spiritual energies, such as Durga, Hanuman, Shiva, Siddhi Sai Baba, and Kali.
• Discover the secret caverns and rock formations that are dotted around Observatory Hill, providing peaceful settings for reflection.

How To Reach

The Mahakal temple stands as a revered landmark in the heart of Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101. Here's how you can navigate to this sacred site:

1. By Car/taxi/shared jeep: If you're driving to the Mahakal temple, you can take the Laden-La Road route from the Darjeeling town centre. The temple is approximately 1.5 kilometres away, and the journey will typically take you around 10 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

2. By Foot: From Chowrasta Mall, you can embark on a scenic walk along Laden-La Road to reach the Mahakal temple. The distance is approximately 1.2 kilometres, and it takes around 20 minutes on foot. This journey allows you to soak in the charm of Darjeeling's streets.

Best Time To Visit

The Mahakal Temple in Darjeeling welcomes visitors throughout the year; however, certain times offer unique experiences.

1. Best Season: You can visit the Mahakal Temple during the months of Saavan (July-August) or Shivaratri when it is beautifully decorated. Festivals like Ganesh Puja, Shivratri, and Buddha Jayanti are celebrated with great pomp, adding to the spiritual ambience.

2. Best Day of the Week: If you are a Shiv devotee and are seeking an auspicious day to visit Mahakal Temple, Mondays are considered the best day to do so. Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva, and visiting on this day is believed to bring blessings and fulfilment of wishes.

3. Best Time of the Day: Early mornings, around sunrise, are the best time to visit Mahakal Temple. The serene atmosphere and fewer crowds allow for peaceful prayers and meditation. Also, you can witness the first light of day illuminating the temple, which adds to the spiritual experience.

Other Essential Information

  • Check opening hours as Mahakal Temple typically opens early in the morning and closes in the evening, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Dress modestly out of respect for the religious significance of the temple.
  • Some areas may not accept card payments, so carry sufficient cash for donations or purchases.
  • Be mindful of monkeys and keep food items securely packed to avoid attracting monkeys, which are prevalent in the area.
  • Maintain silence and refrain from photography inside the temple premises to honour its sanctity.
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