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All of us crave for a larger than life holiday which includes lavish living and dining, as well as different activities and experiences. Well one such dream-like venture is the Alibaug Cruise for your upcoming escape to this prolific coastal town in Maharashtra.

Settled alongside the Arabian Sea, the scenic shores and lagoons surrounding Alibaug are some of the best in the region. And to take you right in the middle of these vistas are the luxurious cruise ships. Offering more than just sightseeing, these cruises are an entire vacation in themselves. With the budding tourism in Alibaug, many Alibaug cruises have emerged with different and exciting features.

There are also many cruises that operate between Mumbai and Alibaug which are great for a hassle-free commute option with enchanting sceneries all along the way. Such short excursions are ideal to refresh your senses and to kick-start your weekend Alibaug getaway.

Besides this, one can also plan a romantic evening for their beloved with a sunset cruise and dinner, sailing on the tranquil waters of the sea under a glimmering night sky, a reminisce from the movie ‘Titanic’.

The rest of the evening can be spent participating in lively events and performance, tapping the foot to cheery melodies and clinking glasses filled with booze to complete the tour. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then switch the plans with a day excursion to explore the beautiful sites and beaches in Alibaug while capturing countless pictures as memories.

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