Scuba Diving in Alibag

Alibag Scuba Diving

Being a hub of watersports in Maharashtra, tourists are attracted to head over in the course of their holiday vacation to try out scuba diving in Alibaug too experience adventure and thrill. Diving into the azure blue waters of the Arabian sea, you will be able to explore the underwater territory and capture some of the wonderful moments with the sea creatures.

The best place to try out scuba diving near Alibaug is Murud Janjira which has been attracting new visitors from various parts of the country. Murud Janjira has got a majestic underwater world which you can attempt to capture during the activity.  You will be assisted by professional divers who are well trained and have got years of diving experience. They will offer you introductory knowledge as well as inform you about some of the surviving techniques to make your attempt an impeccable experience that you remember all your life.

You will be provided with a proper diving suit that is fitted with an oxygen container so that you can stay for longer intervals under water. The scuba diving activity is mainly carried out for 30 minutes and the training session typically lasts for 15 - 20 minutes. Despite the fact that you might find the activity a little intimidating, stay rest assured of your safety and get ready to  take home memories worth cherishing all through your life.
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Alibag Scuba Diving FAQs

What are the best places to scuba dive in Alibaug?

You might have only recently heard about the Alibaug scuba diving ventures. It has only attracted attention in the past few years and is already steaming with popularity. With the various marine species, you are bound to get lost in a new world and have a once in a lifetime experience. So, here is a list of some of the best sites to have a thrilling and memorable scuba diving experience in Alibaug:

1. Scuba Diving at Murud Beach: 
Murud Beach is near the famous Murud Janjira Fort, and offers spectacular scuba diving and parasailing experience. It's warm and humid climate is best for experiencing the pleasures of Alibaug scuba diving.

INR 4,500 per person

2. Scuba diving at Nagaon Beach: The chocolate-hued sands of Nagaon Beach, welcome tourists for scuba diving with their rich aquatic species. They also offer professional courses that last from 7 to 14 days, depending on your growth. You are then provided with a credible certificate for your achievements.

Price: INR 2,000 – INR 3,000 per head

3. Scuba diving at Mandawa Beach: Mandawa Beach in Alibaug has all the PADI equipment necessary for you to have an immersive sea experience, literally. They also have professional courses for those interested.

Price: INR 2,500 per person

4. Scuba diving at Saswane Beach: Be it for beginners or professionals, scuba diving at Saswane Beach is a delightful experience. The comparatively clear waters are the best way to explore the world underwater, and even have video footage capturing your experience.

Price: INR 2,500 – INR 3,500 per head

Which beaches in Alibaug are famous for water sports?

1. Alibaug beach: It is one of the most sought after beaches in the coast of Alibaug which not only provides scenic views of the arabian sea but it also offers a host of adventure activities. Coming over to this place, you can try out scuba diving, parasailing and many other activities during your holiday vacation.

2. Kashid beach: Kashid beach township happens to be one of the unspoiled beaches that entices nature lovers because of its unparalleled vistas of azure waters and alluring greenery. You can try out surfing and scuba diving at this place during your visit.

3. Revdanda beach: Revdanda beach is a wonderful beach that is not very crowded and is amazingly clean. As this remains a bit unexplored, you will be able to make some wonderful memories with your loved ones at this place.

What is the best time to scuba dive in Alibaug?

Both summers and winters are ideal for scuba diving in Alibaug that is between the months of November and May. Even though there are traces of humidity, the temperatures are moderate with low tides and vary between 20 – 26 degrees Celsius.

June to October commences the monsoon season, during which Alibaug experiences constant rainfall with high humidity. Therefore, monsoons should be avoided due to the rapid current of waters and high-tide.

What is the average cost of scuba dive in Alibaug?

The cost of scuba diving in Alibaug varies from commercial to professional courses. It also depends on whether you want an underwater shot video of yourself scuba diving. On average, it costs INR 4,500. The cost for professional courses is naturally higher, and they take up to 7 or 15 days to finish.

1. Commercial Scuba diving: INR 2,000 – INR 5,000 per person

2. Professional Scuba diving Courses: INR 3000 – INR 6,000

3. Underwater video shooting: INR 200 – INR 300 for each dive

What is the duration of scuba diving in Alibaug?

The duration of scuba diving in Alibaug lies anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. It depends on various factors like the kind of operators you have hired, the amount you have paid, and whether you have opted for taking underwater videos of your scuba diving or not.

What is the minimum age required for scuba diving in Alibaug?

The minimum age for scuba diving in Alibaug is 10 years. However, it also depends on the terms and policies of your operators.

What precautions should be taken before going scuba diving in Alibaug?

Some of the precautions to be kept in mind before engaging in Alibaug scuba diving include:

1. You must know how to swim in case of emergencies.
2. Ensure the credibility of the agency or diving operator you are booking your scuba diving trip with. There are a lot of scams in which you are asked for money beforehand by falsified operators.
3. Do not put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
4. If you are on any sort of medication or have a medical condition, make sure your driving instructor is aware of it.
5. Avoid monsoon when it comes to scuba diving. There are high tides and the flow of water currents rapid, making it unideal for scuba.

Which beaches in Alibaug have water sports?

Fortunately, water sports are a fundamental necessity on almost every beach in Alibaug, including Kihim Beach, Alibaug Beach, Varsoli Beach, Mandwa Beach, and Nagaon Beach. The sports are undertaken vast form spectrum and include Banana Boat Ride, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Scuba Diving, Speed Boat Ride, and Sea Kayaking.

Each sport is different in experience and adventure level, but they are all bound to make your adrenaline go berserk! If you are looking for a thrilling experience, any one of the aforementioned beaches promises you one.

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