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Best Scuba Diving Tours in Alibag

Alibaug is fondly called as “mini Goa,” and scuba diving in Alibaug is as good as done in Goa, Gokarna or Tarkarli. This coastal town is situated close to Mumbai and Pune and is quite a pick for a short weekend getaway by the people who belong to these cities. The wide range of beaches and clean sea water makes it a better alternative for the city beaches which need cleaning up. Mumbaikars often board the frequently running ferries from the Colaba port to Alibaug. It is the best way to travel to Alibaug as it takes just around an hour, and the tickets are inexpensive as well. The road distance from Mumbai to Alibaug is 104 Km, from Pune it is 145 KM and 75 Km from Lonavala. One can even reach the place by road from all the three major stations of Maharashtra.


What makes Alibaug scuba diving the best is the fact that it is surrounded by the sea from three sides. Murud Janjira in Alibaug is an exemplary point to go diving as you can spot a variety of Sea animals that includes scorpion fish, angler fish, clownfish along with distinctive types of coral reefs like finger corals, brain corals etc. The underwater treasure in Alibaug can be discovered on 40 minutes scuba session where your instructor briefs you about the diving rules, safety management, signaling and connoting signals in the first half. You are taught how to breathe through a self-contained apparatus which is independent of surface oxygen and has an oxygen cylinder with a capacity to hold 60 to 90 minutes.


Alibaug scuba diving sessions are mostly done near Murud Janjira where you are taken on a speedboat with a group of divers and dive masters. There are a number of beaches in Alibaug like Nagaon beach, Mandwa beach, and Alibaug beach to try rest of the water sports like kayaking, parasailing, jet ski and banana boat ride. However, for diving one has to take a boat ride to the middle of the sea because the best corals are spotted distantly to the shore.


You can also spot stingrays, cobias, turtles, stonefish, parrotfish, lionfish, sea snakes and moray eels in your dive. While you swim with the colorful marine fish and animals, you are shot and photographed on an action camera. The best time to go diving is winter season, summer season but not the monsoon season. The scuba diving trips are also not available in the monsoon because the visibility is distorted and the sea is quite dangerous with its tides and currents. Alibaug can easily be accessed from any of the major cities in Maharashtra by bus or train. You can indulge in scuba diving even on a day trip to this place as the diving will only take an hour of time at the top. Scuba diving in Alibaug can be your one of the most memorable experience and the level of excitement and thrill scuba has given to the divers, no other sport could compete.

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