Omkareshwar Temple, Coorg: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Omkareshwar Temple

The Omkareshwara Temple happens to be one of the age-old places of worship of Lord Shiva located in the Madikeri, Coorg. It is located in close vicinity to the fort in the heart of Madikeri Township.Linga Rajendra built the temple in the year 1820. The temple was built as his dedication to the Lord.

The Shivalinga in the temple was procured from Kashi Vanaras. The best part about the temple is its architecture. The temples symbolize a fusion of Gothic and Islamic design. It has a grand water tank inside the temple complex, which not only houses different types of freshwater fish but also entices tourists towards it.

This shrine is one of the most famous religious destinations in and around Coorg. It is not only famous as a place of worship but it also stands as a testimony to the tourism industry of Coorg. Every single year numerous tourists pay their visit to the temple. With time, this place has occupied a top position in the tourism landscape of Madikeri and Coorg. Let us get to know more about this place in details and about some of the nearby places of tourist attraction.

History of Omkareshwar Temple

The temple was built in the year 1820 by one of the most successful rulers of Coorg, King Ling Rajendra II. He had built the temple as a dedication to Lord Shiva. As per mythology, King Ling Rajendra had killed a Brahmin of the state in order to fulfil some of his political ambitions. But, he was highly puzzled with afterthoughts. He used to sight bad nightmare and many intellectuals of the state suggested him to start the construction of a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

King Ling Rajendra followed all the advice received from various forums and finally bought a Shivalinga from Kashi and placed inside the newly constructed temple. The temple was constructed in the time when Coorg had been under the influence of Islamic rulers. This influence can be seen in its structural design. As soon as it carried out this job, he stopped getting nightmares and bad thoughts.

The linga in the temple constructed by him is now worshipped as Omkarehswara. Local devotees and tourists come to this temple with a great amount of belief and the temple hosts many festivals all over the year like Shiva Ratri. Many believe it to be placed to get rid of all sins. If the king can get his sins washed away, then it can also wash away the sins of anyone.

The architecture of Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar temple is widely acknowledged for the fusion of various structural designs and artistry. You will certainly find the architecture unique. This is for the reason that the architecture of the temple is quite similar to the ones found in Muslim Dargahs. The temple has a central large dome and four minarets on the side of the main temple. However, this architecture misses one of the most prominent styles of temple architecture in South India i.e. pillared corridors. The deity in the temple is positioned close to the main entrance of the temple and you can also find all the information about the construction on the copper inscription from the main entrance door.

There is a grand water tank inside the temple, which serves as a home to a number of different kinds of fish, and it is one of the most important centres of tourist attraction inside the temple. This is one of the must-visit places in Coorg and if you are planning to come to Coorg, then make sure that you don't miss spending some time in this beautiful place of worship. You will not only feel blessed being in this place but you will also get amazed by the intricate design works of the age-old architectural marvel in the abode.

How to Reach Omkareshwar Temple

The temple of Omkareshwara in Coorg is situated at a very convenient place in the middle of the town which has got flawless connectivity with all other places. If you are coming to visit this temple, then you would need to take the state highway 88 that links Mysore and Mangalore. If you are coming to Coorg by train, then you would need to get down at Hassan which is at a distance of 115 from Madikeri. There is no railway station and airport in Madikeri.

If you are travelling by flight then you need to land at Mysore airport and then take a cab to travel the last mile until Madikeri. Mysore airport has got well-connected flights from all parts of India and abroad. You can also get down at Mangalore airport in order to travel to Madikeri.

Best Time to Visit Omkareshwar Temple

You can come to the temple at any time of the year, however, it is advisable to avoid coming to Coorg in the course of rainy season as Coorg receives very heavy rainfall, which leads to frequent landslides.

Except for this precaution, there is no other thing to worry about when planning a trip to visit the famous place of worship of Omkareshwara. Come here and spend some of your days in peace and tranquillity in this beautiful yet peaceful environment of Coorg.

What Not to Miss at Omkareshwar Temple

Places to visit near Omkareshwar Temple

1. Raja’s Tomb:
The tomb has also got a fusion architecture. It gets an Indo-Saracenic architecture that houses the mortal remains of the great Kodavas Royalty. The tomb dates back to 1820.

2. Raja’s Seat: This is a beautiful garden that nestles on the top of the hills with a number of skillfully designed water fountains offering a rejuvenating view for the tourists. Tourists mainly come in the evening to this place in order to experience the mesmerizing sunset in the middle of the garden of a multitude of flowers.

3. Nagarhole National Park: The Nagarahole National Park is known for its amazing flora and fauna in the middle of dense forest coverings. In this park, you can feel raw nature to its core. Things that make this place more enthralling is the gushing streams of water. All this makes it a paradise for nature and adventure lovers. The national park is situated in close proximity to one more important national park of Karnataka, Bandipur National park.

4. Coffee estates: Coorg is called the leader in a coffee plantation in India and your Coorg trip will on no occasion be complete without trailing through the jam-packed coffee plantation and tasting raw coffee from the farms. These plantation boasts of the local culture as well as increase the sheer beauty of the place.

5. Mandalpatti: Mandalpatti is yet another vantage point in the Pushpa Giri forest of the western ghats. It is situated at an elevation of 1800 m above the mean sea level and this offers amazing tranquillity and endless wonder. You can spend time watching birds here and viewing the magnificent sights of the sunrise and sunset. You can also think of going trekking, jeep safari, and natural sightseeing. 

6. Abbey Falls: This magnificent cascade is located on the outskirts of the Madikeri Township and happens to be an amazing place for weekend getaways. Nestled in the middle of natural scenery at its best, this place offers breathtaking sights in the middle of coffee plantations.

7. Madikeri Fort: The Madikeri Fort is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Madikeri. It continues to showcase the glorious past of the place. The fort offers countless information about the Bygone era and stands as a testimony to the history of Kodagu. This is a 17th-century construction and has been under the possession of the great south Indian leader, Tipu Sultan.

Other Essential Information About Omkareshwar Temple

- Location:
Omkareshwar temple is situated in a small hilly town of Karnataka, Madikeri. It is about 20 Km away from Coorg. You can easily reach this place by a cab from Coorg.

- Timings: 6:30 AM to 12:00 Noon
                  5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

- Fee: There is no entry fee for entering into the temple. You can go into the temple and offer prayers to the deity without paying any single penny.

Facts about Omkareshwar Temple

1. The temple was built in the late 1820s by Linga Rajendra II

2. The architecture of the temple has close resemblance with the Muslim Dargahs because the regions of Coorg were under Islamic invasion of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

3. It has a central dome and four minarets in four corners.

4. It was built after the king got nightmares about a misdeed of killing a Brahmin for some political advantage.

5. The temple in the present times is not open for public darshan all through the day. It is open for darshan only on selected timings. It is open 6:30 AM to 12 Pm and again from 5 Pm to 8 Pm.

6. You will find the information about its history from the copper inscriptions of the main entrance doors.

7. The locals believe that this temple erases sins.

Tips for Visiting Omkareshwar Temple

Here are some of the important traveller's tips that you need to keep in your mind:

1. As the place is visited by countless tourists every single day, the day premises remains jam-packed. This makes it one of the favoured occasions for pickpockets to take away your belongings. You need to be very careful about your belongings.

2. Despite the fact that the Omkareshwara temple doesn't have any dress code, but you should make sure that you wear clothes that cover your shoulders as well as the knee.

3. The temple is open for public visit on selected timings of the day. You should make sure that you come to the temple when it is open to the public. Keep a note of the timings before coming to the temple.
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People Also Ask About Omkareshwar Temple

  1. When Omkareshwar Temple Coorg is built?

    The famous ruler King Lingarajendra of Coorg built the Omkareshwar temple in the year 1820. The temple was built to evade the nightmares the king used to get after killing a Brahmin for a political benefit.
  2. What is the pooja timing of Omkareshwar Temple Coorg?

    The temple doesn’t remain open all the time in the daytime and the Pooja darshan timings for the public are from morning 6:30 AM to 12:00 Noon in the afternoon and again from 5:00 PM in the evening to 8:00 PM in the late evening.
  3. Is the camera allowed in the temple?

    The camera is not allowed in the temple. The temple management has decided not to let anyone take the camera into the main temple. However, you can take the camera into the main complex and capture all the outside setting. You can also shoot various freshwater creatures residing in the great water tank.