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Duration Price
Kolad Bungee Jumping1 hour
INR 1,689
Scuba Diving In Malvan8 hours - 9 hours
INR 1,199
Tarkarli Scuba Diving3 hours
INR 699

Adventure places in Maharashtra

For a wholesome experience of thrill you simply cannot miss visiting the adventure places in Maharashtra. If you are a water baby then Kolad will surely excite you by offering a chance to indulge in activities rappelling, kayaking and rafting down the Kundalika River. The stunning destination of Alibaug also hosts tons of adventurous water activities like speed boat rides, scuba diving, parasailing and the ever popular jet skiing.

Trekking is one of the famous adventure sports in Maharashtra and there are several mountain ranges around the state that offer breathtaking trails loaded with scenic views of local flora. You can set out for the Kalsubai trek near Bhandardara, or the Lohagad Fort trek along the Sahyadri Hills in the Lonavala region to get the ultimate thrill.

Adventure in Maharashtra is also about feeling all warmed up in the chilly winter nights. By opting for forest camping in Lonavala’s Tiger Point, you will be taking yourself close to the wonders of nature and will be bestowed with the splendid views of the night sky. To make the most of a laid back experience without any hassles, riverside camping near the Vaitarna River or Pawana Lake can be your safest bet.

If you are not faint-hearted and are not terrified of heights then do not miss out on Paragliding at Kamshet or bungee jumping at the Della Adventures Park. However, if parasailing or paragliding is not your cup of tea then a hot balloon safari can be a total mood lifter for you.
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Which are the best adventure sports to do in Maharashtra?

1. Zorbing: If you are not in your best physical shape but would still like to try something adventurous then zorbing can be your best bet. This adventure sport only requires you to get inside a giant inflatable plastic balloon and you get pushed around downhill.

This plastic balloon ball is double walled and so you as a rider feel the thrill of speed as you bounce around but are protected from the impact of hitting the ground time and again. You can stay assured that there would be no fatalities as the instructors on site take all the necessary precautions.

Location: Della Adventures, Lonavala
Price: INR 750 per downhill track

2. Caving: There is nothing as satisfying as crawling and walking around the numerous caves of Maharashtra. This activity is also called spelunking and you can best enjoy them in the protected Bhaja, and Karla caves of mountains in Matheran, besides the Ajanta caves.

Each day there are several sessions of caving conducted and instructors are present on site to guide you through these caves. You learn a lot about moving through crevices and special survival skills as you make your way through the dimly-lit caverns. This activity is performed under the guidance of certified experts and is absolutely safe.

Location: Bhaja, Karla and Ajanta Caves
Price: Starts from INR 30

3. Valley Crossing: If you have always dreamt of ziplining to the other end of mountains or crossing two points of peaks as quickly as possible, then try valley crossing. This fun activity involves you to be harnessed on a secure tightrope that protects you from falling down.

Ziplining is one of the most uncomplicated sports that can be tried by any adult. If the safety aspect is scaring you then you must know that every ziplining sesh takes place adhering to all the highest protocols of safety.

Location: Aamby Valley and Lonavala
Price: INR 900 – INR 3000 per adult

4. Skydiving: If you have ever thought of jumping off an aircraft for fun then skydiving is your true calling. This adventurous activity is conducted at the Aamby Valley near Mumbai. An aircraft drops you from a height of 15000 feet attaching a canopy to you.

An instructor also takes a skydive jump for your safety and this tandem free fall lasts till the parachute establishes. The fall time is short but the thrill you experience will last for an eternity.

Location: Aamby Valley
Price: INR 8000 - INR 30,000 per adult

5. Parasailing: Spend your day hovering all over the Mandwa beach while parasailing. You take off on a parasail and soak in the tempting views of the beach and its surroundings from the sky up above. For a unique experience during your parasailing sesh ask your boat operator to dip you into the blue sea, a few times over.

Location: Mandwa
Price: INR 1000 onwards

6. Bungee Jumping: There is hardly anything more stimulating than taking a leap from an elevation of 147 feet above sea level and then bouncing back up. You will love the feeling of a free fall that will kick in your adrenaline rush. Taking care of your safety, the harnesses and belts are timely checked and special padding is provided to safeguard your body parts.

Location: Lonavala
Price: INR 2000 – INR 8000 per adult

7. Paragliding: Often considered to be a paradise for paragliders, the valley of Kamshet is loaded with scenic panoramas and colourful sceneries. The experience of cutting through the sky breeze feels dumbfounding, thus you will surely enjoy paragliding here. Kamshet in Maharashtra is the best place to try this activity as the mountains are perfect for paragliding.

During the sesh you get astounding views of the lakes, lush green meadows and marvelous 350-degree view of the entire region. You do not have to fear safety as you are provided with all mountaineering and paragliding accessories.

Location: Kamshet
Price: INR 12000 onwards

8. Trekking: You cannot come to Maharashtra and not indulge in one of the most popular adventure sports of trekking. There are numerous mountain ranges around the state that offer stunning trekking trails.

These trails range from easy to difficult ones for both beginners and advanced level trekkers. Test your endurance by setting out on a jungle trek to Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Vasota Fort and many others like Sandhan valley and Kalavantin pinnacle trek.

Location: Sahyadri Mountains
Price: INR 1650 onwards

9. Swoop Swinging: Try this snappy activity of swoop swinging that is both exciting and fun as you are inserted into a body bag and a harness hauls you up in the air reaching a height of 30 meters.

A single round lasts for about 30 seconds but if you still crave for more thrills then on your insistence then an operator can haul you up for another few seconds. This sport will leave a lasting impression on you if you absolutely love heights.

Location: Della Adventures, Lonavala
Price: INR 2000 – INR 8000 per adult

10. Hot Balloon Safari: If you do not possess the guts to paraglide or parasail then your safest bet can be a hot balloon safari. Check out the panoramic views of the city and the stunning peaks of the Sahyadri range all from your balloon. A hot air balloon ride exposes you to fresh air of higher quality that you may hardly experience on the ground below.

Therefore, to feel an increase in energy and to enhance your serotonin levels, try hot air ballooning in Lonavala. This ride is going to be an out-of-the-box thing for you but make sure that you confirm your timings before your trip planning as there are varying slots of the safari.

Location: Lonavala
Price: INR 12600 onwards

Which are the best water adventure sports we can enjoy in Maharashtra?

1. Trapezing: Harnessed on a boat’s sail with both your legs extended on the railing’s edge, executing a perfect form of trapezing can get your heart pumping. Enjoy the splashes of the cold sea waves as the boat hops over and skips through waves of the ocean. This activity literally makes you feel as if you are hanging on to your life!

Location: Mandwa Beach
Price: INR 800 – INR 6000 per adult

2. Banana Boat Ride: If you are yearning for some adventure and fun then put an end to that search and set out for a small outing on a rivulet. Go for a banana boat ride in Kolad on the Kundalika riverside and have a whale of a time on the inflated banana boat.

Location: Kolad
Price: Starting INR 600 per adult

3. Kayaking: Hop onto a pea-pod shaped boat and maneuver it with your paddle through the gushing water that splashes on your body. Kayaking leaves you with a sense of solitude and accomplishment that lasts a lifetime.

Location: Vasai-Virar
Price: INR 900 to INR 3000 per adult

4. Jet Ski: If you haven’t jet skied then you have hardly experienced water. After all, Jet Skiing is the only water sport that lets you ride a superbike on the ocean. Have fun after recreating a chase scene from any of your favorite Hollywood flicks after you have understood the safety aspects from an instructor.

Location: Alibaug Beach and Mandwa Jetty
Price: INR 300 per round

5. Wakeboarding: Pump up your adrenaline by setting out on a water-drenching ride in the Arabian Sea on a wakeboard pulled by a jet ski. Hang on tight as you zoom across the Mandwa Beach’s azure waters, with the water splashing around as you speed and make big turns across the bay.

Location: Mandwa Beach
Price: INR 750 per adult

6. Bumper Ride: Experience the ultimate level of excitement and thrill on the powerful bumper tubes that make you indulge in one of the longest rides. You feel comfortable and safe with your lifejackets and have a splashy time in the sea.

Location: Nagaon Beach, Alibaug
Price: INR 200 per adult

7. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Row away through the serene waters but standing up on a paddle boat at the Mandwa Beach. This activity demands you to have a lot of strength and stamina. An instructor will accompany you on this ride that lasts for about forty minutes.

Location: Mandwa Beach
Price: INR 300 – INR 4000

8. Scuba Diving: Malvan is one of the popular adventure places in Maharashtra that lures visitors for activities like Scuba Diving. You get an opportunity to dive into the blue Tarkarli Sea and witness the immaculate marine life under the water. During the sesh you also witness the vibrant coral reefs that take your breath away.

Location: Malvan
Price: INR 1000 (off season), INR 2000 (peak season)

9. White Water Rafting: Kolad is one of the exquisite adventure places in Maharashtra that spellbinds tourists with its lush green ambiance and numerous waterfalls. It has slowly emerged to be a perfect getaway for residents of Maharashtra due to its thrilling white water rafting activity.

Hundreds of travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers frequent the place to raft down the fastest flowing Kundalika River while enjoying views of the majestic valleys around. For a higher fun quotient you can topple your raft into the river and swim away.

Location: Kolad
Price: INR 1500- INR 4000 per adult

10. Snorkeling: Unravel the well-kept secrets of the Konkan coast in the seaside village of Tarkarli by taking a dip into the ocean. This village affords an awe-inspiring shoreline set against the crystal clear blue waters of the sea. Snorkeling here feels like a real treat with a myriad marine species making their homes in the complex networks of corals here.

Right from novices to professional divers and snorkelers come to the relatively unexplored Tarkarli Beach.

Location: Tarkarli
Price: INR 500 for an hour

11. Motorboat Rides: Located in the Ratnagiri district, Ganapatiphule is one of the renowned adventure places in Maharashtra as it hosts a ton of water sports activities. Motor boarding is one of these stimulating activities that lets you skim through the sea water on the motorboat.

From experiencing the speed to tasting the breeze, this activity provides you with various once in a lifetime experiences. For a fun weekend, do indulge in motorboating at Ganpatipule on your next trip to Maharashtra.

Location: Ganapatiphule, Ratnagiri
Price: INR 1000 per adult

Which are the best spots for camping in Maharashtra?

1. Pawana: Surrounded by scenic beauty and loaded with various spots to set up a camp, Pawna is the perfect place to plan a camping trip. Pawana is the most unique and diverse camping site as it offers sweeping views of Pavana Dam and is situated close to the monumental forts of Tungi, Tikona and Lohagad.

2. Panchgani: Fulfill your thrilling pursuits by camping by the banks of the River Krishna near Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani. Enjoy breathtaking views at the tableland and go gallivanting during your camping sesh here.

3. Malshej Ghat: Camping is one of the most action-packed adventure sports in Maharashtra. To make the most of a riveting camping experience set out for Malshej Ghat that is an idyllic refuge for hikers and trekkers craving a respite from the hustle bustle of life.

4. Kaas Plateau: Set up your camp amongst hypnotizing bounty of colorful flowers at the Kaas Plateau that is not just a biodiversity hotspot but is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Trek through the less trodden paths and make the most of your stay amidst exotic floral cover and foliage.

Where can we enjoy river rafting in Maharashtra?

1. Kundalika River (Alibaug): Head to the mini Goa of India and try the adrenaline pumping adventure sports in Maharashtra. The activity of river rafting lets you pass through the fastest flowing rapid of Kundalika with your oars.

2. Kolad River (Raigad): Embark on a rip-roaring escape of river rafting in Kolad that is one of the thrilling adventure sports in Maharashtra. The rafting works like magic on your adventure spirit as you paddle across the whimsical Kolad River.

3. River Ulhas (Karjat): Kick your fear of water and try the white water rafting on River Ulhas. You immediately feel energized the moment the icy water splashes on your skin and at the end of the rafting sesh you feel victorious.

4. Mutha River (Pune): Meet your quota of summer excitement with thrill-seeking adventure sports in Maharashtra and opt for a session of white water rafting in the Mutha River at the Kharawar village. The feeling of rafting 7 kilometers through a beautiful jungle over exciting rapids is something else.

Which are the best places for scuba diving in Maharashtra?

1. Konkan: Get away from all the troubles, traffic and noise of the world by indulging in one of the peaceful adventure activities in Maharashtra. Scuba diving at Konkan lets you witness the stunning marine underwater life and coral life.

2. Mumbai: For a taste of marine adventure in Maharashtra you must embark on a riveting sesh of Scuba diving at Mumbai. A PADI-certified diving instructor will guide you the breathing techniques step-by-step under water besides other essential skills. Therefore go ahead and delight in this enticing activity and swim along the ocean dwellers.

3. Tarkarli: What’s adventure in Maharashtra without indulging in some Scuba diving at Tarkarli? Avail the thrill of this water sport at Tarkarli by going deep into the blue water body and witness the exotic marine life all by yourself.

4. Malvan: Grasp the magical and stunning beauty of Malvan’s underwater world by experiencing the unbounded beauty of the underwater landscapes. No phones ringing and no talking scuba diving at Malvan is one of the most enchanting adventure activities in Maharashtra that lets you stay beneath with just you and your thoughts.

Which are the best treks in Maharashtra?

1. Lohagad: At an elevation of 3400 feet the Lohagad trek route lets you make the most of a “first trek experience” with a charming salubrious climate, lush green grass, picturesque scenery and cool mountain air. You pass through rain-drenched trails and reach the top to savor the captivating views from the top of the fortification.

2. Visapur: At an elevation of 1084 meters, the Visapur trek has a moderate level difficulty and is one of the best ones to spend the perfect rainy evening. Reaching the top of the Visapur Killa that is perched upon a lush green plateau is fun as you enjoy great views from the top.

3. Devkund: The Devkund trek is an easy grade trek in the Sahyadris at the height of 2700 feet which passes through mighty mountains and dense forests. It will take about two hours to reach the Devkund Waterfall from the base village. Once you reach the waterfall you just cannot stop marveling at the waterfall’s sheer magnitude besides observing the life of the locals at the quaint hamlet of Bhira.

4. Kalsubai: One of Maharashtra’s toughest treks, the Kalsubai Peak at an altitude of 5400 feet is a thrilling hike especially when you see the rain clouds unleashing their frenzy on the landmass below. During this trek you will cross beautiful pools, streams, moss-covered rocks, witness sweeping views of surrounding peaks and valleys.

Maharashtra Adventure Reviews

Swapnil Gawari
Reviewed: 31 Oct 2022
Nice experience, staff treated us well in terms of preference
Swapnil Gawari
Swapnil Gawari
Ashish Mhamane
Reviewed: 31 Oct 2022
Scuba instructors are experienced, they take good care of you, water visibility is not that good, parasailing and other water sports are bang for your buck. Overall good package for first time experience and some fun, it took me more than 4 hours due to tourist rush.
Ashish Mhamane
Chetan Mane
Reviewed: 03 Jul 2022
Awesome 😎 
Chetan Mane
Atul Tawde
Reviewed: 02 Jul 2022
Dr Rohit
Reviewed: 10 Feb 2021
"very good package.... worth for the money spent... enjoyed.... scuba was also very exciting as it was my first experience... I was thrilled..... i would recommand people to opt this package.... "
Aaditya Mehra
Reviewed: 16 Dec 2018
Scuba diving in Malvan gave me a lot of great memories for my lifetime. This was a dream come true for me. I have been thinking to take something like scuba diving for a long time. And when it happened, I was so happy. This package was a surpise gift from my best friend. Thank you Rupesh. It was ind... Read More
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra
Aaditya Mehra

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