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Gorson Bugyal Trek with Camping Book-1 days
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Auli, nestled in the Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand, transforms into a stunning winter wonderland, making it an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. Thrillophilia offers a variety of winter trek tours in Auli to both novices and seasoned trekkers seeking the thrill of winter adventures. 

Gorson Bugyal Trek is a relatively easy trek perfect for beginners. It starts from Auli and winds through dense forests to the expansive meadows of Gorson Bugyal. From there, you can enjoy enchanting views of the surrounding peaks like Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, and Gori Parvat.

Kuari Pass Trek is a more challenging trek that passes through several other villages like Dhak and Tugasi, high altitude meadows called “bugyals,” and dense forests. The trek finally culminates at the Kuari Pass which gets completely draped in snow in winters.

Chattar Kund Trek is famous for its serene lake surrounded by lush forests, just a short distance from Gurso Bugyal. Chenab Lake Trek is one of the Best winter treks in Auli that lets you explore the untouched lake. This trek requires traversing rugged terrains and is perfect for those seeking solitude and adventure. 

Embark on these winter treks with Thrillophilia’s winter treks tours in Auli and gear up for an exciting Himalayan snow trekking expedition.

Best Winter Treks in Auli

1) Gorson Bugyal Trek

Perched at 3,056 meters, the Gorson Bugyal trek is one of the most sought after winter treks in Auli. The Gorson Bugyal trek takes 3 hrs and stretches for 5-6 kms. Winters transform Gorson Bugyal into a snowy wonderland and offers stunning views of majestic peaks like Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Gori Parvat, and Nar Parvat. This trek is ideal for families who want to enjoy vast expanses of snow and have fun.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 2 Days

Maximum Altitude: 10,084 feet

2) Kuari Pass Trek

From December end, Kuari Pass receives heavy snowfall and gets covered in a thick blanket of snow. The Kuari Pass trek takes you to a maximum altitude of 12,516 feet from where you can enjoy stunning snow views. You can also spot prominent peaks like Nanda Devi and Dronagiri. During this 6-day trek, you will pass through quaint villages like Dhak and Tugasi and traverse snow covered meadows and dense forests. The trek is challenging in winters and is rated as one of the best winter treks in Auli.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 6 Days

Maximum Altitude: 12,516 feet

3) Chattarkund Trek

Chattrakund is a small freshwater lake in the heart of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is located about a kilometer from Gorson Bugyal and 4 kms from Auli at 3300 mtr above sea level. Due to its elevation, it gets almost frozen in winters. If you are looking for the best winter treks in Auli to be done in a day, then this is a perfect choice. You can trek amidst snow landscapes and witness the spectacular sight of snow covered trees and mountains around. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

4) Chenab Lake Trek

The Chenab Lake Trek in winter is a pristine journey near Joshimath, traversing the Garhwal Himalayas at an altitude of about 4,300 meters. This is one of the adventurous Auli winter treks and it is usually covered in 3-4 days. During the trek, you will pass through quaint villages like Dronagiri from where you can witness snow-white landscapes and the towering peaks like Nanda Devi. 

5) Tali Lake Trek

This trek is a smaller segment of the challenging and longer Kuari Pass Trek. The trek starts from Auli and ascends towards the beautiful Tali Tal lake. The trek takes you through pine forests and pasture lands covered with snow, and quaint villages like Lata and Tolma. This is one of the best winter treks in Auli to witness amazing views of Nanda Devi and Trishul peaks. You can even camp overnight at Tali Tal before returning back to Auli.

6) Kwani Bugyal Trek

Kwani Bugyal Trek in winter is a surreal journey to an altitude of 3,350 meters. The trail passes through quaint villages like Lata and has rolling meadows blanketed in snow. From the summit, you can enjoy breathtaking views of majestic peaks like Nanda Devi and Dunagiri. The trek is usually done in 5-6 days, this moderate trek is ideal for adventurers who relish the challenge of Auli winter treks.

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Auli Winter Treks FAQs

What is the average temperature in the Auli in winter?

The months from November to February, mark the winter season in Auli. During these months, the average day time temperature ranges from 4°C to 10°C. The nighttime temperatures can drop to -4°C. January is often the coldest month, with temperatures potentially dipping below -4°C. Winters blanket the region in snow, opening up several best winter treks in Auli.

Which is the best winter trek for beginners in the Auli?

The Gorson Bugyal Trek tops the list of best Auli winter treks for beginners. Trek starts at Auli and ends at the lush meadows of Gorson Bugyal. In between, you will pass through charming villages like Tugasi. The trek is about 3 kilometers each way and has gentle terrain. You can enjoy spectacular views of majestic peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul. 

Which is the most difficult trek to do in winter in the Auli?

The Kuari Pass Trek is the most challenging one amongst all winter treks in Auli. The trek usually starts from Dhak Village, navigates through the rugged terrains of Gorson Bugyal and Tali Top and finally ends at Kuari Pass.. This 6-day trek requires high fitness levels due to steep climbs and harsh winter conditions, including deep snow and sub-zero temperatures. This trek offers dramatic views of peaks like Nanda Devi and Dronagiri.

How do we prepare ourselves before trekking in the winter?

Preparing for winter treks in Auli involves both physical conditioning and proper gear. Increase your stamina through cardio exercises like running or hiking. Equip yourself with thermal clothing, waterproof jackets, and quality trekking boots. Also, pack essentials like insulated gloves, hats, and a sleeping bag rated for low temperatures. Acclimatization to cold weather is crucial.

Is it safe to trek in the Auli during Winter?

Yes, winter treks in Auli are usually safe with proper preparation and precautions. Ensure you have the right gear, such as insulated clothing and sturdy boots, and consider hiring an experienced guide. Be aware of weather conditions and potential avalanches. You can book Thrillophilia’s Winter Treks Tours in Auli that include expert guide, all trek essentials, and on-ground assistance to ensure your safety.

Auli Winter Treks Reviews

Minakshi Devar
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Going on the trek in Auli was the best decision we made. The trek offers a completely different view of the Auli and we just loved camping there.
Ashlesh Khanna
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
Our friend went through this trek last year and suggested we go to Thrillophilia. The trek went really amazing and we had seen the best of the mountain views and a great amount of snow during the trek. It was the best way to welcome the New Year. Thanks, Thrillophilia for a wonderful trekking experi... Read More

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