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Best Places to Visit in Luang Namtha of 2017

  • 01 Luang Namtha

    Luang Namtha
    Image Credit : Luang Namtha
    Best known as a stopover point on the explorer trail from China to Laos, and as an alternate choice for the long and cramped vessel wander between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang, Luang Namtha has ended up being continuously common as a starting stage for incline tribe treks, especially those into the Luang NamTha NPA - National Protected Area. While short on staggering sights, it's a moderate and truly beguiling little town, however one parceled in two unmistakable parts: the "old" or novel town near the plane terminal (spent in the 1970's war), and the "new" or substitution town toward the north where the trekking associations and most guesthouses can be found. The two are around 6 km isolated. The "old" town sits aside Highway 3 - the modernized course from China to Thailand.

    Highlights – Trekking, waterfalls, herbal saunas

    Location - Laos

  • 02 Pathet Lao caves

    Pathet Lao caves
    Image Credit : Pathet Lao caves
    The Viengxay collapses Houaphanh Province of North-Eastern Laos are a broad system of collapses limestone mountains. Four-hundred eighty of these holes were utilized by the Pathet Lao amid the Second Indochina War to protect from American siege. Up to 23,000 individuals lived in the holes, which contained a healing center, a school, Pathet Lao workplaces, pastry kitchens, shops, and even a theater. The zone was home to the Communist armed force, who were battling the royalist strengths, situated in Vientiane. The caverns were utilized for living and acting as a part of in light of the fact that the U. S. Aviation based armed forces was bombarding the territory so vigorously. Local people say that ranchers needed to cultivate around evening time to abstain from besieging strikes. Vieng Xay served as a base for the Communist strengths (and holding office for caught US servicemen) in light of the fact that it was near the Vietnamese fringe for logistical and political backing.

    Highlights – Nok Ann Cave, Noua Waterfall.

    Location - North-Eastern Laos

  • 03 Vieng Xai

    Vieng Xai
    Image Credit : Vieng Xai
    Vieng Xai (likewise Vieng Xay, Vieng Sai) is a region and town in Hua Phan Province. The town is situated on Route 6, 30 Km from Sam Neua (Province capital) and 55 km from the Vietnam/Laos outskirt in Na Meo. The greatest fascination of the town are the caverns. The previous Pathet Lao central command of Vieng Xai sit in a striking valley of prolific slopes and limestone bluffs loaded with caverns, a few of which were utilized to shield the Pathet Lao officers amid the second indo-china war. Amid the 1960s, political improvements in Laos were compelling later on of this entire locale. The United States trusted that Laos was urgent in the counteractive action of comrade extension, so this little nation got to be made up for lost time in the contention between the US and the north Vietnamese.

    Highlights – Vieng Xai Caves visitor centre

    Location - Laos

  • Nearby Getaways from Luang Namtha
  • 01 Luang Prabang

    Image Credit : 

    Luang Prabang or Louangphabang is a small but full-of-life city located in the Northern Central region of Laos, Thailand. This place consists of 58 adjacent villages, out of which 33 comprise the UNESCO town of Laung Prabang World Heritage Site. Luang Prabang is so beautiful that back in 1995, it was listed among the top tourist destinations for the uniqueness and remarkably well preserved architectural and cultural beauty that the place held.

    Luang Prabang is what they a perfect blend of rural simplicity as well as the urban development. Over several centuries, the French colonial influences have come and ruled over this place. Thus, you will even find many structures that reflect the French culture at Luang Prabang.

    The heart of the city consists of four main roads – each well planned and connected for the locals. Located on a peninsula, Luang Prabang comprises of several rivers, chief of them all is the Nam Khan and the Mekong River. The town is well known for the religious confluence as well. There are numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries that one will discover at this place. In fact, the religious sentiments are so high at this location that hundreds of monks every day from various walks of life walk through the streets collecting alms.

    Another important landmark of the city is the Mount Phousi. Yes, there are large steep hills sprawled on the scales of the city as well. These lead to the Wat Chom Si Shrine and an overlook of the city and rivers from this location is absolutely mesmerizing.

    Luang Prabang once served as the royal capital and the seat of the government of Kingdom of Laos. However after the 1975, the communist took over. The city is a part of the Luang Prabang District of Luang Prabang Province and there is much tourism thriving in this place. There are numerous resorts, restaurants and hotels that people can visit and have a good time in.

  • 02 Vientiane

  • 03 Lamphun