25 Places to Visit in Armenia, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Armenia Places to Visit

Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Republic Square, Sanahin Monastery, Amberd Fortress, Saghmosavank Monastery, The Alphabet Monument, Zvartnots Cathedral, Areni, Zorats Karer, and many more.

There are many tourist places in Armenia that you just can’t miss when you are visiting this glorious destination. People come here from different parts of the world to admire the dramatic scenery, deep gorges, gushing rivers, mountainous landscapes, and sparkling lakes.

Some of the amazing places to visit in Armenia include the trendy capital city Yerevan and the fascinating historic site Gyumri. Yerevan is also famous for its Blue Mosque, an incredible underground world of Levon and the largest among the eight mosques in Yerevan. Also, don't miss to see the stunning view of the peak of Mount Ararat and take a stroll through the Hrazdan gorge.

In addition to the above, Lake sevan and Geghard monastery are some of the best places in Armenia that you must not miss at any cost. In Armenia you will also find great trails for hiking.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Armenia:

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Vagharshapat is the fourth-largest city of Armenia and one of the most amazing places to visit in Armenia. The place is located to the west of Yerevan city and in the basin of River Kasagh. It is primarily known as a very religious place because of its innumerable church and cathedrals.

This city is a smaller but beautiful place in Armenia where you can find tons of hidden destinations and unique things to do. It is a perfect spot to leave behind work chaos, to relax and take a break.
Some of the top destinations that you can visit here include Gayane church placed in the vicinity of the famous Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Hripsime church, a prehistoric church of Armenia, and the beautiful Zvartnots Cathedral.

Here you can also take your friends and family for an adventure to visit the Hidden house-museum of famous Poet Hovhannes Hovhannisyan. You can also have the most amazing dinner in the oldest restaurant in the Caucasus or take a day trip to Voskevaz Winery.

Now talking about the weather here, the best time to visit this city is in the summer months between June to August. At the same time, you can experience cold chilly winter days between December to February.

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Lying on the serene left bank of River Hrazdan, the quaint city of Hrazdan is the administrative hub of the Kotayk region. Sitting approximately 45 kilometers away from the capital Yerevan, this small town has a very thin human population of around 53,000. Packed with plastic, machine-building, and cement factories, Hrazdan also makes for the industrial hub of Armenia. Surrounded by majestic mountains and featuring charming streets lined with verdant apple trees and lush pine plantations, Hrazdan city brims with sheer natural beauty.

The city also offers a rustic environment and ancient buildings, which add a mystic charm to it. The beautiful city of Hrazdan is packed with a myriad of attractions that make it even more appealing for holidaymakers. The prime place of interest that are responsible for propelling millions of globetrotters to this city every year include the Hrazdan Branch of State Gallery, the Hrazdan Geoscience Museum, the History Museum, the Hrazdan River, the Tsovinar Lake, and the Makravan Monastic Complex.

Hrazdan city offers its visitors a myriad of mind-boggling activities to make their holiday totally action-packed. You can take a walk through history at the State Gallery of Armenia, watch a play at the Hrazdan Town Dramatic Theatre, stroll around Lake Tsovinar, and seek blessings at Aghbyur Church. Hrazdan experiences a continental climate with winters being cold and snowy and summers being moderate and rainy. The best time to visit the city is between late June and early September.

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Yerevan is the biggest city of Armenia and also its capital. It is older than Rome and has recently cherished its 2800th birthday. It is located on the Hrazdan River, which is 14 miles away from Turkish frontiers.

The charming corners and pretty buildings makes this classic old Town a fascinating place for people to visit. Further, people also call it the pink city because of the volcanic tuff which gives the buildings pinkish colour.

When you land in this vibrant city, start your journey with Republic square, where you will find many iconic spots like the National History Museum and Art Museum. Also, visit the Armenia Genocide Memorial, which will tell you all about the country's troubled past.

Apart from these beautiful places, Yerevan also offers its tourists a couple of thrilling activities to try, like zip-lining in Yell Extreme Park, skiing or snowboarding in Tsakhkadzor ski resort. Here in this ski resort, you can also try paraskiing, which will surely make you feel like a bird.

If you plan to visit Yerevan, try visiting it in the summer months, i.e. between June to August when the weather is hot and dry. However, the winter months start from December to February when it's freezing and often snow.

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It is situated in the north-western part of Armenia and is also its second-largest city. It is yet another interesting tourist place in Armenia, which is steeped in disaster and history. The place is comparatively remote and still trying to rise after the devastating earthquake incident in 1988.

This is a beautiful historic place with prominent museums, an impressive historic district and lovely parks. This picturesque city attracts thousands of tourists with its hospitality, delicious local food and beautiful architecture.

So if you plan to visit this place, make sure to visit the stunning Black fortress built with black volcanic tuff. Also, to explore secret corners and enjoyable spots, do explore Kumari Historic district.

However, if you want to try unique activities here, try beer tasting in Poloz Mukuch or eating the freshest food in Gyumri handpicked by yourself in Cherkezi Dzor. You can also have a family picnic in the most beautiful park Gorky Park.

Moreover, the weather condition of Gyumri in summer (from June to September) is warm and dry with a clear sky. However, in the winter days (from December to January), it's snowy, freezing and partly cloudy.

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Vanadzor is the third leading city in the northern section of Armenia. It is placed at an altitude of 1425m above sea level and is a fantastic place in Armenia worth visiting.

The city is filled with lush greenery, a hyperactive outdoorsy population and obscure places. People come to this enthralling and beautiful city to try its excellent food, admire its stunning nature and relax.

To witness the city's prehistoric ethnicity, you need to visit the Vanadzor City Hall; the place illustrates the structural design of bygone eras. This city's other attraction spots include Master Mehrab's House, Hayk Square, St, Saint Gregory, Tairov's House, etc.

One of the best things about Vanadzor is it gives its tourists an opportunity to bike, hike, raft, rock climb and engage in many more activities. Also, don't forget to take a stroll through the botanical garden of Vanadzor and drink the natural mineral water directly from the mountains, which the locals call Tetuh Djour.

Moreover, people mostly visit this place in the summer months (June to August) when the temperature is warm, dry and clear. However, for enjoying the freezing months of Vanadzor, plan your trip between December to February.

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Other Attractions

It is the largest lake in the Caucasus and a very popular tourist place in Armenia to visit. The place attracts thousands of tourists with its impressive church and old monasteries like Hayravank and Sevanavank. Not only this, the place entices several holidaymakers by the beauty of lake myriad and its dotted scenic shores.

Moreover, the place is considered the jewel of Armenia because of its beautiful golden sand and incredible water sport options. It holds a special place in Armenia's heart due to its fresh mountain air and cool azure water.

Highlights: Visit Sevan Island, hangout at Bohem Studio Teahouse, dine at Maku Hacatun Restaurant, and schedule a BBQ by Lake Sevan.
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It is an amazing place to visit in Armenia and is also known as Armenian Switzerland. The city is surrounded by lush forests and is perfect for escaping the chaos. The town has many incredible attraction spots, among which one is Jhukta Bank.

It is a semi-abandoned monastery where you can take a short hike. Apart from this, the place is also famous for its mineral water spring and various fauna varieties. The place is a home for 240 species of bird and is a treat for everyone.

Highlights: Make sure to visit Goshavank, Haghastin, and Matovasank particularly. Also, don't miss out on Akhnabat church and the Getic river basin.
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This Pagan temple is devoted to Mihr, the sun god. It was built in the first century after the Armenians converted to Christianity. The structure denotes Greek-style perching through the ululating mountains and hills. It is an absolutely stunning historical site with magnificent old churches, hot springs, and elaborate cravings to explore.

It also has a great trail for tourists to enjoy cycling, hiking, or horse riding. In addition, people come here to witness how Garni Temple got destroyed in the earthquake disaster and rebuilt with the same original stone once again.

Location: Garni 2215, Armenia

Highlights: Visit Azat Reservoir on your way to Garni, explore symphony stones in Garni Gorge, the Arch of Charents, and the caves of Voghjaberd.
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It is a beautiful small village of Garni and a historical settlement of ancient history. This place is known for its tombs and churches, which were cut into rocks. It is a beautiful complex with phenomenal cliffs surrounding the place that are a part of the gorgeous Azat River Gorge.

Plus, the tourists also enjoy their way to this place because of the beautifully structured toad and stunning view. Moreover, the place is also famous for feasts that many Armenians schedule every weekend.

Highlights: Make sure to explore Avazan Church, Upper Jhamatun, Rock-cut church, and Katoghike Chapel.
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It lies in the heart of the city and gives the tourists the opportunity to have a glimpse of the everyday life of the locals. It attracts thousands of tourists due to the fact that it took 50 years to construct the square; however, most of it was built in the 1950s.

Moreover, you can spend all your time exploring the National Gallery or visiting the History Museum. The tourist also finds the iconic seven fountains fascinating, which was a part of the age-old Armenian wedding ritual.

Highlight: The three buildings worth visiting include The Marriott Armenia, The national art gallery, and The Government House.
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Sanahin Monastery is one of the most amazing places to visit in Armenia and comes among the top attraction. The meaning of Sanahin is this one is ancient than that one which may be the translation saying this monastery was built before Haghpat.

It can take you a full day to explore this place as it contains around 16 buildings and objects.

Location: Alaverdi 1705, Armenia

Highlights: The top tourist spots of Sanahin Monastery include St. Harutyun Chapels, St Gregory, and scriptorium, the largest library of Sanahin.
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Amberd Fortress is one of the most stunning places in Armenia, filled with tourists all year round. This fortress stands on the high-up Aragats mountain and is surrounded by ravines on three sides. Moreover, people also find it attractive to explore the fragmented water supply, baths, and secret passage leading to a canyon beyond the fortress walls.

Plus, it is also famous for its elegant citadel built between the 10th and 13th centuries as a defense point.

Location: Amberd road, Armenia

Highlights: The top attraction includes Arkashen streams, beautiful gorges of the Amberd, and chapels.
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It is a very popular place in Armenia, which was built in the 13th century. People come here from different parts of the world to not only admire the stunning architecture but also enjoy the breath-taking location above the cliff.

Down here, you will find the rustling Kasagh river giving you an eye-soothing experience. Moreover, the walls of the monastery are somewhat delicate and austere. However, what attracts tourists the most is the cross-winged structure of the dome.

Location: Sevan, Armenia

Highlights: Make sure to visit the Church of Zion and the Church of Karapet.
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This is one of the quirkiest monuments that you will ever see. People flock here to explore 39 giant Armenian letters and how they are carved so beautifully in the stone. These letters were crafted in the 5th century by the Mesrop Mashtos and are now decorated in the local motifs.

Furthermore, on the monument's backside, you will find a sculpture of the monument creator Mesrop Mashtots admiring his work.

Location: Artashavan, Armenia

Highlights: The main attraction spot here are the 39 giant Armenian letters and the huge Mesrop Mashtos statue.
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It is a wonderful archaeological structure and a great tourist place in Armenia. This stunning cathedral was first discovered at the beginning of the 20th century and is among the tourists' hot spots.

After the earthquake, now what is left is just the ruins. However, it is the most picturesque spot admired by thousands of people. Moreover, on a bright sunny day, you can also get a glimpse of the stunning Mount Ararat in the back.

Highlights: Make sure to visit the ruins of the Catholicos palace around the cathedral and winepress of the medieval winery.
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It is yet another mesmerizing Armenian Church built in the time of the 14th century. However, the main reason people flock to this place is its outstanding winery.

Here, people cultivate grapes and vineyards for over 6000 years, and it is one of the oldest wine traditions. Not only this, here people get to taste wine from different fruits, including blackberries, apricot, pomegranate, and cherries.

Location: Areni, 3604, Armenia

Highlights: Apart from vineyards, the place is also famous for its little farmhouses, valley slopes, and mountainsides.
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This is one of the amazing places to visit in Armenia. People come here from different parts of the world to admire this prehistoric site. Moreover, tourists also find this place interesting because of the fact it is also known as speaking stone.

This is mainly because the stone makes sounds as the winds hit it hard. The 40 stones carved on the land is devoted to the pagan God of the sun and is considered very holy.

Location: Qarahunj road, Sisian, Armenia

Highlights: The main attraction spot of this place are the 40 stones that are either an ancient observatory or cemetery.
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Make sure to visit this amazing reserve when you plan to explore Armenia. It is the second biggest pristine forest reserve in the country, which people come to witness from different countries. The forest is densely populated with animals like leopards, wild goats, bears, and vipers.

Plus, you can find greater than 1,100 species of unique plants in this forest reserve. Another treat for the tourist is the gorgeous waterfalls in the Shikahogh state reserve.

Highlights: People here mainly admire the pristine forest reserve with different varieties of plants and animals.
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Among the four parks of Armenia, this one is the most beautiful. People come here to admire the highly popular mineral water spring, marvelous natural monuments, and several cultural institutes.

Apart from the national park, people also love to explore the outstanding Matosavank Monastery, Akhnabat church, Haghartsin Monastery, and other monasteries. In addition to these, do not miss out on mesmerizing Getik river basin and Aghestev rivers.

Location: Mount, Haghartsin, Armenia

Highlights: The main attraction of this national park includes Matosavank Monastery, Akhnabat church, Haghartsin Monastery, Getik river basin, and Aghestev rivers.
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Mount. Aragats is another spectacular tourist place in Armenia, which is filled with tourists throughout the year. Looking at the spectacular view of the tallest peak of this country is a breath-taking experience in itself.

On top of this, you also get to enjoy the exquisite rock art at the bottom of this mountain. Also, don't forget to explore the famous rock art containing animal and human figures.

Highlights: People here admire the breath-taking peak of Armenia's tallest mountain and the rock art at the base.
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You will get completely refreshed after having a relaxing time in the awe-inspiring Lake Arpi. People admire the enchanting flora and fauna collection here and also the panoramic view of the lake surrounded by steep mountains.

It is a home for 100 different bird species and is also the biggest colony of American gulls. Moreover, the place also offers its travelers an opportunity to enjoy camping and strolling.

Location: Arpi chi Jrambar, Armenia

Highlights: Make sure to explore flora and fauna, take a stroll around the lake, and discover 100 different species.
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Noravank Monastery is one of the defining sites of Armenia, loved by a lot of people. Tourists flock here from different parts of the world to witness the sheer brick-red cliffs that act as a shield of the monastery.

Apart from this, you must also explore the Astvatsatsin church, which has an interesting story that the God himself saved the monastery from the Mongols. In addition, there are 12 different objects to explore, so make sure to cover it all.

Location: #604, Novarank, Armenia

Highlights: This place is famous for Astvatsatsin church, Surb Grigor Chapel, Surb Karapet Church, and other Khachars.
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Lying in Southern Armenia and constructed back in the 9th century, the majestic Tatev Monastery is known popularly for its educational and religious significance. Set atop a towering basalt plateau, this monastery overlooks the picturesque Vorotan River Gorge.

Originally, this monastery served as a defense building for the Syunik Kingdom, owing to its robust impregnable walls. In addition to the well-fortified walls, the Tatev Monastery features an ancient oil mill, Pendulous Column, and age-old frescoes. It also has a network of intriguing underground passages that lead to a mystic deep gorge.

Location: H45, Tatev 3218, Armenia

Highlights: Age-old monastery, stunning frescoes, Pendulous Column, old oil mill
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Also known as Zorats Karer, the stunning Karahunj Observatory happens to be a prehistoric site, which officially got its name only in 2004. This observatory is fondly known as the ‘Armenian Stonehenge’, but is considered to be about 3,500 years older than the famous British Stonehenge.

The name ‘Karahunj’ translates to ‘speaking stone’ in English language. The observatory has been named so because when strong wind passes through the small holes of the stone structure, it extrudes a shrill whistling sound. Tourists often visit the Karahunj Observatory at night to enjoy excellent stargazing experience, away from the city lights that usually pollute the sky and make it unclear.

Location: Karahunj road, Sisian, Armenia

Highlights: Stargazing, ancient observatory
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It is another incredible place in Armenia, also known as the country's spa town, and is a perfect spot if you want to enjoy a fun winter. The town offers its visitors some interesting winter sports options like skiing.

However, do not miss to explore Kecharis Monastery, which is the most religious institution of Armenia.

Location: 2310, Armenia

Highlights: This place is famous for its winter sport activity and the amazing Kecharis Monastery.
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People Also Ask About Armenia

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Armenia?

    1. Apar Azat Valley: It is listed as one of the World Heritage Sites and has an outstanding view. People also come here to explore the magnificent Geghard monastery and the main chapel built 800 years ago.

    2. Karahunj Observatory: It is another amazing tourist place to visit in Armenia. The place has around 200 huge stone tombs and a main area with 40 stones aligned in a circular pattern to explore.

    3. Gori: People come here to enjoy the winding roads with a view of beautiful gorges and mesmerizing lakes. The town also has leafy streets, sheep-shaped graveyards, and traditional buildings worth exploring.

    4. Khor Virap: This place the most magnificent monastery with a backdrop of Mt. Ararat. This is a place in Armenia you don’t want to miss at any cost.
  2. Which are the famous historical places to visit in Armenia?

    1. Geghard Monastery: This place will tell you all about medieval Armenian architecture. It is a treat for historians, which also contains a holy lance that was pierced through Christ.

    2. Garni: It is another magnificent monument that has a stunning surrounding view of mountains. It was constructed in the first-century, keeping in mind Greek style.

    3. Echmiadzin: It is known to be a holy place for Armenians and one of the amazing tourist places in Armenia. It is famous for the Orthodox cathedral and the church of Zvartnots.

    4. Amberd Fortress: Make sure to witness this amazing historical place built on the slopes of Mt. Ararat. There is a stunning view from the fortress and has a secret passage and bathhouse at the bottom.
  3. What is the best time to visit Armenia?

    The best time to visit Armenia is in early June or late May when the summer is about to set in, and the winter is gone. At this time of the year, the weather is warm and comfortable for you to explore the country all day.
  4. What is Armenia famous for?

    Armenia is famous for a lot of things; however, the most amazing ones include:

    1. Winery: Armenia has the world’s oldest winery.

    2. Chess: They have chess as a part of their curriculum. They have even won multiple chess Olympiad in the year 2000s.

    3. Music: The greatest popstar Charles Aznavour was an Armenian as well as one of the titans of Soviet music Aram Khachaturian was also an Armenian.
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