Karahunj Observatory Overview
Also known as Zorats Karer, the stunning Karahunj Observatory happens to be a prehistoric site, which officially got its name only in 2004. This observatory is fondly known as the ‘Armenian Stonehenge’, but is considered to be about 3,500 years older than the famous British Stonehenge.

The name ‘Karahunj’ translates to ‘speaking stone’ in English language. The observatory has been named so because when strong wind passes through the small holes of the stone structure, it extrudes a shrill whistling sound. Tourists often visit the Karahunj Observatory at night to enjoy excellent stargazing experience, away from the city lights that usually pollute the sky and make it unclear.

Location: Karahunj road, Sisian, Armenia

Highlights: Stargazing, ancient observatory
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