Bhutan Group Tour Packages

Bhutan Group Tours Packages

Duration Price
Escape to Bhutan | Free Punakha Dzong Excursion6 days & 5 nights
INR 38,586
Sikkim Bhutan Bike Adventure | FREE Kanchenjunga Excursion13 days & 12 nights
INR 29,000
Bhutan Bike Expedition | Phobjikha Punakha & Phuentsholling7 days & 6 nights
INR 32,499
Wonders of Bhutan | FREE Excursion to Paro6 days & 5 nights
INR 42,990
Glimpse of Bhutan | Dzong Special7 days & 6 nights
INR 45,950
EXCLUSIVE Bhutan | FREE Tiger Nest Hiking Experience6 days & 5 nights
INR 38,990

Bhutan group packages- Browse through a wide range of Bhutan group tour packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Bhutan holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Embark on a captivating journey to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan with Thrillophilia's group tour packages. Tailored for adventure enthusiasts and culture seekers alike, these packages promise an immersive experience in Bhutan's rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

Thrillophilia's Bhutan group tours offer a seamless blend of exploration and comfort. Traverse through iconic destinations like Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and Gangtey, witnessing ancient monasteries, vibrant festivals, and the stunning Himalayan scenery. Expert guides ensure a deep understanding of Bhutan's unique culture, while comfortable accommodations provide a cozy retreat after days of exploration and make your Bhutan trip memorable.

With Thrillophilia's curated itineraries, travelers can partake in thrilling activities, relish local cuisine, and forge connections with fellow adventurers. The convenience and camaraderie of group travel, coupled with Thrillophilia's expertise, make exploring Bhutan an unforgettable experience. Don't miss the chance to create lasting memories on a Bhutan group tour, where every moment is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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Popular Destinations to Visit on Bhutan Tour:

1. Paro: Paro, a picturesque valley town in Bhutan, enchants with its rice fields, alpine forests, and sacred monasteries. Home to the iconic Taktsang Monastery, Paro offers cultural immersion amidst rugged terrains. Explore Paro's serene landscapes and rich heritage, seamlessly blended in Paro tour packages, ensuring an unforgettable experience in Bhutan's spiritual heartland.

2. Thimphu: Thimphu, Bhutan's capital, is a magical kingdom nestled in the Eastern Himalayas. Famous for Buddhist sites and adorned with monasteries and dzongs along the Raidak River, Thimphu offers diverse experiences. Whether with family or loved ones, Thimphu tour packages unlock the allure of Bhutan's capital and the scenic Paro Valley, creating an unforgettable journey.

3. Punakha:: Nestled at the confluence of Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers, Punakha is a captivating district showcasing Bhutan's rich cultural tapestry. Home to the stunning Punakha Dzong and revered Chimi Lhakhang temple, it offers lush greenery and serene riverside settings. Explore Punakha's majestic architecture and spirituality with Punakha tour packages, promising a unique Bhutanese experience.

4. Trongsa: Trongsa, a historic town in central Bhutan, is steeped in cultural significance. Dominated by the majestic Trongsa Dzong, it provides a glimpse into Bhutan's royal history. Overlooking the Mangde Chhu river valley, Trongsa's intricate architecture creates a majestic panorama. Explore the town's heritage and charm with Trongsa tour packages, offering cultural insights into Bhutan's past.

5. Gelephu: Gelephu, nestled in Bhutan's Sarapang district, is known as the Gateway to the Royal Manas National Park. This charming town, alternatively known as the South Central Gateway to Bhutan, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Offering a unique wildlife experience, Gelephu is home to langurs, one-horned rhinos, and Gangetic dolphins. Explore the wonders of the Royal Manas National Park and embrace the distinctive natural beauty of Gelephu.

Visa Requirement For Bhutan Trip:

Indian citizens don't need a visa for a Bhutan trip but require an entry permit from the Bhutan government, obtainable at Phuentsholing's border check or Paro International Airport. A valid passport is essential for securing this entry permit, emphasizing the strong India-Bhutan relations. Notably, it's an entry permit, not a multi-entry visa. Subsequent visits to Bhutan necessitate reapplication for the entry permit. The application process mandates travel insurance for the entire journey, a valid passport, and two passport-sized photographs. Whether entering by road or air, this streamlined process reflects the amicable travel arrangements between India and Bhutan.

Best Time For Bhutan Tour:

1. Peak Season (September to November): Bhutan beckons year-round, offering diverse experiences in each season. From September to November, the kingdom presents a captivating blend of clear skies and cultural richness. Perfect for trekking, this season hosts festivals like Thimphu Tshechu against stunning backdrops, ensuring an immersive experience amid Bhutan's natural splendor.

2. Waning Season (December to February): Experience Bhutan's serene side during the waning season, from December to February. As winter unfolds, the kingdom reveals a tranquil charm with fewer tourists. Explore cultural gems, appreciating the unique tranquility that graces this Himalayan destination in the colder months. The subdued atmosphere enhances the cultural experience, making it ideal for travelers seeking a more intimate and contemplative journey.

3. Shoulder Season (March to May): Bhutan springs to life from March to May, adorned with blooming rhododendrons. Mild weather sets the stage for outdoor adventures, while traditional ceremonies and festivities unfold in a serene ambiance, offering a perfect balance for exploration and cultural immersion.

4. Off-Season (June to August): The monsoon season reveals lush landscapes, painting Bhutan in vibrant hues. Despite occasional rainfall, this period showcases the country's natural beauty, providing a unique perspective for travelers. Experience Bhutan's serene allure and uncrowded attractions, making it an ideal time for a more intimate and offbeat Bhutanese adventure.

How to Reach Bhutan:

By Air- The quickest and easiest way to reach Bhutan is by taking a flight. There are several direct and connecting flights from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bagdogra and Kolkata. These flights can take from 40 mins to 10 hours depending on the routes. Prominent airlines covering this route include DrukAir, Bhutan Airlines, Indigo, SpiceJet, Air India and Vistara.

Direct Flights

  • From-New Delhi, Kolkata, & Bagdogra.
  • To- Paro International Airport (PBH)
  • Duration of time taken- 2- 3 hours approx.
  • Major Airlines- Air India, DrukAir, Bhutan Airline.
  • Frequency- Weekly

Places to Visit on Bhutan Group Trip:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Bhutan:

1. Rinpung Dzong, Paro- A fortress & monastery in Paro, Rinpung Dzong is a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture. Perched on a hill, it overlooks the Paro Valley, offering breathtaking views. Known for its intricate woodwork and vibrant frescoes, Rinpung Dzong also hosts the famous Paro Tsechu festival, attracting visitors with its cultural richness.

2. Chele La Pass,Paro- It is Bhutan's highest motorable pass that sits at an elevation of 3,988 meters. Connecting Paro and Haa Valley, it offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. Surrounded by rhododendron forests, the pass is a gateway to pristine landscapes and a haven for nature enthusiasts, providing a serene & picturesque experience.

3. Punakha Dzong, Punakha- Nestled at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers in Bhutan, Punakha Dzong is a majestic fortress with ornate architecture. Known as the "Palace of Great Happiness," it is known as both a religious & administrative centre. The dzong's picturesque setting and historical significance make it a cultural gem.

4. Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimphu- Perched in the hills overlooking Thimphu, Bhutan, the Buddha Dordenma Statue stands at 169 feet. Gilded in gold and housing 125,000 smaller Buddha statues, it is a symbol of peace and happiness. This majestic statue, one of the largest in the world, holds cultural and spiritual significance in Bhutanese heritage.

5. Dochula Pass, Thimpu- Situated at an altitude of 3,100 meters in Bhutan, the pass is renowned for its panoramic views of the eastern Himalayas. Adorned with 108 chortens, it's a sacred and serene mountain pass. Visitors revel in the breathtaking scenery, making Dochula a must-visit destination for its natural beauty & cultural significance.

6. Tiger’s Nest, Paro- Paro Taktsang or Tiger's Nest, clings to a cliffside in Bhutan's Paro Valley. A sacred Buddhist site, this monastery is renowned for its challenging trek and spiritual ambience. Book Bhutan group packages and marvel at this iconic structure that merges with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

7. Phobjikha Valley,Paro- Nestled in Bhutan, Phobjikha Valley is a pristine glacial valley at an elevation of 3,000 meters. Known for its ecological significance as the winter habitat of black-necked cranes, it offers a tranquil escape. The valley's sweeping landscapes, traditional farmhouses, and Gangtey Monastery contribute to its allure, creating a serene haven.

8. Chomolhari-Also known as Jomolhari, Chomolhari is Bhutan's second-highest mountain, standing at 7,314 meters. Revered for its stunning beauty, it lies on the border between Bhutan and Tibet. Trekking routes to Chomolhari offer breathtaking views of the Himalayas, alpine meadows, and pristine lakes, making it a sought-after destination for adventurers.

Things to Do on Bhutan Group Tour:

Here are some of the best things to do in Bhutan:

1. Dig Into Bhutan’s History at Trongsa Dzong- In Bhutan's heart, Trongsa Dzong, a historical fortress, unveils a riveting journey for travelers. Perched on a ridge, it's a portal to Bhutanese history. The intricate architecture echoes tales of royal power. With Bhutan tour packages for groups, exploring its cultural exhibits is like turning the pages of a vibrant story, immersing visitors in the kingdom's rich heritage.

2. Stroll around Bumthang Valley- Wandering through Bhutan's Bumthang Valley is a wonderful experience for travelers. The valley, often called the "cultural heartland," offers a tapestry of ancient monasteries, traditional farmhouses, and fertile meadows. Each step unravels the essence of Bhutanese rural life, making it a serene stroll amidst spiritual and natural splendours.

3. Rediscover Yourself at Memorial Stupa- With Bhutan group packages, rediscover yourself at the Memorial Stupa, a serene sanctuary in Bhutan. Surrounded by prayer flags and panoramic views, it offers a meditative escape. The stupa's tranquil ambience invites reflection, fostering a sense of inner peace. Amidst the Himalayan beauty, it becomes a personal journey of introspection and spiritual connection.

4. Go on a Wildlife Safari- Embark on a wildlife safari in Bhutan, a nature lover's haven. The lush forests and national parks host diverse species like red pandas, takins, and elusive snow leopards. Guided excursions unveil the kingdom's rich biodiversity, creating an exhilarating experience for those seeking encounters with the Himalayan region's unique and rare wildlife.

5. Try Archery at Changlimithang Archery Ground- With Bhutan group tour packages, experience the thrill of archery at Bhutan's Changlimithang Archery Ground. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, this traditional sport becomes an engaging cultural immersion. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned archer, the vibrant atmosphere and scenic backdrop make it a unique way to connect with Bhutanese traditions.

6. Go For A Trek at Tiger’s Nest- Gear up for a soul-stirring trek to Bhutan's iconic Tiger's Nest with Bhutan tour packages for groups. The challenging ascent to this cliffside monastery is rewarded with breathtaking views and a sense of spiritual accomplishment. The trail weaves through lush landscapes making your journey memorable and offering an unforgettable adventure for trekking enthusiasts.

7. Kayaking- With the Bhutan group packages, experience the thrill of kayaking in the pristine rivers of Bhutan. With its breathtaking landscapes, Bhutan offers a unique kayaking experience. Paddle through the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery and majestic mountains. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or a beginner, kayaking in Bhutan provides an exhilarating way to connect with nature and explore its serene waterways.

8. Explore Chele La Pass- Book Bhutan group packages and gear up for an exploration of Bhutan's scenic beauty at Chele La Pass. At 3,988 meters, it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Surrounded by rhododendron forests, the pass provides a serene escape. The journey through this high-altitude paradise unfolds an unforgettable experience, blending alpine landscapes and mountainous grandeur.

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Bhutan Group Tours FAQs

How much will it cost for a group trip to Bhutan?

The cost of Bhutan group tour packages varies, but a rough estimate is around INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 for 7 days. This includes the daily package fee mandated by Bhutan, covering accommodation, meals, transportation, and a licensed guide. Additional expenses may include flights, permits, and personal expenditures.

Is visiting Bhutan with a group worth it?

Absolutely! Visiting Bhutan with a group enhances the experience, offering shared moments of cultural exploration and natural wonders. Group tours provide a seamless journey, with expert guides ensuring a deeper understanding of Bhutan's rich heritage. The camaraderie of fellow travelers adds to the joy, making group travel a worthwhile and enriching way to discover the magic of Bhutan.

Why is Bhutan so famous?

Bhutan is renowned for its unique approach to measuring success through Gross National Happiness, its pristine Himalayan landscapes, vibrant cultural heritage, and commitment to sustainable tourism. The kingdom's rich traditions, iconic landmarks like Tiger's Nest, and emphasis on well-being contribute to its global fame as a distinct & captivating destination.

How many days are enough for Bhutan group tour?

A well-rounded Bhutan group tour typically spans 7 to 10 days. This duration allows for exploration of key destinations like Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha, providing ample time for cultural experiences, scenic hikes, and immersion into Bhutanese traditions. The itinerary can be tailored to accommodate specific interests and preferences.

Bhutan Group Tours Reviews

Ankit Jain
Reviewed: 14 Feb 2024
Thrillophilia's Bhutan Tour From India was amazing! From stunning monasteries to breathtaking scenery, every moment was unforgettable.
Gopaal Asan
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2024
Our journey with the Bhutan 5 Night and 6 Days Tour From India by Thrillophilia was fantastic! From stunning landscapes to seamless organization, every moment was unforgettable. The guides were knowledgeable, adding depth to our experience.
Emma Smith
Reviewed: 01 Feb 2024
Thrillophilia made my Bhutan trip a fairy tale, booking was a cakewalk. The 7-day journey was enchanting, filled with cultural wonders and cozy stays. The guides were gems, making it all informative and fun. Thrillophilia ensured every moment was seamless, and I can't recommend them enough for a Bhu... Read More
Triloki Gill
Reviewed: 31 Jan 2024
Bhutan tour with Thrillophilia was so easy to book & the trip was also amazing! The website is user-friendly, and the trip was a dream – cultural wonders, comfy stays, and insightful guides. They made the journey stress-free, and I highly recommend Thrillophilia for a seamless and unforgettable expe... Read More
Sushma Ahuja
Reviewed: 29 Jan 2024
Booking the Thrillophilia Bhutan tour was an incredible experience! From seamless planning to immersive cultural insights, it exceeded all expectations. Truly a journey of a lifetime.
Avani Ahuja
Reviewed: 20 Jan 2024
Our experience with the 5-night 6-day Bhutan tour from India with Thrillophilia was fantastic! Everything was well-planned, making our journey smooth and enjoyable. The guides were very informative, and Bhutan's beauty left us speechless. We highly recommend this tour for an amazing adventure!

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