Kila Goemba , Paro - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Kila Goemba

Of all the places to visit in Paro, this is perhaps one of the most spiritually rewarding. It is the oldest nunnery in Bhutan that was established in 1986 by Anim Dratshang, a Buddhist nun who resides at the Kila Goemba even today. It is home to over 60 nuns who stay there all the time and who have chosen the life of silence and seclusion voluntarily.

Even though there are a lot of places to see in Paro, there are few places where you can see all of Paro itself, and this is one amazing viewpoint from where you can do just that. You can see the entire valley spread out under you from the summit of this nunnery. 

 Paro, Bhutan 

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