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Nimalung Festival, Chumey

  • Bhutan is famous for its colourful festivals.┬áNimalung Festival is one of the most important festivals of Bhutan. For those who love the Bhutanese cultures and traditions and want to enjoy the┬átraditional folk dances and performances of the locals clad in vibrant outfits, there is no way they can miss this festival. During the festival time, you will also see the locals clad in their finest dresses.

    Come here to enjoy, relax, and get lost in the beauty of Bhutan. The communities participate in a number of performances and shows. Mask dance is one of the major attractions of this festival. While dancing in masks, the locals beseech their gods for the blessings and to get rid of their misfortunes.

    : Happens at Chumey, which is in Bumthang. It is at 15 minutes drive from the road that forks off from Chumey.

    : During the day.

    : Part of the package

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