Simply Bhutan Overview

Simply Bhutan is a living museum that is a successful initiative to conserve the culture and traditions of Bhutan. The majestic infrastructure of this museum is an epitome of ancient Bhutanese architecture, which lost its essence in the modernization era. Apart from its aim of preservation of the rich culture of Bhutan, this project was also aimed at creating employment for many people, you can visit this famous [place by including them in your trip to Bhutan

Simply Bhutan is a living museum that is a successful initiative to conserve the culture and traditions of Bhutan. The majestic infrastructure of this museum is an epitome of ancient Bhutanese architecture, which lost its essence in the modernization era. Apart from its aim of preservation of the rich culture of Bhutan, this project was also aimed at creating employment for many people.

The museum is abode to distinct astonishing things that would leave one awestruck. It houses the old equipment that were once used by the ancient Bhutanese for distinct works. Traditional cooking wares and old styled kitchen offers one excellent knowledge about the lifestyle of people in Bhutan from decades.This museum itself is created with the reuse of old timber, door and window frames that were once a part of ancient and traditional demolished houses.

Every visitor at this place is greeted with a shot of rice spirit called local arra. Once the exploration of the museum is done, the visitors are guided through the mocked-up village scenes to get them acquainted with the story of its several parts. One can get their pictures clicked in the traditional attire of Bhutan while strolling here. Visitors also try out a hand at archery and sing some classic songs with the Bhutanese women as they carry out their daily chores.

How To Reach

By Bus:
Head to the bus stand at Phuentsholing and Gelephu from Paro Airport, which is the main headquarters for buses in Central Bhutan. Get into a bus that is destined to reach Thimphu. 

By Rail:
There are no railways in Bhutan. So from the nearest airport, the option of a bus or taxi is the one to choose from.

By Road:
One can hire a taxi from Paro airport to Simply Bhutan. It would cost one around Nu 800

Best Time To Visit

The best season to explore Simply Bhutan is the spring season (March to May). It is the peak tourist season here, and hence one can sight many tourists during this time. This season offers the perfect conditions to vacation your heart out at this location. The apt humidity and dryness favors the idea of exploring simply Bhutan under a clear sky. The beauty of nature is at its peak, and the flora is also in its full bloom state at this time. Apart from this museum, many trekking activities in the vicinity of the museum are also open to explore.

During the winters (Early November to Late March), the temperature usually drops down below zero degrees. The landscapes get covered with snow, making it all white and majestic. Snowfalls are frequent during this time. This time is right for sightseeing, but the harsh weather hinders the exploration of the area.

The summers here receive the maximum amount of rainfall. It extends from June to mid-September. The rainfall would interrupt your vacation, thus eliminating the fun one would have planned for during their vacations.

Other Essential Information

Simply Bhutan is located in Genyen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan. 

-Opening Hours:
Simply Bhutan is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. During the winter season, the museum opens at 10 AM and closes at 4 PM.

-Entry Fee:
Simply Bhutan’s entry ticket costs Nu 300, which includes the costs of other things like drinks and different sector visits.

-Average Temperature:
The average temperature range one can experience at the location of simply Bhutan is from 0°C in winter to 10°C in summer, with an average of 350mm of rain.

-Visiting Duration Required:
One can spend two to three hours on an exploration of this place.

-Distance from Nearest Airport:
Paro airport lies the closest to Simply Bhutan museum. It is situated at a distance of 47.5 kilometers and will take up to 1 hour 15 minutes to cover it.

History of Simply Bhutan 

With its very remote location, Thimpu in Bhutan was a nature’s heaven but lacked to offer employment to its people for their survival. Simply Bhutan was an initiative to offer jobs to people hand in hand with promoting the culture of Bhutan. This place is doing outstanding work at its location to acknowledge its tourists with everything about Bhutan.

Sections of Simply Bhutan 

Simply Bhutan resides distinct parts which need utmost exploration in separate.

Pachhab Studio
: this studio offers one to get dressed in the traditional clothes of the Bhutan for clicking pictures which is absolutely free of cost. One can also get acquainted with the building techniques of the houses here as they watch the ongoing construction activity.

Tashi Delek Museum: this part displays the preserved artefacts of ancient times. An eye capturing statue of Buddha Dordenma is also a major attraction here.

The Wishing Well
: it is a unique attraction of simply Bhutan. It invites people to toss a coin and make a wish. It also includes a challenge in which the person hitting the hole in the well is rewarded with special gifts.

Restaurant in Simply Bhutan

The Simply Bhutan Restaurant offers lip smacking traditional food. The diverse menu offers ema datashi which is a dish that includes chili peppers to be eaten with cheese sauce. Apart from it, bathup soups, beef chilli, chicken chilli offered here are a treat to one’s taste buds. Indian dishes like samosas, pakoras, roti, aloo parantha are also available at this native restaurant.
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Simply Bhutan FAQs

What's the best way to see the Simply Bhutan Museum?

A visit to the Simply Bhutan offers a perfect experience of this museum. One can’t deny the essence of breathtaking beauty perceived in reality than watching it on a documentary or a video. The culture and warmth bestowed the native people here melts the heart of its every visitor. This place is worth visiting for every penny it costs one.

Why is Simply Bhutan famous?

Simply Bhutan is much more than a museum. It has brought alive the rich culture and history of Bhutan at its place. From the native food and dance to the equipment being used from the very ancient times, one can relive the past decades of this destination through this museum. The welcoming nature of the people here adds on to one’s experience in simply Bhutan.

Is there any Transportation facility available?

The Local transportation facilities are available to reach Simply Bhutan with distinct modes. One can rent a taxi to reach Simply bhutan. These taxis also assist its visitors to the nearby locations of simply Bhutan with pick up and drop facilities included. The charges can vary and cost around Nu 70 for the local exploration of Thimpu where Simply Bhutan is located.

If someone gets injured is there any Medical Facilities available?

Thimphu has its very own hospital named Institute of Traditional Medicine Services that is open from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Saturday. One can visit this place for their complete treatment.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Simply Bhutan Museum?

It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to Simply Bhutan in order to secure your spot. It is due to the reason that standing in long queues in the freezing weather can get you cold and even consume your time. Also to avoid the hustle and confirm your visit, it is a good idea to book your tickets prior to your visit.

Which are the famous cultural shows at Simply Bhutan Museum?

The famous cultural shows it has is by Lhayee Lugar which itself means dancers of heaven. They perform on traditional songs of Bhutan and are known to perform at several national and international events. Other than this troupe, traditional dance performance, Zhungdra and Cham Dance by native ladies can also be seen here. Thus, Simply Bhutan is an abode to the diverse culture of Bhutan that needs to be explored for everything.

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