Weekend Market Overview

The Thimphu weekend market caters to shopaholics exploring Bhutan, offering a diverse array of local goods and souvenirs. Situated north of Changlimithang Stadium, along the Wang Chu river's western bank, it operates from Friday to Sunday. Vendors from across Bhutan converge here weekly to meet demand.

From Thursday to Sunday night, the market bustles with activity, attracting hundreds of visitors. Beyond shopping, it serves as a social hub, drawing people together. Including a visit to the Thimphu Weekend Market enhances Bhutan holiday packages with cultural immersion and community interaction.

The weekend market in Thimphu is a great place for shopaholics who are travelling to Bhutan. It is a great market where you can get an extensive variety of local goods and souvenirs, making it a must-visit places in Thimpu. This market is situated on the north side of Changlimithang Stadium, on the Western Bank of the Wang Chu river and it runs every Friday to Sunday. The vendors from all parts of Bhutan flock to this market every week to provide the people with supplies. Starting from Thursday, the marker buzzes till Sunday night with hundreds of visitors. Not only shopping, but the Weekend Market in Thimphu is also a place for socializing for a lot of people.

In this market, tourists will find a wide range of products and items that hail from all parts of Bhutan and the neighbouring territories. From exotic handicrafts to delicious food items, you will get them all under one roof. There are different sections in the market, each of them dealing with a certain category of products. For instance, if you want to shop for aromatic products, then head to the incense area.

Some of the most popular products that people tend to buy here include dried fish, oranges, soft cheese and wild honey. All these food items are fresh and locally produced which makes them absolutely authentic. Other commodities include products and accessories that the people require on a daily basis at their home.

How To Reach

Here is the important information that tells you how you can reach the Weekend Market from the nearest airport i.e. Paro International Airport.

By Bus - From the airport, there is constant bus service which takes you to Thimphu from Paro. It takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to reach from the airport to Thimphu via bus route.

By Rail - There is no facility for the travellers to access railways in Bhutan.

By Road - From the Paro International Airport, you will get a lot of private cab and taxi services. Get hold of one of them and you'll reach Thimphu more comfortably. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the Weekend Market by cab from the airport.

Best Time To Visit

Here are some important information regarding the best time to visit the Weekend Market -

March to May - This is one of the best times to visit the Weekend Market. It is ideally the spring season here and you will experience soothing and comfortable weather. You will be able to experience the true aura of the Weekend Market during this time of the year. With comfortable temperatures throughout the day, roaming around the market won't be a problem.

June to August - This period of the year is the onset of the summer season in Thimphu. But we do not suggest you travel to the Weekend Market during this time because the place experiences mild to heavy showers on many of the days throughout the week. That is why you will not be able to explore the market properly.

September to November - Another brilliant time of the year when you can visit the Weekend Market is during the months from September to November. This is the time when you will experience the autumn season around this place. With clear skies all over and comfortable weather, you will have a fun time exploring the market and shop for your favorite goods.

December to February - Not the ideal time to visit the Weekend Market because of the severe winter season. Most regions become inaccessible and that is why the market is not buzzing with too many items and products. It remains empty most of the days.

Other Essential Information

Here are some quick and useful information about the Weekend Market in Thimphu -

Location - Chhogyel Lam, Kurdey Lam Street, Thimphu, beside Thimphu Chu River.

Opening Hours - Friday to Sunday, from 7 am to 8 pm.

Distance from Nearest Airport - the Paro International Airport is the nearest airport to the market and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the market from the airport via car. The total distance is about 48 kms.

What To Shop At Weekend Market?

1. The Weekend Market in Thimphu is a great place to get your hands on almost everything. Here are the best items you need to buy here - 

2. You need to buy spices from Bhutan for sure. The locals bring in a wide range of Bhutanese spices which are absolutely fresh and organic. Some of them are really expensive because of their rarity. Chilli powder, tea leaves, noodles, etc. are always available in this market.

3. Buy Buddhist statues and souvenirs from the market. There will be several shops selling different sized statues of Buddha and other Buddhist elements. Buy them at a cheap rate and bring them back home.

4. Local paintings or Thangkas are really sacred amongst the people in Bhutan. These beautifully crafted paintings are of great importance and value. They are easily identified because these come in rolled containers and are drawn over traditional silk or cloth appliques.

5. Wooden products are also a great buy for the tourists who visit this market. One of the most popular items is the Dappa which is a wooden bowl. Other beautiful items include tables, partitions, jewellery boxes, and full-sized wooden sculptures.

Where To Eat At Weekend Market?

Feeling hungry? Then head here to have a meal - 

1. Seasons Restaurant is a popular eatery in this area and they offer a wide range of confectionery and traditional Bhutanese cuisine dishes which are really delicious.

2. Visit the Ambient Cafe if you are up for some tasty coffee. There is also a wide range of food options on the menu, starting from sandwiches to pancakes and much more.

3. Don't forget to try out the local cuisines from the food stalls in the weekend market. Chicken, yak meat, dried beef, pork, pork fat, and lamb soup are some of the must-try food items in the market.
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