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Motithang Takin Preserve, Motithang

  • This Preserve was basically a zoo but in the later years became the largest preservation of a very unusual mountain animal, Takin. The origin of the animal involves a myth that includes a religious backround. It states that a saint with an epithet, who was considered ‘a divine mad man’, created this animal with head of a goat and body of a cow.

    The 4th king did not believe in enclosing animals in zoo hence he established a natural preservation for this special creature. The preserve also shelters barking deer and sambar deer.

    Highlights: A perfect way to capture endangered species as photographers are allowed to click pictures of the wilds from a close proximity. This preserve is most suitable for wildlife enthusiast.

    : Motithang Dist.,Thimpu

    : Early mornings are perfect to spot and capture Takins as that is the hour they come out;

    : Every day, except Sundays

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