Hot Air Balloon in Sydney

Hot Air Balloon Places in Sydney

  1. Canowindra
  2. Hunter Valley
  3. Byron Bay
  4. Mudgee
  5. Camden Valley

When looking for a Hot air balloon ride near Sydney, there are many places and options with beautiful views. There is nothing more calming, picturesque, and ultimately beautiful than hovering up in the sky as you spot the sun rising creating perfect hues in the early morning. The Hot Air Balloon ride in Sydney is a popular tourist attraction that gives travelers a scenic view of the valleys making it one of the perfect ways to show romantic gestures to your loved ones. This once-in-a-lifetime experience has to be on your to-do list in Sydney.

Head over to experience a Hot air balloon ride near Sydney which is one of the best ways to start your day. The hot air balloon ride starts in the early morning before sunrise so you can witness the beautiful views that the morning sky has to offer. You can witness the beautiful color of the sky from rose pink to burnt orange and panoramic views of the valleys over the vineyards, lush greenery, and tranquility. The Hot Air Balloon ride in Sydney is also available in many options and you can either choose to go on a private ride with your special someone or you can go with groups. You can also select a ride that offers breakfast and wine after your experience.

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Sydney Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

Which are the best places for Hot Air Balloons in & near Sydney?

1. Canowindra
The Canowindra Hot air balloon ride in Sydney offers a thrilling experience over the breathtaking Belubula Valley located in New South Wales. Take off and soar over the gorgeous environment at daybreak and enjoy this exhilarating experience in the sky. After a thrilling take-off, peacefully float with the wind over the picturesque farmlands and valleys of the Central West of New South Wales and capture some beautiful pictures. You can also choose to help the Pilot in navigating the balloon while you are up in the air packing the air, and as you land, participate in helping the pilot in packing the hot air balloon.
Location: 52 Longs Corner Rd, Canowindra NSW 2804, Australia
Timings: flight departs at sunrise

2. Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley situated 120 km from the North of Sydney in New South Wales is known for being one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. Take a Hot Air Balloon near Sydney over the beautiful Hunter Valley Vineyard for 1 hour and enjoy the scenic vistas of the amazing mountain peaks, greeneries, and local wildlife with family and friends. Once you are done with the ride, you can also enjoy some scrumptious brunch with champagne. The Hot air ballooning activity starts at dawn so you can see the beautiful color in the sky as the sun rises.
Location: Peterson House, Cnr Broke Road & Wine Country Drive, Pokolbin NSW 2325
Timings: flight departs from sunrise

3. Byron Bay
Byron Bay located in the Southeastern Australia of New South Wales is a coastal town that is a popular tourist spot known for its beautiful beaches and water sports and activities. Byron Bay makes it a perfect spot for a Hot air Balloon ride near Sydney with its fantastic panoramic views of beaches, beautiful landscapes, the lush countryside, and the well-known subculture hotspots of Mullumbimby, Bangalow, Lismore, and Nimbin. The ride is about 1 hr long starting in the morning taking you up on the flight in no time and you can enjoy some breakfast at the renowned Restaurant at The Farm Byron Bay after you land.
Location: 11 Ewingsdale Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia
Timings: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

4. Mudgee
Mudgee is a popular destination amongst tourists for a weekend getaway located 3.5 hours northwest of Sydney, Australia. Start early before the sun rises and experience the Mudgee valleys, mountain highlands, and beautiful green fields. Enjoy the 1-hour flight over the cities, vineyards, and lush landscapes while taking in the breathtaking panoramic views of everything. After your skilled pilot gently lands you, you'll be served a delicious à buffet-style breakfast and a glass of wine at a quaint nearby winery. Raise a glass in celebration of the thrilling flight as you bask in the afterglow of your Mudgee hot air balloon excursion.
Location: Cade Kitchen, 97 Market Street, Mudgee.
Timings: flight departs at sunrise

5. Camden Valley
Camden valley is located in the Macarthur region and is one of the most picture-perfect locations for a hot air balloon ride near Sydney with its beautiful landscapes and perfect weather conditions. The Hot air balloon ride is a complete experience, involving brunch after the trip, and should last between 3.5 and 4.5 hours. At the appointed hour, you will be met at the Camden Valley Inn on Heritage Drive in Cawdor by your pilots and crew. You can make a quick trek to your launch spot to start your Camden Balloon Flight excursion. You'll feel entirely comfortable and barely notice any movement inside your basket while your balloon softly floats on the morning wind.
Location: Camden Valley Inn, 290 Remembrance Drive, Cawdor, NSW 2570
Timings: flight departs at sunrise

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Is Riding a Hot Air Balloon in Sydney safe?

Hot air ballooning is one of the safest activities in Australia as your safety is the top priority for hot air ballooning operators. The crew provides a thorough briefing and equipment demonstration upon arrival. The Pilots and ground crew are well-experienced and certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia.

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What to wear on a hot air balloon ride in Sydney?

You can wear pretty much anything that you are comfortable with for a hot air balloon ride in Sydney as there are no specific rules or safety clothing requirements.

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What is the best time to go for a hot air balloon ride in Sydney?

Early morning is the best time to go for a hot air balloon ride in Sydney, as mornings are more tranquil; and offer the best-suited conditions for a Balloon ride. The best opportunity for favourable weather is usually in the early morning when temperatures are chilly and the sun is just rising, creating a breathtaking scene.

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How is the hot air balloon ride experience in Sydney

The hot air balloon ride experience in Sydney is one of the most spectacular experiences you can have in the air offering beautiful views of the vineyards, mountain peaks, lush greeneries and beach landscapes.

How long does a balloon ride take?

The Hot Air Balloon ride lasts about 50-60 minutes, the balloon travels about 2 to 8 miles with an average wind speed of roughly 5/mph. The team on the ground will meet the balloon after it lands in a wide area and assists in retrieving the tools and transporting the pilot and passengers back to the launch location.

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