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Sydney Snorkeling FAQs

Which are the best places for snorkeling in Sydney?

1. Palm Beach: Lying at the head of a narrow peninsula amid beautiful natural surroundings, Palm Beach is very popular for snorkeling in Sydney. Get in from the easy entry point and then swim through the crystal clear waters alongside hordes of cuttlefish and octopus. Be prepared to encounter several smooth stingrays that may lie on the sandy sea floor.

Location: Located at the northernmost point of Sydney’s Northern Beaches with Pittwater on the west, and a surf beach on the east.

2. Shelly Beach: Grab this chance to go snorkeling in Sydney at its famous Shelly Beach and witness an exquisite world teeming with biodiversity. Swim along the rocky coastline from the beach until you reach the tip of the reef. Here you can experience the thrill of swimming alongside mind blowing inhabitants of the region such as the giant cuttlefish, Eastern blue gropers, wobbegongs and Port Jackson Sharks.

Location: Located in Cabbage Tree Bay in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

3. Clifton Gardens: Head to Clifton Gardens to explore the underwater world of Chowder Bay that is home to several exquisite numbers of critters. You can hope to spot marine creatures like White’s seahorses and decorator crabs, apart from several species of nudibranchs, leatherjackets, squid and cuttlefish. You should also keep an eye out for the renowned Murray and Ellie, a famous moray eel couple, when here.

Location: Clifton Gardens Recreational Park is located on the Harbor foreshore in Mosman, in Sydney’s lower North Shore

4. Clovelly Beach: This is an absolute paradise for snorkelers who come here from across the globe for the breathtaking experiences. Moreover, it is ideal for swimmers of all ages who are looking for good snorkeling in Sydney as it is kept protected and safe in most conditions. Head over to the fringing reef and beds of seaweed where you will be able to see octopuses, cuttlefish and moray eels trying to hide in plain sight.

Location: Located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs just south of Bondi

5. Gordons Bay: Visit one of Sydney’s only snorkeling destinations that boasts a dedicated underwater nature trail. This spot is thus considered one of the best for snorkeling in Sydney as it gives a unique experience. The underwater trail is well marked with the help of a series of sunken drums, linked by chains. You can gather a lot of information as well from here, about the local inhabitants of the area such as the sponges, starfish, anemones, urchins, and much more.

Location: Located between Clovelly and Coogee Beaches, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

6. Bare Island: Bare Island is a popular spot not only among snorkelers but also scuba divers for its excellent features and immense natural beauty. The footbridge that connects the island with the mainland also has steps that lead down into the ocean giving you an easy point of entry. Exult in the sight of vibrant sponge gardens thriving with schools of fishes, seahorses, and flying gurnards.

Location: located just north of Kurnell, near the mouth of Botany Bay

7. Oak Park: Discover the scintillating beauty of the underwater world by visiting this sheltered beach and rockpool that attracts snorkelers and divers of varying levels of expertise. It is also among the best sites for snorkeling in Sydney for featuring its unique arc shaped wall with overhangs and crevices that give good opportunity for exploration. You can spot sea tulips and other sponges as well as rays, old wives, cuttlefish, Eastern blue gropers, and crayfish.

Location: Located on Cronulla Esplanade between Bass and Flinders Point to the South and Shelley Park to the north

8. Wattamolla: Admire the pristine beauty of this beach surrounded by lush greenery, forests, lagoons, and waterfalls. If you are a beginner and looking for good opportunities of snorkeling in Sydney, the lagoon is one of the best options for you. The beach on the other hand is great for more experienced snorkelers looking for some amazing underwater creatures such as rays, Port Jackson sharks, cuttlefish and wobbegongs.

Location: Located at the southern tip of Sydney in the Royal National Park

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