Scuba Diving in Sydney

Scuba Diving Sites in Sydney

  1. Bare Island
  2. South Head
  3. Chowder Bay
  4. Clifton Gardens, Sydney Harbour
  5. Camp Cove
  6. Shelly Beach
  7. Long Reef
  8. Oak Park
  9. HMAS Adelaide
  10. The Gap

Go scuba diving in Sydney and experience the spectacular beauty of this Australian city known for its exquisite beaches and wonderful water activities. Sydney boasts some of the most exotic natural and historic islands that you can explore during your visit here. These sites offer great opportunities for scuba diving and a chance to discover the mind boggling underwater life that thrives in these parts.

With some of the most fantastic spots for scuba diving in Sydney, you will find ample opportunities to explore the world below the ocean’s surface here. Head to Bare Island or South Head for some of the best ocean views, calm and peaceful surroundings, and amazing marine life. You can also pick Camp Cove or Shelly Beach if you are relatively new to diving and are looking for an easier option. Get up and close with exquisite underwater creatures such as the blue ringed octopus, cuttlefish, weedy sea dragon, and much more by visiting Oak Park or Long Reef. Explore the HMAS Adelaide for a unique diving experience amid the wreckage of a battleship or visit The Gap for its beautiful underwater caves, boulders, and much more.

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Sydney Scuba Diving FAQs

Which are the best sites for scuba diving in Sydney?

1. Bare Island: Counted among the top spots for scuba diving in Sydney, Bare Island offers a number of shore dives that are suited to all types of scuba divers. Venture out to the eastern end of the island where you will enjoy better visibility and during the warmer months, you can also spot a plethora of vibrant fishes, turtles, or a gray nurse shark.
Location: Located in eastern Australia in La Perouse which is in the City of Randwick local government area in the state of New South Wales

2. South Head: Explore the rich and colorful world underwater by opting for scuba diving in Sydney at one of its most popular sites. South Head is more suited to advanced divers and offers a perfect wall dive. Get mesmerized by the amazing sight of colorful gorgonian sponge clinging to walls apart from exotic creatures like breams, ascidians, sea squirts, and silver sweep.
Location: This is one of the Sydney Heads which are a series of headlands that form a 2 km wide entrance to Sydney Harbor in Sydney. It is located near the southern end

3. Chowder Bay: Soak in the breathtaking natural beauty of Chowder Bay, also known as one of the best sites for scuba diving in Sydney. The calm and peaceful surroundings here is great for spending a quiet afternoon amid nature. Enjoy the shore dive here at your own pace and explore the area that boasts spectacular creatures like goatfish, blue ringed octopus, cuttlefish and frogfish.
Location: located on the Sydney Harbor at Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

4. Clifton Gardens, Sydney Harbor: Spend a fun-filled day at Clifton Gardens which offers some of the best opportunities for scuba diving in Sydney. It is extremely popular among families and large groups not only for the surrounding scenic beauty but also for the wonderful underwater life that you can witness here when you plunge deep below the ocean.
Location: located on Mosman NSW 2088, Australia

5. Camp Cove: If you are craving scuba diving in Sydney, this is the perfect shore dive that offers a variety of options. As a diver you can pick from three choices and either go for diving during slack high tide, opt for the more thrilling swim throughs, or massive boulder fields and a plethora of overhangs that house a range of exotic and rare marine life.
Location: this harbor beach is located in the suburb of Mosman

6. Shelly Beach: This beach is among the top spots for scuba diving in Sydney especially if you do not have much experience with this water sport. You can simply stand on the beach and enter the water from there when you visit Shelly Beach. Amaze yourself at the stupendous marine life here ranging from Dusky Whaler sharks to weedy sea dragons and dolphins.
Location: This is located in Manly, which is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

7. Long Reef: This is believed to be one of the most pleasant spots for going shark diving in Sydney and one not to be missed. You will witness large stacks of boulder walls that are almost 200 meters long, once you dive into the water making this spot unique. Numerous fissures and cracks can also be seen, in addition to a few swim-through-friendly caves like Cathedral Cave.
Location: This is a prominent headland in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. It is located on the Northern Beaches approximately 21 kilometers from Sydney's CBD

8. Oak Park: This unique park offers both wall and reef dives that are excellent opportunities for both novices as well as advanced level divers. If you are looking for night scuba diving in Sydney, this is the best option where you can also enjoy getting up and close with exquisite marine creatures like blue ringed octopus, the eastern blue devil, angel sharks, and schools of yellow tail.
Location: Located on Cronulla Esplanade between Bass and Flinders Point to the South and Shelley Park to the North

9. HMAS Adelaide: Make the most of this unique opportunity to enjoy shipwreck diving in Sydney and visit the HMAS Adelaide that was grounded in 2011. The area is now home to a plethora of vibrantly colored sea creatures ranging from the yellow tail to the blue groper. Advanced divers can also experience a swim-through of this battleship and explore the bridge, the operations room and the helicopter hangar.
Location: this is located about 1.4 kilometers from the Skillion at Terrigal and 1.8 kilometers from Avoca Beach

10. The Gap: This is one of the best offshore dives for the more new divers which is located conveniently at Watson’s Bay. The popular dive site boasts exciting features such as shelves, boulders and caves with plenty of swim-throughs. Get excited by the colorful sponges and rich marine life here such as Blue Groper, Port Jackson sharks, rays and weedy sea dragons.
Location: this is located on the South Head peninsula in eastern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Which are the best beaches for scuba diving in Sydney?

1. Shelly Beach: located in Cabbage Tree Bay, this is considered one of the best beaches for Scuba diving in Sydney. You can witness over 200 species of bony fish and several other mid-size temperate reef fish.

2. Gordon’s Bay, near Clovelly: This is a fun diving site that offers a unique underwater nature trail marked with permanent concrete-filled drums. The area attracts a wide variety of marine creatures including octopus and crustaceans as well as Mado and morwong.

3. Chowder Bay at Clifton Gardens: Head to this exquisite locale which is also considered a haven among scuba divers. You will find countless critters around you and must come prepared for some of the best underwater photography opportunities.

4. North Curl Curl Beach: Enjoy exhilarating diving at Dee Why Wide located in this beach which is very popular for scuba diving in Sydney. This offshore reef will give you plenty of opportunities to witness interesting sea creatures.

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What are the other Adventurous sports to do in Sydney?

1. Jet boating: This is one of the most popular adventure sports in Sydney where you can set out on your ride at full speed. Enjoy excellent views of the Sydney Opera House and other important landmarks in the city from the water’s edge.

2. Surfing: Australia’s vast coastal region overlooking the city offers ample opportunities for some of the best water activities here. Go on a thrilling surfing adventure at one of Sydney’s most spectacular beaches for a uniquely adventurous experience

3. Zip Lining: This adrenaline pumping sport is available in several places across Sydney and offers an amazing treetop experience.

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What is the best time for scuba diving in Sydney?

The best time of the year to go scuba diving in Sydney is in the month of January when the water temperature remains warm and pleasant, which is ideal for the sport. The water temperatures during this time usually range between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius.

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What are the marine species that can be spotted during diving in Sydney?

1. Manta Ray
2. Whale Shark
3. Sea turtles
4. Dolphins
5. Weedy sea dragons
6. Cuttlefish

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Is Sydney worth visiting?

Sydney is a tourist’s haven with its innumerable offerings, attractions, places of interest, and things to do and thus is definitely worth a visit. Whether you are looking for a tranquil holiday amid serene nature or wish to explore your adventurous side with some of the most thrilling sports, the city will never disappoint.

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