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Camping in Sydney is one of the best outdoor activities and you will find many options with picturesque scenic beauty, beaches, and rainforests. Camping can be a perfect way to get away from the city and relax on the weekend amongst nature. One of the top places for camping in Sydney is Cockatoo Island which is located overlooking the stunning Sydney harbor. This is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy the beautiful sunset. You can also head over to the Cattai Campground if you are looking to indulge in many outdoor activities like Biking, trekking, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

One of the best places for Camping near Sydney is the Bouddi National Park which is located near the beach and you can enjoy many water activities like swimming and fishing. You can also visit the Uloola Falls Campground which is surrounded by thick forest and you would need to trek to reach the campground. Once you reach, you can set up your tent near the beautiful waterfalls and enjoy a lovely weekend. You can also visit the Diamond Head Campground which is popular among hikers and is located at the Crowdy Bay National Park.

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Sydney Camping FAQs

Which are the best camping places in and near Sydney?

1. Cockatoo Island
A UNESCO world heritage site, Cockatoo Island is one of the most popular places for camping in Sydney. Located near the waterfront, the island overlooks the beautiful Sydney harbor and is most visited by both tourists and locals. The Cockatoo Island is also known for being one of the best well-equipped places with deluxe tents, restaurants, BBQfacilities, showers, and also a kitchen. You can enjoy looking at the stunning view of the harbors and watch the beautiful sunset.
Location: Woolwich NSW, Sydney 2110, Australia
Timings: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

2. The Basin KU Ring Guy Campground
The Basin KU Ring Guy Campground is located at the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and is known for its beautiful scenic view overlooking the Pittwater lagoon. You have to trek your way to reach the campground for 2.8 km and once you reach you will surely be rewarded with beautiful views. You can park your car at West Head Road and if you do not want to trek, you can also reach the campground by water taxi and ferry.
Location: Basin Trail, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase NSW 2084, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

3. Diamond Head Campground
The Diamond Head Campground is one of the greatest spots for camping near Sydney and is highly well-liked by hikers. The campsite offers a wide range of amenities, including tent sites, RV and camper sites, barbecue pits, picnic tables, and showers. The campsite in Crowdy Bay National Park is close to the shore and looks out over a sizable split rock. Numerous more activities, like hiking and bird viewing, are available here.
Location: 763 Diamond Head Rd, Diamond Head, Sydney, NSW 2443, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

4. Cattai Campground
The Cattai Campground is one of the greatest spots for a picnic and a BBQ with your family and friends if you're seeking for another good camping spot close to Sydney. The campsite offers a wide range of accommodations, including camper trailers, tents, and RVs, along with several amenities including drinking water, restrooms, and showers. Numerous more activities, like biking, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking, are available here.
Location: Rundell's Trail, Cattai, NSW 2756, Australia
Timings: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

5. Mill Creek Campground
If you are looking for camping near Sydney with great hiking spots and nature, the Mill Creek Campground is one of the best places. The campsite provides fantastic hiking trails like the Great North Road and is surrounded by gorgeous, thick, green rainforest and eucalyptus trees. In this area, you may see a wide variety of natural creatures, including bellbirds, lyrebirds, and wombats. Additionally, there are a variety of choices for overnight camping, including RVs, campers, and caravans.
Location: Mill Creek Rd, Gunderman NSW 2775, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

6. Bouddi National Park
If you want a stress-free, tranquil holiday, the Bouddi National Park is one of the greatest spots for camping in Sydney. Little Beach Campground, Putty Beach Campground, and Tallow Beach Campground are the three camping places you may pick from. You may take in the breathtaking scenery and watch the sunset by the water, or you can swim or stroll along the beach. One of the greatest spots to go riding in the forest and see lovely flora and trees is also here.
Location: Gosford, Sydney, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

7. Uloola Falls Campground
Visit the Uloola Falls Campground for camping near Sydney which is surrounded by a stunning, mature forest. The campground, which is a part of the Royal National Park, is next to a lovely waterfall and provides a variety of camping amenities. To get to the camping site next to Uloola Falls, you must go about 5 kilometers along the Uloola and Karloo walking circuit. There is enough for roughly 6 tents in the campground, and there are several amenities including restrooms and showers. Numerous more sports, like mountain riding, cycling, and hiking, are available here.
Location: Karloo Pools Walking Track E, Royal National Park NSW 2233, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

8. Euroka Campground
The Euroka Campground, one of the best locations for camping near Sydney, contains five camping areas: Red Gum, Appletree Flat, Bennett Ridge, Nioka, and Darug. These campgrounds are close to the lovely Nepean River banks and provide space for up to 40 tents. Additionally, there are other amenities available here, including fire pits, huge picnic tables, and pit toilets. Indulge in a variety of activities here, including swimming, bushwalking, and fishing.
Location: Fern Glen Walking Track, Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787, Australia
Timings: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm

9. Frazer Campground
One of the finest places for camping near Sydney is the Frazer Campground, which is 90 minutes from Sydney and is located in the Munmorah State Conservation Area. The campsite is a great location for swimming and sunbathing because it is only 50 meters from the beach. There are several camping amenities available at the Frazer Campground, including picnic tables, BBQ pits, and restrooms. Only tent camping is permitted at the campsite, however you are welcome to bring your camper van or trailer.
Location: Frazer Beach Road, Frazer Park NSW 2259, Australia
Timings: 5:30 AM - 7:00 PM

10. Mirang Pool Campground
The campsite is just outside of Heathcote National Park and is only reachable on foot. Swimming and hiking are a couple of the activities you may do here. Additionally, the Mirang Pool Campground is a great place to spend the weekend with friends and family. Bring a fuel stove, drinking water, and water for cooking with you. Make sure to reserve your vacation in advance since the campground can accommodate up to 12 tents.
Location: Pipeline Trail, Heathcote NSW 2233, Australia
Timings: 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM

11. North Era Campground
To see a breathtaking vista of North Era Beach in Royal National Park, go to the North Era Campground. The campsite is the ideal location for overnight camping because it is surrounded by gorgeous coastal scenery. You must carry all necessary camping supplies, including food, water, and cooking utensils. If you want to engage in water sports like swimming and surfing, this is one of the greatest locations.
Location: 30 Coast Track, Lilyvale NSW 2508, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

12. Little Beach Campground
Located at the NSW national park, the Little Beach Campground is a very popular campground that has beachfront tent camping. The campground, which is surrounded by a coastal rainforest, is furnished with a number of amenities including grills and restrooms. Numerous activities, including hiking, fishing, swimming, and surfing, are ideal at the campground. The Bouddi coastline walk, which has a picturesque route, is one of the most well-liked treks among the numerous lovely nature trails.
Location: Little Beach Trail, Bouddi NSW 2251, Australia
Timings: Open 24 hours

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What is the best time for camping near Sydney?

September through November and from March to May are the best times to go camping near Sydney. The temperature during these times is pleasant and you will find fewer crowds.

What is Sydney famous for?

Known for its nature reserves and parks, Sydney is famous for its many iconic attractions such as Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House and the Amazing zoo’s

What are the important things to carry while camping near Sydney?

Some of the most important things to carry while camping near Sydney are
- Drinking water
- Cooking equipment
- First aids kit and tools box
- sleeping bags
- Torches
- table and chairs

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What are the tips for camping in Sydney?

- Make sure to learn the basics of first aids in case someone gets injured.
- Be prepared for every season and make sure to take your jacket or boots according to the weather.
- Make sure to book the campsite in advance.
- Pick the perfect place for camping according to your preference
- Carry insect repellent that contains DEET to avoid bug bites
- Use good sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to protect yourself from the sun.
- Keep your firepit at least 15 feet away from your tent or camper, trees, and shrubs.

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