Hiking in Sydney

For the best hiking in Sydney, you can explore the Blue Mountains, and various other National Parks like Ku-ring Gai Chase, Kamay Botany Bay, and Malabar Headland. Start hiking in Sydney from America Bay in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park to witness the most enchanting waterfalls and aboriginal carvings. Another track in the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park is the Resolute Beach Circuit Walk for views of the secluded beach in the pure bliss of lush greenery. Lighthouses like Barrenjoey and Cape Bailey are some great hiking places in Sydney to experience the past of the city from the eras of World War 2. If you want to experience a bit more history, you can choose Lake Parramatta Reserve Circuit to visit one of the oldest dams in Australia built in 1856. For the best views of Sydney Harbour, you can indulge in tracks from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach through the bushlands. Besides these National Parks, Malabar Headland National Park takes you through the scenic tracks from the two most beautiful points of Boora Point and Western Escarpment. If you want to see beyond these parks, the Blue Mountains Range is the most enchanting hike with scenic beauty and ancient carvings. Choose the best hiking in Sydney either from Wentworth Pass, Grand Canyon Walk, or Prince Henry Cliff Walk to enjoy the looks of serene waterfalls and green mountains in the world Heritage site Blue Mountains landscapes.

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Sydney Hiking FAQs

Which are the best hiking places in Sydney?

1. America Bay Track: America Bay Track takes you through the enchanting day trip loaded with the beauty of Sydney’s waterfalls in the Ku-ring Gai Chase National Park. The 1.8-kilometer round hike trip is a perfect spot for remote picnics amidst the concrete jungle of Sydney. The Track follows a sandstone ridge line leading near the Hawkesbury River. The specialty of America Bay Track is that you get to see ancient Aboriginal Engravings on the sandstone shelf.

Distance: 1.8 kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult.

2. Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk: The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk is a short walk on the small peninsula of Barrenjoey Headland. The top point of the walk, popularly known as Photo point, presents you with views of the Pacific Ocean and Hawkesbury River, Pittwater, and Broken Bay. The uneven stone track takes you to witness the panoramic views of the lighthouse cottages as you reach the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. You can even indulge in Whale watching sessions during winter or spring.

Distance: 3 kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Moderately Difficult.

3. Lake Parramatta Reserve Circuit Hike: Lake Parramatta Reserve hike takes you to Australia's first largest dam built in 1856. The best hiking in Sydney track is a circuit of 3 tracks that range from easy to moderately difficult. The track starts from the 300-meter one-way heritage path which is even accessible to wheelchairs. The second part of the journey starts from a 900-meter-long one-way Arrunga Bardo Garden bushed track. The track leads you to the third part of the journey with steep steps and the rocky surface of a 600-meter-long Reservoir track. All these tracks lead you to witness the Dam Wall Lookout. The lake circuit is the further part of the journey with a grade 3 track of a 4200-meter loop taking 2 hours to complete.

Difficulty Level: Starts easy for wheelchair accessible, but turns moderately difficult after 300 meters.
Distance: 4.2 kilometers for the full circuit.

4. Wentworth Pass: The Wentworth Falls Picnic Area Track is all about scenic views from the Blue Mountains National Park. The challenging track takes you to the upper portion of Valley of Waters in Jamison Valley at the Blue Mountains National Park to witness the enchanting Wentworth Waterfall and lush greenery. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic. After your time at the top, plunge down to the water of valleys through eucalyptus and fern trees to reach Empress's lookout.

Distance: 5 Kilometers.
Difficult Level: Difficult.

5. Cape Bailey Track: Cape Bailey Track is a serene coastal walk and one of the best hiking places in Sydney that takes you from Cape Solander to Cape Bailey Lighthouse. The walk lets you witness ocean and cliff views throughout the journey in Kamay Botany Bay National Park. The last part of the hike is a bit steep that leads you to the Cape Bailey lighthouse. Upon reaching the top, witness the lighthouse’s unusual white-colored design built in the 1950s.

Distance: 6 Kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Easy.

6. Resolute Beach Circuit Walk: The Resolute Beach Track takes you to a secluded beach in the west-head area of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. The hike mimics a tropical lake as you get to witness the beauty of the emerald-green waters of Resolute Beach. The 6-kilometer-long track starts from Resolute Picnic Area, and West Head Lookout. You can choose either of the ways to ascend and descend the Resolute Beach, in which you might think of swimming.

Distance: 6 kilometers.
Difficulty Level: 3 hours.

7. Grand Canyon Walk: The Grand Canyon Track is stunning through the Blue Mountains National Park to present you the scenic views of waterfalls. The hiking journey starts from Evans Lookout near Blackheath through the world-heritage-listed site of the Blue Mountains. The lush green track houses an abundance of native Australian plants with the presence of ferns, creeks, and golden-colored wattles. The track takes you through the forests and some steep stairs to reach the top point that presents you with the amazing looks of the lush green mountains and waterfalls.

Distance: 6.3 Kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult.

8. Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach Walk: Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach Walk is one of the best hiking in Sydney Harbour that takes you through secluded beaches, bays, and bushland. The track lets you witness the enchanting of Sydney Harbour throughout your journey. Due to Taronga Zoo, you can catch glimpses of wildlife living in these areas. There are a total of 8 attractions to check out during the hike such as Athol Bay, Bradleys Head, Georges Head Lookout, Taylor’s Bay, Chowder Bay, Georges Heights, and Balmoral Beach at the top.

Distance: 6.5 Kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Easy.

9. Prince Henry Cliff Walk: The Prince Henry Cliff walk takes you through the Three Sisters and Echo Point of Blue Mountains National Park to Leura. The 7-kilometer-long hike starts from Katoomba with 20 attractions to lookout like the captivating views of Jamison Valley and its iconic three waterfalls. The hike showcases several hanging swamps and golden flowers of Christmas Bells. Upon reaching Henry Cliff, enjoy your family picnic to come back down later in the day.

Distance: 7 Kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

10. Malabar Headland Circuit Walk: The Malabar Headland is a circuit walking track to explore the Malabar Headland National Park. The hike is a combination of two short trails, one starting from Boora Point and another one from Western Escarpment. The Boora Point Walking Track is a 3.7-kilometer-long coastal delight that lets you witness some of the structures from World War 2 like the Malabar Battery. The Magic Point Views is the main highlight of this track with incredible high cliff views. Another track of Western Escarpment is an enchanting hike through bushland.

Distance: 7.3 Kilometers.
Difficulty Level: Easy

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What is the best time to hike in Sydney?

The best time to take advantage of hiking places in Sydney is during the spring season from September to November. This season isn’t the peak season, with favorable climatic conditions to support a comfortable hike.

What is the difficulty level of America Bay Track?

America Bay Track is a Grade 3 Track with a moderately difficult trail. The walking track is a 1.8-kilometer round trip that takes approximately 1-2 hours to finish. The track makes you descend through woodlands of scribbly gums and bloodwoods.

How long is the Grand Canyon Walk?

The Grand Canyon Track is 6.3 Kilometers long. One of the best hiking in Sydney, the track takes you through the World Heritage Site-listed landscape of the Blue Mountains.

What are the major things we need to carry before going hiking in Sydney?

  • Clothing: Hiking Boots/Shoes, shorts, socks, long sleeve shirts, thermal base layer, warm outer layer with jacket or sweater, raincoat, hat, and gloves.
  • 20-25 liter Backpack: Water bottle, hydration bladder, medical kit, first-aid kit, water-purification methods, food, rubbish bag, maps, compass, camera, hand torch, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, tents, stove, fuel, lighter, pots, pans, cutlery.
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How to reach Malabar Headland National Park?

By Cab/Taxi:
- Take a cab/taxi from Sydney City to Malabar Headland National Park covering 16 kilometers in 35 minutes.
- Take a cab/taxi from Eastgardens to Malabar Headland National Park covering 4.9 kilometers in 11 minutes.

By Bus:
- Board bus lines 395, 396, or 397 from Sydney city to reach Marine Parade, South Maroubra.
- Board bus lines L94, 393, or 399 from Sydney city or La Perouse to reach Malabar National Park.
- Board bus lines 317 or 353 from Eastgardens to reach Maroubra Beach directly.

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