Piazza Di Spagna Overview

Explore one of the most famous squares in Rome, the Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Square which lies at the foot of the iconic Spanish Steps against a stunning backdrop of the church of Trinita' de Monti. The famous square also features Berninis’ Barcaccia fountain, is the starting point of some of the most historic streets in Rome, and is surrounded by the top couture brands and luxury hotels in the city

When you are visiting Rome, you will find yourself at least once in the Piazza di Spagna given its central location and popularity. It is also one of the city’s most historical piazzas that features landmarks ranging from various points in time, right from antiquity to the most modern times. 

One of the primary reasons behind the recognition of the piazza is the presence of the famous Spanish Steps, which have also served as a backdrop in several renowned movies. The 135 steps have been designed in an authentic baroque style and are a well-known place among visitors to sit, relax, and enjoy the bustle of the surrounding areas. In the olden days, it served as a place for artists and performers to exhibit their skills.

Another interesting feature of the piazza is an authentic Egyptian ancient obelisk as well as a spectacular fountain that was sculpted by one of the most famed artists who ever lived in Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. 

Apart from this, what draws multitudes of visitors to the famous piazza are the high-end couture shops and big brands that surround the area. You will find the famous fashion house Valentino’s atelier right beside the square lending absolute elegance and exclusivity to the place. 

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• Witness the exquisite urban Baroque architecture here of the square that lies at the foot of a tall hill that has now been completely covered with a massive staircase
• Sit on the striking Spanish Steps, the monumental staircase that comprises 135 steps leading up to the bi-towered church, Trinita’ Dei Monti
• Marvel at the beautiful La Barcaccia Fountain that sits at the center of Piazza di Spagna and is the creation of famous Roman architects Bernini and his son
• Spend a relaxed afternoon at the famous English tea house, Babington’s tea rooms which is known for one of the best tea experiences in Rome
• Visit the Keats and Shelly House located by the side of Spanish Steps, which boasts a brilliant collection of over 8000 books from writers of the Romantic movement
• Admire The Sallustiano Obelisk with its inscriptions and the hieroglyphs that remind of its mysterious Egyptian origins
• Discover one of the most historical squares in all of Rome with its distinctive features ranging from the ancient to the most modern

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