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Tempio Maggiore di Roma holds one of the top designations in Rome when it comes to religious cultural hubs. It is the largest synagogue in Rome and was built on one of the four plots where the demolition of the Jewish community took place. This massive building has a square base, surmounted by a huge piece of structure denoting the eclectic style of architecture.

The Tempio Maggiore di Roma represents the vibrant Jewish community of Rome and is one of the largest synagogues in the whole of Europe.

To celebrate their freedom and their right to live in Rome, the Jewish community wanted to erect a monument so huge that it could be visible from miles away. This is the reason behind its mammoth construction.

It was designed by renowned architects like Vincenzo Costa and Osvaldo Armanni. Your local guide will explain the overall construction of this huge structure and how it was influenced by certain other cultures like Egyptian and Greco-Roman.

There’s also a Jewish museum that you can visit which will enlighten you about the journey of Jews in the holy city of Rome. Here one can marvel at the Jewish community's silverware and the Law's scroll as well.

What sets the Tempio Maggiore di Roma apart from other historical sites is that its square dome is the only square dome in the city of Rome.

Your local guide will tell you the tales of tribulation and trials faced by Roman Jews back in the day. Moreover, learn more about the hidden secrets of what is renowned to be the world’s oldest Jewish ghetto.

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• If you wish to experience the rich cultural diversity that Rome is famous for, Tempio Maggiore di Roma is the place to be because it is home to the largest synagogue in Europe.
• Not only is it one of the most important spiritual hubs for Jewish people around the world but it is also a prime example of eclectic style of architecture that was prevalent back in the day
• The current synagogue structure dates back more than 100 years and was built on the banks of Tiber river.
• One can also find the influence of Egyptian, Assyrian-Babylonian, and Greco-Roman architecture in the overall construction of this religious place.
• The building is visible from many vantage points in the city, thanks to its size and eclectic architecture.
• It is situated in the middle of the city and is surrounded by multiple small markets where you can find many farm and handmade products.

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