Piazza Venezia, Rome: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia the name itself brings to our minds a plethora of figures starting from the fascist dictator of history Benito Mussolini to the popular actor Albert Sordi. The square got its name derived from the historical papal palace built by the Venetian Cardinal Pietro Barbo (later known as Pope Paul II).

As you step into the square, the first thing to grab your attention is the gigantic white marble monument called the Victtoriano. The distinguished monument houses a museum and offers a splendid view of the city of Rome from its terrace. The piazza was built in the 18th century but later many of its historical buildings were demolished for reconstructing the monumental square.

Piazza Venezia is one of the major crossroads in the city of Rome where the main streets such as Via del Corso, Via Nazionale and others meet each other. Located geometrically at the centre of Rome and the foot of the Capitoline Hill, Piazza Venezia meets with several converging routes leading to the highlighted spots of the city.

The prominent buildings of the square are the monument of Victor Emmanuel II, Palazzo Bonaparte (the erstwhile home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s mother), Palazzo delle Aste, Assicurazioni Generali and San Marco Church. Apart from its historical monuments, Piazza Venezia is also the hub of international fashion trends.

In this square you will come across an array of retail shops of the world-class fashion designers such as Armani, Gucci, Swarovski and others. Know more about this fascinating ancient city its history and culture from the details given below.

How to Reach Piazza Venezia

The distance between Fiumicino Airport and Piazza Venezia is approximately 22 kilometres and there are various modes of conveyance for you to choose. 

By Train:
There are trains plying between Fiumicino Airport and Roma Termini every 20 minutes. You have to make a transfer at Termini and take a bus to reach Piazza Venezia in approximately 11 minutes.

By Road:
You can hire a taxi from the airport to piazza Venezia within 24 minutes. Although it is a bit pricey which may cost you around Rs. (3,900-4,700) this is the quickest way to reach your destination.

However if you want to travel on budget, you can choose to drive on your own from the airports to piazza Venezia. It takes around 24 minutes to reach your destination and will cost you around Rs. (290-430). 

By Bus:
There are no direct buses from Rome airport to Piazza Venezia. Buses depart from the airport bus station and arrive at Ara Coeli/Piazza Venezia via Cicerone/ Cavour. The distance between Rome Airport and Piazza Venezia is approximately 22 Km and the journey takes around 1 hour including transfers.

Best Time to Visit Piazza Venezia

The best time to visit Piazza Venezia depends on what activities you have included in your bucket list. Ideally, the high season in Piazza Venezia falls during the months of June through August. During this time of the year, the places of interest are swarmed with tourists from different parts of the world.

The climate is temperate with longer days and abundance of sunshine and evenings are crisp. The high season months face huge traffic as most of the schools remain closed for vacation.

Rainfall is scanty thus making an ideal condition for sightseeing, alfresco dining and savouring world class gelatos during your trip. So, if you plan to visit the historical hub of Italy in the peak season,be prepared for long queues at the popular places of attractions.    

However, if it is just for sightseeing in Piazza Venezia, spring is the best time for that. During this time winter takes a retreat and the whole region bathes in sunshine. The climate is comfortably warm making it feasible for tourists to visit the most iconic landmarks of the city.

What Not to Miss at Piazza Venezia

Once you touch down at this historical square, you will be spoilt of choices with a whole range of things to do here. If you are a first time visitor know from the list given below what awaits you at Piazza Venezia:   

1. Watch a play at Globe Theatre Rome
The Globe Theatre Rome is a full scale reproduction of the original Elizabethan theatre in London holding a capacity of about 1250 patrons in an impressive oak structure. You can watch the masterpieces of Shakespearean plays in a park setting of Villa Borghese.

Rent a bicycle or walk along the park and watch its other popular attractions including the National Gallery of Modern Art and Villa Borghese Gallery. Within a short walking distance from the Globe Theatre is a zoological garden Bioparco di Roma where you can spot brown bears, Indian Elephants, giraffe and other animals in a natural habitat full stop the theatre remains open during the summer months. The tickets for the standing section of the theatre are less expensive.

2. Meet with the gory history of Rome
Located in the historic centre (Centro Storico in Italian) The Colosseum is the most iconic monument and one of the must see attractions in Rome. It really boasts of being the largest amphitheatre of the Roman world which holds a capacity of over 50000 spectators.

The arenas of the amphitheatre are witness to too much bloodshed in the famous gladiatorial fights and Roman games that mostly ended in gruesome deaths. If you are visiting the place during high season you may have to wait for a few hours before making your way into this significant historical building.

3. Day Trip to the Borghese Gardens
Located in the north of Piazza di Spagna, the Borghese Gardens is the largest and the most panoramic community park in Rome. It is a slice of tranquil heaven surrounded by greens on all sides and offering a welcome visit to the tourists.

As you walk along the canopied pathways of the park you will spot statues, temples and several fountains that contribute to the pristine charm of the place. The park also hosts a beautiful botanical garden where you can sit and relax after a long day trip.

4. Savour a gelato
Take a break during your date trip as it is ice cream time!  One of the two best ice cream shops of Rome is San Crispino located on the Villa Della Panetteria and the other is Gioletti located in Via Uffici del Vicario.

In whichever gelateria you choose to visit you may have to face a long queue. But it will be worth the wait given the variety and flavour of ice creams you will get to choose from their display.

5. Trastevere District
Far from the madding crowd of the city this little neighbourhood still retains its original charm with a little bit of “hipster” look. As you walk along the narrow alleys and flowery streets you will discover the real Italian neighbourhood with old shops and earliest inhabitants.

As you move further north of the district you will reach the Gianicolo Hill. Stop the hell you can marvel at the breath-taking panorama of the city of Rome.

6. Visit the Catacombs at Rome
Wind up your list of best things to do in Rome in a bit unusual way. The Catacombs of Callixtus is a highly recommended place to visit in Rome. Sprawling across 15 hectares approximately the catacombs were once used as cemeteries for the Christians and Jews.

Such history is testified by the inscriptions etched on its walls from the Old and New Testaments. If you want to visit the catacombs, start with the Capuchin Crypt which is located next to Trevi Fountain.

Places to visit  near Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is located at a position which is close to some of the most distinguished places of historical importance. We have shortlisted the best places near Piazza Venezia you should not miss out:  

1. Vatican Museum
The Vatican Museum fairly boasts of its collection of the earliest Renaissance masterpieces and iconic Roman vestiges. It attracts over 5 million visitors every year who visit the place to see its sprawling collection of artworks, Roman sculptures and historical artefacts by the Old Masters (Raphael, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Boticalli, Michelangelo etc).

The Vatican Museum remains open from Monday to Saturday. It is also open on the last Sunday of each month and remains closed on the public holidays of the year.

2. Santa Francesca Romana
The 10th century minor Basilica is one of Rome’s lesser known historical gems. Take a tour round the place and discover its finest religious artworks and stunning architecture of the Renaissance era. Next to the Basilica is the temple of Venice which is considered as one of the largest temples of ancient Rome. There is no entry fee.

3. Galleria Borghese
The 17th century gallery is a stand out from the crowd in a city known for its time honoured Renaissance paintings and sculptures. Among the most emblematic works of Galleria Borghese are Raphael’s The Disposition and Lady With A Unicorn- both of which dates from 1507.

The other noted works include Titian's Sacred and Profane Love and sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It remains open from Tuesday- Sunday.

4. Via Condotti
After visiting the sombre monuments and galleries of Rome it’s time to spend your leisure hours in a casual tone. The chick retail district located at the heart of Rome’s historical hub is home to some of the top-notch shops and cafes.

As you walk down the streets you will come across residential houses with flower fringed balconies and shuttered windows. Via Condotti is the nucleus of international fashion trends with retail shops of the most prestigious fashion brands such as Giorgio Armani, Swarovski, Michelle Kors and Burberry etc. 

5. Farnese Gardens
It is a piece of green retreat with vibrant flowerbeds, cute hedgerows and imposing views of the city of Rome. The picture perfect Farnese Gardens was designed by the famous architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola which is still among the first private botanical gardens ever built in Europe. The Gardens remain open throughout the year and it offers a paid visit.

Other Essential Information About Piazza Venezia


Roma RM, Italy 00187, Rome Map

Distance from Nearest Airport:
The distance is 30 Km (approx.) via A91. 

Everyday 10am -6pm

Entry Fee:
No entry fee to visit Piazza Venezia

History of Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is one of the oldest Renaissance buildings in Rome which was built sometime in between 1455-1464 by Cardinal Pietro Barbo who later became Pope Paul II. The building was originally a papal residence until Pope Pius IV handed it to Venice. It was later transformed into an embassy. 

In 1916 piazza Venezia was taken over by the government of Italy during the role of the fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini. Mussolini made it his headquarters and used to deliver his speeches from this building.

Today, the building hosts the famous Museo del Palazzo Venezia which is actually a treasure trove of historical artworks, sculptures, ceramics, decorative arts and paintings- all belonging to the Renaissance era.

Tips for visiting Piazza Venezia

Right from ordering a coffee at a restaurant to visiting the Basilica in proper attire you need to follow some etiquette for making the most of your trip. Here are a few insider tips for you if you are visiting Piazza Venezia for the first time:

Carry some extra cash

Wear comfortable shoes for walking long hours

Don’t over plan your trip since the city has a surfeit of historical monuments to visit. Keep time for shopping, eating, relaxing and enjoying.

Buy tickets well ahead your journey

Keep a watch on your bags and other belongings.

Dress modestly while visiting the religious sites.

Avoid dining in major squares of the city as you may get overpriced food.
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