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Located at the center of the medieval Roman, St. Clement Basilica is a Latin Catholic Basilica made in remembrance of Pope Clement I. Initially a private home for clandestine Christian worship during the early 1st century to a popular basilica in the late 6th century; this historic structure has faced several transformations over the centuries. 

Constructed in the 1st century, St. Clement Basilica, also known as The Basilica of San Clemente, is a medieval-era church in the center of Rome. This unique Latin Catholic Basilica was constructed as a dedication to Pope Clement I. The building's structure is a three-tier complex including (1) initially, the basilica was constructed prior to the year 1100 (2) under the present church, there is a 4th-century church (3) the Roman nobleman's home had been constructed on the republic era warehouse and villa foundation which had been destroyed during the great fire. 

A famous architect, Carlo Stefano Fontana, constructed St. Clement Basilica. The church houses the burials of Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Saint Cyril, Pope Clement I, and others. Presently, this church is a historic site located at a distance of 500m from Domus Aurea. If you're paying your visit to Rome, traveling to this iconic landmark is a must!

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• St. Clement Basilica is located in the heart of the city and a 3-minute walk from the famous Domus Aurea.
• The famous architect, Carlo Stefano Fontana, designed the structure in the Romanesque architectural style.
• The church was opened in 1084, making it one of Rome's oldest churches. With 43 feet nave width and 82 feet width, St. Clement Basilica is a grand church that is an excellent example of Paleochristian and ‎Romanesque architectural style.
• St. Clement Basilica is a popular attraction in Rome as this church is not one, whereas three different churches are built above one another.
• Later, the church was rebuilt in the 12th century, where the Early Christian house church was constructed.

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