Best Rome Tour Packages for Family

Rome Family Tours Packages

Duration Price
Rome Florence and Venice - Best Of Italy10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,57,000
14 Days Italy Self Drive Tour Venice to the Amalfi Coast14 days & 13 nights
INR 1,16,000
Grand Europe Group Tour Package15 days & 14 nights
INR 2,99,000
European Jewels With Cruise | Group Departure13 days & 12 nights
INR 1,72,600

Rome Tour Packages for Family - Browse through a wide range of family trip to Rome with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book a customized Rome trip with family with exciting deals & offers.

With the hassle-free Rome family tour packages offered by Thrillophilia, take your family on an amazing trip to the City of Seven Hills. Accommodations, meals, transportation, and personalised itineraries based on your interests are all included in our packages. Our round-the-clock customer service guarantees a flawless experience for you.

Rome is a great place for family vacations because of its famous landmarks and rich history. During Rome family tours, you can explore historical monuments like the Roman Forum and Colosseum, and be in awe of the riches of Vatican City. Explore the magnificent grounds of Villa Borghese, throw coins into the Trevi Fountain, and savour a nice flavour of gelato beside the Spanish Steps.

You can also take a family-friendly cooking class, hop-on-hop-off bus trip, or bike ride along the Appian Way to make treasured experiences. So, why wait? Schedule your Rome family tours and start the journey!

Popular Rome Packages

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Best Time to Visit Rome

Rome welcomes you year-round with its timeless charm and ancient wonders.

1. Peak Season: From mid-May to July, Rome basks in summer's embrace. During this time, you can explore iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Vatican City amidst bustling crowds. Dive into Rome's culinary scene or join the festivities of Estate Romana, a summer arts festival.

2. Waning Season: December to February brings a serene ambience to Rome. Thus, during Rome family tours, you can wander through the Forum Romanum or marvel at the Pantheon's grandeur. Warm up with hearty Roman cuisine or partake in the Carnevale Romano too!

3. Shoulder Season: From March to mid-May, spring graces Rome with mild temperatures. This is the perfect time for exploring the Spanish Steps or tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain. From October to November, the autumn offers you a quieter atmosphere for strolling through the Villa Borghese or attending the Rome Film Festival.

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Rome Family Tours FAQs

How many days do you need to explore Rome?

You need at least 3 days for Rome family tours. During this timeframe, you can visit iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Vatican City, and Trevi Fountain. You can also discover ancient ruins at the Roman Forum and enjoy panoramic views from the Spanish Steps. For a more comprehensive journey, you can opt for a longer vacation.

How much does it cost for a family of 4 to go to Rome?

Rome family packages cost range between INR 1,96,987-INR 314758 for a family of 4. This cost is inclusive of meals, stays, transfers and sightseeing. You get to visit places like the iconic Colosseum and the St. Peter's Basilica and undertake food tours as well as heritage tours. 

Is Rome cheap or expensive?

Depending on your budget and interests, Rome family tours can be both expensive and affordable. Budget-friendly choices include street food and free attractions like the Trevi Fountain. Public transportation and plenty of lodging facilitate affordable family vacations. However, for those who desire luxury, there are upscale experiences accessible too. 

What currency is used in Rome?

The currency used in Rome, as in the rest of Italy, is the Euro (€) where 1 € equals INR 90 approximately. Numerous denominations of Euro notes and coins are available, and they are commonly accepted for use in transactions all around the city.

What language do they speak in Rome?

Italian is the main language spoken in Rome and the rest of Italy. However, because it's a popular tourist spot, a lot of its residents also speak English, especially in tourist areas and establishments.

How to plan a budget trip to Rome from India?

You can plan by deciding on the places you wish to visit with your family and the activities you wish to try. Create a final budget that includes money for travel, food, attractions, and gifts. Then you can look for Rome family tours from India to leave all travel arrangements to us so that you can lay back and enjoy the journey!

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