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The Appian Way is a strategically designed Roman road founded back in 312–264 BC. The road directly connects Rome to Brindisi while offering a stunning view of the surroundings. It is equipped with green fields, roman ruins, and flat-topped pine trees, which makes it a unique setting for bike or horse riders. Appian Way is also regarded as the Queen of Roads or Regina Viarum.

Via Appia, famously known as Appian Way, is a popular road in Rome that allows travelers to travel to Brindisi from Rome city. It is one of Rome’s easiest and most strategically designed roads of the ancient republic. Its importance can be identified by its name, recorded by a Greco-Roman poet, Statius. 

Appian Way is also called the queen of the long roads, which is named after a famous writer and Statesman, Appius Claudius Caecus. The first-ever section of the road was constructed by the Roman censor and was completed during the Samnite Wars by 312 BC. This Roman road was used to transform all military supplies in 312 BC and better communication services. It was the first-ever long road that transported troops out of the smaller parts of greater Rome. People here come for cycling, walking, and running, and at present, the place is most famous for offering a pristine sunset view that is perfect for nature photography.

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• Famously known as the Queen of Roads, Appian Way is one of Rome’s most celebrated roads.
• Appian Way was completed in early 190 BCE, and since then, it has connected Rome to the port of Brindisi.
• It has become a favorite site for bike riders, walkers, sightseers, and cyclists.
• The name Appian Way is given after the famous Roman Censor, Appius Claudius Caecus.
• Earlier, it was used to supply weapons used in the military, whereas today, it has been transformed into a popular site visited by hundreds of people to enjoy the sunset. 
• Appian Way was Rome’s first-ever longest road which was built with the aim of transporting troops out of greater Rome. 
• If you’re craving food on your tour to Appian Way, there is a tiny cafe named Appia Antica Caffè ideal for light snacking.
• For a proper meal, you can head to the famous Il Giardino di Giulia e Fratelli located on the Appian Way.

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