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The National Roman Museum is a historical site located in the heart of Rome, Italy. Best described as a series of four magnificent museums nestling at varied locations in Rome, this is an ideal hang-out spot if you find interest in historical artifacts and antiques. All antiques present here belong to the early 5th century BC.

Constructed in 1889, the National Roman Museum is a famous world heritage site with a massive group of four museums spread over four different locations. These include Palazzo Massimo, the Baths of Diocleziano, Palazzo Altemps, and Crypta Balbi. All these places are flooded with history lovers who find interest in antiques and historical artifacts. This Roman museum generally holds items belonging to the 5th century.

Since all these museums operate in varied locations, separate tickets are required. Every year, the National Roman Museum hosts festivals and exhibitions, which attract tourists and makes this place the most sought-after destination in Rome

The best way to enjoy this attraction in Rome is by hiring an audio guide as they explain even the tiniest part in detail. The museum’s inside is lavishly decorated with tinted glass, a marble staircase, impressive wall ceilings, and great lighting, which grabs all attention.

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• A heritage site in Rome, National Roman Museum is a much-appreciated museum focusing on all archaeological findings in Rome and Italy. 
• National Roman Museum was founded in 1889, and since then, it has been regarded as one of Rome’s most famous sites grabbing the attention of history lovers from around the world.
• The first ever location where the museum was set up was the complex of the Baths of Diocleziano. However, as the collection started to grow, it spread to three more locations.
• Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme is a 19th-century building featuring four floors of all ancient art from the 2nd century. 
• The Baths of Diocletian were constructed between 292 and 306 AD, and became a center point of attraction for tourists traveling to explore The National Roman Museum.
• The museum houses a variety of antiques and other historical artifacts from the 5h century BC.

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