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Best Places To Stay in Leh

Amidst the vast area of Jammu and Kashmir lies the highest region desert on the foot of Himalayas. Even after being at the highest altitude of 2300 to 5000 meters, Leh has been enticing travellers from around the globe to come make a journey on its open roads. One can find the best and unique places to stay in Leh. The journey is long and strenuous no doubt, the weather conditions tend to touch extremes, it is definitely not designed for the weak heart. But, you have the power to change your mind set. Browse through the images of Leh on the internet and you will find your motivation. You know the pictures and the travel logs cannot do any justice because the beauty of Leh is beyond your imagination.

Redefining simplicity, the people of Leh love to exhibit their tradition to the tourists who have traversed from afar looking for newer meaning. Simplicity in Leh dwells amidst their vibrant cultures, delicious Tibetan cuisines and the routine of their daily lives. The picturesque beauty of landscapes with shepherd boys running around with their flocks on mossy mountains makes you teleport to one of those scenes from the movies and you get to relive your childhood dreams.

We are all determined to achieve some kind of greatness that can define us and shine true meaning on our lives. We are busy battling wars within ourselves, pushing to strive harder and aiming to be at the top of our game. So much of self-indulgence only make us more and more ignorant about the beauty lying in the simplicity around us. Once in a while take that break and set off on a journey where nothing can stand between you and nature. Leh, home to the most magnificent barren lands presents you with open roads to let you taste freedom. The roads and small pockets of the region also offers the best and unique places to stay in Leh.

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    About the Activity:Just 1.5 km and a ten min walk from the main town in Leh, the resort offers accessibility to the eclectic, scenic town with its multi-cuisine cafes, curio shops and monasteries. Yet, it maintains a safe distance, and so promises calm and tranquility, w...

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    Ladakh is ideally located amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations located in the northern part of India. There are many hot spots to be visited for a multitude of tours in this unusual tourist destination. When in beau...

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Pangong Lake

Rather, the most sought after tourist destination is Pangong Tso in Ladakh region. It is the highest among the high altitude lakes in India which is filled with saline water but provides some awe-struck moments to the visitors with the unbelievable phenomenon of changing colours quite a number of times a day.

The reflections of the towering Himalayan peaks in the water add more charm to the lake. Currently, Pangong Tso is the favourite location for tourists as the banks of the lake give soothing bed to relax and the nearby places are enhanced by the beauty of this particular lake. The quiet lake is 134 km in length and 5 km in width is situated at an altitude of 14270 meters. But the major share of the lake lies in the area of China. Now, its recognition is spread everywhere in the world because it is termed as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

The highly saline water does not accommodate any water species not even micro-organisms. But the banks of the lake give space for several birds and animals very rarely seen in the other parts of India. It is an important breeding ground for many migratory birds as well.

Height: The lake is located at an altitude of 4250 meters above sea level.

Location: Pangong Tso is easily accessible as it can be reached after a five-hour drive from Leh and the travel would be on a rough and dramatic mountain road. You will cross the villages of Shey and Gya during the tour and go through Chang La as well.

Best time to visit: The months from May to September are the ideal time to visit the lake as the other seasons may cause challenges due to the heavy snowfall.


Khardung La

Controversies regarding the proclamation that Khardung La is the highest motorable pass in the world is not yet diminished but Ladakh travelers still believe that it is the highest and most adventurous pass in the world. Despite the controversies, Khardung La keeps on attracting hundreds of adventure seekers every year, be it bikers, trekkers or visitors. Nestled amidst the most reverberating surrounding, the ‘Pass of Lower Castle’ is located at an altitude of 17582 feet. Near to the pass, the collection of awesome valleys will lure you and along with the natural extravaganzas, the Tibetan prayer flags are an additional charm.

The pass was constructed in the year of 1976 and later in 1988, it was opened to public and from then on, the pass was inviting uncountable bikers, trekkers and tourists. It is maintained by the Border roads Organization as the pass is highly significant and important to India because it was once used to carry supplies to the Siachen Glacier. Recently, Khardung La became the hot potato of the town with a happy news that a ten member team of visually impaired people is going to conquer the pass through cycling in 2017.

Height: Khardung La is located at an altitude of 5359 meters. But there is an incorrect proclamation on the signboards appear here saying that the height of the pass is 18379 feet.

Location: The highest motorable pass in Ladakh is lying about 39 kms away from Leh. By road, one can reach the pass. The first 24 kms of the road are paved and from there to the North Pullu check post, the 15 kms of the road are filled with loose rock, dirt and occasional rivulets formed after the melting of snow.

Best time to visit: The season between May to October is the best time to visit Khardung La.


Shanti Stupa

The white dome of Shanti Stupa is clearly visible from a far distance when you are on a tour of Leh. Peace Pagoda got its name like that because of many reasons mainly the silence persists in and around the pagoda always. This Buddhist prayer center is the most beloved attraction in Jammu and Kashmir. At a height of 4267 meters, the two storied stupa stands holding its head high and overlooks the bustling Leh town. The uneven mountain terrains in the surrounding gives the pagoda a remarkable shining. It is at a location which is 5 km away from Leh town and one who visits the stupa has to climb five hundred steps. The exotic view of the Himalayan peaks turns the beauty of the stupa also, a peace lover would dedicate his life to have such overjoying moments.


The stupa was constructed by both Japanese and Ladakh Buddhists. The construction was started in 1983, many Buddhists and Indian Government officials have supervised the procedures throughout.

Structure of the stupa

Among the two structures of the pagoda, the first level depicts the central relief of Dharmachakra which has deer on each side and the turning wheel of Dharma also has a golden image of Buddha at the center. The second level displays images which show the birth of Budhha and the death as well. In addition, both the level have smaller images of Buddha meditating. The stupa came into existence in order to spread the word of peace and harmony among people and it came into establishment as a commemoration of the valuable 2500 years of Buddhism.

Location: Any one can reach the stupa via road from Leh, only 5 kms from the town, a walk of fifteen minutes would require.

Timings: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm

Highlights: The sunset and sunrise views from the stupa are inevitably beautiful


Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is still a mystery yet a famed attraction that pulls the adventure lovers on a large scale toward it. A mystifying phenomenon which stunts the science and fiction together and exists as a magic to the normal people visiting here. Magnetic Hill is a trump card of every Ladakh tour because of the awe-struck moments it would promise the travelers. There is a sign board placed which says that the hill defies gravity completely and inviting everyone to experience the magical phenomenon.

 If you keep your vehicle in neutral at a position marked on the road and wait, you will be surprised to see the vehicle starts moving uphill at 10-20 km per hour. And this is the unexplainable feature of Magnetic Hill that confuses the world of science. It is located on Leh-Kargil-Baltic Highway and on the east, the beautiful Sindhu River is flowing calmly. Near the hill there is a Sikh Gurudwara maintained by the Indian Army. Due to the natural attraction as well as the human architectural brilliance, the hill has gained popularity in a short term. 

Not just the vehicles hitting the road but the aircrafts and helicopters crossing the radius which Magnetic Hill comes in would feel the same magnetic effect. If the aircrafts are going on a slow pace, then it starts jerking while they are in the circumference of the hill. So the only solution to escape from the clutches of this phenomenon is that the crafts should move at a greater speed.

Height: Magnetic Hill is located at an elevation of 14000 feet above the sea level.

Location: To reach the hill, you can hit the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway and it is situated at a distance of just 30 kms from Leh town.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the Magnetic Hill is from June to October.


Lamayuru Monastery

The high elevation where Lamayuru Monastery is located at amuses every traveler comes here. Existing on Leh-Srinagar Highway, around 15 kms east of the Fotu La, the monastery is perched on a height of 3510 meters. The murals, frescoes and the images of Buddha have created an interesting setting inside this famous Buddhist temple.


Lamayuru Monastery was originally the monastery belonged to Bon and the name means Swastika which symbolized eternity. The history says that an Indian scholar named Naropa caused a lake to dry up and there founded Lamayuru Monastery. Seng ge Sgang is the oldest building surviving which is dedicated to the builder-monk, Rinchen Zangpo.

The structure of the monastery

There were actually five buildings in the beginning and still one can find the remaining of the four buildings located in the corner. In the past there, were up to 400 monks and currently there are 100 monks residing in the monastery. There is a small temple can be seen which is dedicated to Avalokiteshwara.

Location: The monastery is located at a distance of 127 km from Leh in the Lamayuru region. You can reach the monastery via road by bus or jeep.

Timings: It is open on all days from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Entry fee: INR 30 per person

Highlights: There will be two annual Mask Dance festivals happen which is the most suitable time to visit the monastery.


Alchi Monastery

After the endless mountain peaks, green valleys, high passes, monasteries in Ladakh are the prime factors behind the huge number of visitors to the paradise every year. Alchi Monastery, a group of Buddhist shrines is now a remarkable landmark and a must visit tourist attraction in Leh. The rugged valleys, uneven mountain terrains etc are creating a flamboyant view from the monastery and make the travelers feel elevated. Alchi is a part of the three villages that together constitute to the Alchi Group of Monuments.


Alchi Monastery and its current guardians are grateful the great translator Rinchen Zangpo who was the reason behind the construction of the monastery. He built it in the AD 1000 and there were 32 wood carvers and sculptors from Kashmir to help him. But when the Gelug sect decided to shift the activities to Likir Monastery permanently, it turned to be the administrative shrine of the Alchi Gompa, officially.

Structure of the monastery

Alchi Monastic Complex has three principal shrines named the Dukhang or Assembly Hall, the Sumtseng and the temple of Manjushri. Chortens have a special space inside the complex. The wall paintings seen inside are dating back to the spiritual and artistic nuances found in Buddhism and Hindu Kingdoms. Like we seen in other monasteries, here also, you will find the huge statues of Buddha and several wood carvings and art works appearing in Baroque style.

Location: The monastery is located in Alchi Village in the Leh District, 70 km from Leh.

Timing: May to September on all days: from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm and from 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm.

Entry Fee: For Indians: INR 25, For Foreigners: INR 50

Highlights: The views from the monastery have attracted a lot of film production sets. Good photographic location as well.


Royal Leh Palace

A nine storey high building displays the influence of Potala Palace in Lhasa is the famed Royal Leh Palace that stands with its head high on a cliff top overlooking the ravishing Leh town. Leh Palace is a must visit during anyone’s tour of Ladakh region as it has been standing there as a symbol of the old glorious days of the royal family lived here. The top floors accommodated the members of the regal community and the low floors were occupied by stables and stores.


In the 17th century, King Sengge Namgyal led the construction of Leh Palace and it gained fame in a short span of time. Later, it was termed as an architectural icon and the symbol of pride and glory of Leh. The history says that during the time when Dogra forces took control of Ladakh, Leh Palace was abandoned and the members of the family were asked to move to Stok Palace. The Archeological Survey of India has restored the valuable ruins of the palace and opened to the public as a remarkable tourist attraction.

Structure of the palace

There is a monastery behind the palace which is a part of the palace and there you will find the statue of a seating Buddha in there in the monastery behind the palace. On the walls of the palace, you will see the old pictures and paintings including Tibetan thangka.

Timings: The palace is open to the public on all days from 07:00 am to 04:00 pm

Entry fee: For Indians: INR 20 and for Foreigners: INR 100

Location: Leh Palace is closely located to the town. Visitors can reach the palace by walking from Leh town as it is about 5 kms away from there.


Zanskar valley

The Zanskar Range is the mountain range in Jammu and Kashmir that acts as the separating line between Ladakh and Zanskar. The Zanskar Range is a part of the Tethys Himalayas, formed with weakly transformed sedimentary series. The average height of the Zanskar Range is 6000 meters. It is an inevitable spot for adventure lovers during their adrenaline rushing trekking trips to the Trans Himalayas every year.

On the way to Zanskar Valley, one will come across the incredible Suru Valley which puts forth a decent trekking experience to adventure lovers. Zanskar is alluring always with its brightly shining mountain peaks and the presumably attracting villages, sometimes, it looks overshadowing the relishing Changthang Region as well. Tourism has caused a great enhancements on the economic side of the region like education flourished and the lifestyle of the people has changed but it took its toll on the fragile mountain environment.

Nevertheless, Zanskar is the favorite tourist destination still because of the vast area that is made beautiful by multiple hues, the distinct flora and fauna and the extremely variant climatic conditions. There are two main branches of the Zanskar River; one is Doda which has source near Pensi-La and flows south eastwards to reach Padum and the second one is formed by two tributaries called Kargyag River and it has source near Shingo La.

Height: The valley is situated at an average height of 6000 meters above the sea level.

Location: It is located at a distance of about 464 kms from Leh and would take around 10 to 11 hours to reach. Buses are available from Leh to reach the valley.

Best time to visit: The months of June, July, August and September are suitable to visit the Zanskar Range as the other months will cause heavy snowfall and the roads will be blocked.

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What You Should Know More About Stays in Leh

  • Q. Which are the best resorts to stay in Leh?

    Knowing, the distance that needs to be travelled and the strains the weather can put one through in the Leh region, it is important for the body to get its rest. With the boom in tourism over the decade and more and more travellers take the plunge to attempt this tedious journey, Leh has been focusing on bringing up delightful resorts around the region, to respond to all the hospitality needs of their guests. Some of the best places to rest are listed below:

    •         Royal Heritage Resort
    •         Eco Popular Resort
    •         Welcome Heritage -Lha-Ri-Sa Resort
    •         The Driftwood Hotel
    •         Lotus Ecological Resort

  • Q. Which are the best places to camp stays in and around Leh?

    If you are a traveller, you very well resonate with the idea of celebrating the world. Travel on its own is a festival where the most important significance is ‘the journey’. Camping is only one of the many traditions practised in this festival. Pitching a tent on the lap of the earth under the shade of the deep blue sky, bordered and secured by the tall mountains of the Himalayas, are some of the auspicious rituals performed by the campers in Leh. If you have never been part of a celebration like this, there is always a first time and first time experiences are the best. Leh has many camps stay in and around its circumambience to get you into the faith of camping.

    •         Wonderland Tourist Camp
    •         Ser Bum Tso Resort
    •         Igloo Nature Camp
    •         Kinner Camp Sangla
    •         Apple Orchard Farm and Camping

  • Q. Which are the best homestays in and around Leh?

    Changspa is one of the popular regions for homestays in Leh, flooded with backpackers with only an ordinary unambitious goal in their mind, to find solace in the wilderness. Changspa area embraces the agricultural lands of Leh and the population residing here have farming occupation flowing down their genes for generations. The comfort of homes and the aroma of the authentic food with windows and doors opening out to sun-kissed mountains, silently welcoming the sounds of the cold breeze come fill in; Leh will never give you a reason to leave.

    •         Tukchu Homestay
    •         Gangba Homestay
    •         Zaltak Guest House
    •         Jimmy's Homestay
    •         Spurkhapa House

  • Q. Which are the best budget stays in Leh?

    If traveling came for free, there would rarely be any other dream the world would be chasing. Everyone would probably live a nomadic life and also covered more places than they heard of. But the sad truth, traveling can get expensive especially in a place like Leh where there is more distance to cover and lesser places to stay. For travellers on a budget trying to make the best out of the opportunity in hand, below are a list of budget stay suggestions with best services to ease out on your pockets.

    •         Hotel Antelope
    •         Hotel Shambala
    •         Siala Guest House
    •         Sangto Green
    •         Hotel La Buddha

  • Q. Which are best camps stay at Pangong Lake?

    The most serene water body threshold by the massive dusky mountains of the Himalayas in the Leh region is the Pangong Lake. Stretching between India and China, travellers come to witness the contrast of the calm blue water of the Pangong Lake against the deep sapphire sky being divided by the mahogany shaded mountains. Camping at this lake is an exotic experience, waking up to the view of the early sun generously shinning letting the waters sparkle and the mountains dye. Following are some of the best camp stays in and around Pangong Lake:

    •         Pangong Retreat Camp
    •         Mystic Pangong Camp
    •         The Buddha Camp –Pangong
    •         Pangong Lake View Camp
    •         Holiday Cottages – Pangong

  • Q. Which are the best camps stays at Tso Moriri Lake?

    While engrossed in the beauty of Pangong Lake, many misses appreciating its twin in the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary called the Tso Moriri Lake. A wetland reserve, this lake attracts a variety of birds migrating from distant lands to come and keep themselves warm under the rays of the bright sun. Brown-headed gull and grey-crested grebe are some of the common ones spotted here. Camping close to this lake, you can be rest assured to be woken up by these birds chirping their own tunes at the break of dawn. The Tsomoriri Camp and the Nomadic Life Camp are two of the camp stays located in Korzok village, nearest to the Tso Moriri Lake.

  • Q. Which best homestays and camp stays in Nubra Valley?

    If you are determined to make it to Leh and Ladakh, take a chance, go the extra mile and visit the Nubra Valley. With the Nubra River meandering through the arid mountains here and bordered with the Buddhist prayer flags on the ridges, this place is calmer than any of Ladakh. Still not too intervened by tourists, this valley is lesser commercialised and the historic tales lingering here wants to be heard. To make for a great rest the following camp and homestays are available in Nubra Valley:

    •         Goba Guest House
    •         Mystique Meadows Earth Homes
    •         Nubra Ethnic Camp
    •         Yourdum Guest House
    •         Camp Silversand
    •         Heaven Adventure Camp

  • Q. Can we stay in monasteries in Leh?

    Yes, one can lodge in the monasteries in Leh to experience the blissful stay. The home to the monks, the monasteries are always ringing with the sounds of their holy chants and fragranced with their holy incense. The rich culture of Tibetan practises reflects on the architecture of these monasteries and the in the paintings that fill up the walls.

  • Q. Can we stay in army cottages and tents in Leh?

    Lying very close to the Indian borders, a lot of the lands in Leh are occupied and registered under the Army quarters. There are homely cottages on these premises to provide stay for the army officials and their families. Unfortunately, these army cottages do not allow accommodations to tourists and civilians. Nevertheless, the number of options within budget are in plenty and these accommodations also provide healthy and delicious food to comfort your stay further.

  • Q. What are stay options in Sarchu?

    When making the journey between Leh and Manali, Sarchu is a renowned stopover for tourists to take a break in the journey. Usually, the Leh to Manali highway is closed to traffic in the winter months as it faces thick downpour of snow. Hence, the town of Sarchu is easily accessible between May and September. There are mostly army base camps and government guest houses that pop as options for stay. In the recent times, the Dorje Camp at Sarchu has also been gaining a lot of recognition for the number of tourists it has hosted. The tents here range between deluxe to suites with a list of hospitality facilities, which makes it hard to believe you are surviving on barren lands in the midst of nowhere.