A Starter’s Guide to Valley of flowers Trek

he vivacious hue of flowers and the bouquet of aroma emitted by blooming blossoms can be witnessed in the flummoxing trek through the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. It is the idyllic trekking expedition for all nature enthusiasts who wish to combine their love for nature and the adventure of trailing amidst the secluded paths that resonate the brilliance of nature. The Valley of Flowers Trek begins from the mystical city of Haridwar with a road journey that will take fanatics to the basecamp of Govindghat. The trek begins here towards the magical township of Ghangaria and Hemkund until you arrive at the destination of dreams in the Valley of Flowers. The dewy land welcomes you with vibrant flora within the picture perfect frame of snow-capped mountains. Witness the paradise on earth with abundant alpine flowers that will mesmerize your vision. Declared as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, the Valley of Flowers is a mystical destination, unless witnessed first-hand.

How To Reach