Nightlife in Barcelona

Things to Do in Barcelona at Night

Explore the best things todo in Barcelona at night which includes Going to The Opera, Experience the Magic Fountain show, Take the Night Segway Tour, Climb up the Bunkers del Carmel and more.

The city of Barcelona is located on the coast of northeastern Spain and is very famous for its lively social nightlife. There are numerous activities and things to do in Barcelona at night, which make the city highly popular amongst tourists. While enjoying a tour around the city you would explore its culture, famous architecture both historical and modern as well as capture beautiful sights. The city offers a range of explorations that would allow you to enjoy water sports as well as cultural performances.

At the impressive theatre Gran Teatre del Liceu you would enjoy the best opera, ballet and other musical performances that allow a sneak peak in the culture of the city. Flamenco shows could be enjoyed during the dinner and later you could go on to watch the 3D choreography of the shows at the magic fountain. The best way to enjoy Barcelona nightlife would be to go on a night bike and segway tour, it would let you wander through the popular monuments like the Arc of Triomphe as well as prove to be cost effective. The audiovisual shows at the La Pedrera or Casa Mill would certainly leave you with an awe of the architecture of the palace.

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Barcelona Nightlife FAQs

Which are the things to do at night in Barcelona ?

1. Going to The Opera: Operas are at the heart of the Barcelona nightlife and you would find several grand venues to attain to like the Opera at Gran Teatre del Liceu and Palau Dalmases. All the venues are beautifully decorated to present a warm and welcoming ambience to the guests. At the opera houses you would be able to enjoy several performances of ballet, recitals and pleasurable operatic experience. The buildings of the opera houses are part of the cultural heritage of the city with impressive exterior, large auditoriums and applauding performances.

Price -
10-30 Euro, based on the theatrical performances
Timings- 9:30 AM onwards

2. Experience La Pedrera Night: Get ready to indulge in one of the most lively and pleasing emblematic performances of Barcelona at the palace of La Pedrera which is also called Casa Mila. La Pedrera Night Experience is a presentation of an audiovisual show that introduces you to the culture and history of the city. Through the medium of a light show you would journey through the different spaces of La Pedrara like the courtyard of Passing de Gracia and Provenca, the attic and the roof terrace. The most fascinating highlight of the show is the video mapping of the roof of the palace of La Pedrera, the impressive architecture of the roof is used to create an audiovisual show called ‘Glass of Cava’.

Price -25-40 Euro per person
Timings- 9 PM to 11 PM

3. Feel the energy of the Flamenco Show: Attending a Flamenco Show is certainly one of the best ways to experience Barcelona nightlife. Flamenco is a pleasing interaction of dance, vocals and music which originated in Andalusia. The art form is very popular in Barcelona, there are dedicated bars and cafes where it’s used to entertain the guests. At Tablao Cordobes bar you would witness the highest artistic performances by the Flamenco dancers and musicians. During the performances you could order the delicious Andaulusian food as well as choose some of the best beverages and desserts.

Price - 15-30 Euro per person
Timings-6 PM onwards

4. Experience the Magic Fountain show: The magic fountain is situated in Avinguda Maria Cristina and was designed by Carles Bugas in 1929 for the international expo. It was illuminated later in 1954-55, when its hydraulic valve was replaced with an electro-pneumatic one. Since then, the fountain has been kept illuminated with the latest technology and presents its visitors with fascinating shows. Enjoying the 3D choreographies like the 1980s Mix and Spanish Classical Musical that uses light, water and music is one of the intriguing things to do in Barcelona at night. The fountain also takes the central part in all the big events held in the city like the 1992 Olympic Games and the annual La Merce pyrotechnic musical.

Timings- (Tuesday-Saturday) 11 AM - 1 PM and 4 PM to 6 PM
(Saturday) 11 AM - 3 PM

5. Stroll with the Night Bike Tour: Bike Tours are one of the most interesting and popular things to do in Barcelona at night because it allows you to enjoy the several sights of the city in a short span. The benefit of going on a night bike tour is that you can discover the hidden or not so popular places, enjoy the history of the city and click a ton of photos. You can book your bike tour with a company that provides the facility and enjoy an upto 3 hours of ride around the architectures like the Gothic Quarter, plazas, monuments, parks and landmarks. If you find the paddling bikes uncomfortable the e-bikes are available as well.

Price - 10 Euro onwards
Timings- 7:30 PM onwards

6. Take the Night Segway Tour: A night seaway tour is a way to enjoy the best nightlife in Barcelona as it would allow you to wander around the beautiful coasts and the gothic buildings. You could drive your seaway through the old port of the city and take pictures of the most fascinating sights along the way. On your way through the city you could stop at the monuments like the Columbus monument, La Rambla, Parc de Ciutadella, the Arc of Triomphe and the Olympic Port. You would notice several modern construction as well like the beautiful skyscraper called Agbar Tower which is amongst the most prominent phallic architecture that is lit up with 4,500 LED devices at night.

Price - 50 Euro onwards
Timings- Between 7 PM to 11 PM

7. Sail while the sun sets: The city of Barcelona is surrounded by the waters of Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean, therefore you could enjoy Sunset sailing as well. The most prominent location to embrace the experience is the Marine Port Olimpic of Barcelona, here you’d find several kinds of cruises which you can choose from based on your requirements. All the yachts or cruises are well equipped with music and serve the guests with drinks, snacks as well as beer. Alongwith capturing the beautiful sunset sights, you could also indulge in other things to do in Barcelona at night like snorkelling, surfing and swimming

Price- 40-60 Euro per person
Timings- 5:30 PM onwards

8. Climb up the Bunkers del Carmel: Trek upto a height of 262 metres and enjoy the best views of the city from the viewpoint of the bunker of Carmel, it’s one of the highlighted features of the Barcelona nightlife. From the top of Turo de la Rovira a 360 degree view of the city is visible, the location was earlier used as a military base with anti-aircraft guns. The concrete remnants of the anti-aircraft have been renovated and freely accessible making it a popular picnic spot among the locals.

9. Escape the puzzled Rooms: It would be a treasure hunt like game that would also allow you to enjoy the best nightlife in Barcelona, as you go on a journey that involves walking tours and much more. The tour would be a self-guided adventure, using beautiful props and letting you discover the lesser-known corners. You would also solve several escape -room-like puzzles but with a twist of using the city's architecture as well as unlocking a series of locks on treasure boxes. The game is highly engaging that would fascinate kids and adults alike, it’s available in four languages like English, Spanish, Catalan and French.

Price - 10-15 Euro/ child and 20-25 Euro/ adult

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Which are the best places to visit at night in Barcelona?

1. Bunkers del Carmel- It’s the most visited viewpoint of the city located on the top of the Turo de la Rovira. After trekking upto 262 metres uphill you would be able to enjoy a 360 degree view of the city which looks mesmerising at night.

2. La Pedrera Night Experience- The audiovisual show arranged at the palace of La Pedrera also called Casa Mila is a highlighted feature of the best nightlife in Barcelona. During the show you would see the building illuminated with thousands of lights dancing in a manner to present a show that let you enjoy its courtyard, attic and roof terrace.

3. Flamenco Show- The dance and musical performances are a popular part of the Barcelona nightlife as well as the culture of the city. At different bars and cafes several Flamenco shows are organised, therefore you could enjoy the performances while having your dinner.

4. The Magic Fountain- The illuminated magic fountain of Barcelona is a popular public spot that attracts numerous visitors. Here, you would find several 3D choreographic shows being organised like the 1980s Mix which uses a pleasing combination of water, light and music to entertain the visitors.

What is Barcelona famous for?

You would find a wide range of things to do in Barcelona at night that will help you feel lively and make your visit to the city interesting. Here, you could enjoy opera shows at the world renowned theatres like that of Gran Teatre del Liceu, later at night enjoy a night bike tour around the historical monuments of the city.

How to reach Barcelona?

1. By Air- The nearest international airports to the city are Barcelona El Prat Airport, other airports suitable for locals are the Sabadell Airport and the Reus Airport.

2. By Road- The main bus services that connect the city are Megabus, Eurolines and Busbud.

3. By Train- Rail commuting is a very flexible option to commute intercity, Barcelona Sants and Barcelona Franca are the two main railway stations.

How many days are enough to visit Barcelona?

A minimum of two days visit is required to fully enjoy the Barcelona nightlife as well as enjoy several other activities like trying watersports and visiting museums. Although if you wish to explore Barcelona to the maximum, you'll require at least 5 days in the city.

What is the best time to visit Barcelona?

The most preferred time for a visit to the city is during the summer season from June to August as there are several festivals and events being organised during these months. You’d be able to enjoy Barcelona nightlife through several activities like taking a night tour around the city, enjoying an evening sail and capturing the views of the city from the best viewpoint.

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