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Walking Tours in Barcelona

The walking tour Barcelona promotes visitors a kind of tourism that lets them explore the culture, architecture, and entertainment factor of the city. From La Sagrada Familia to La Rambla, these walking tours cover each of the sightseeing attractions of Barcelona that you could explore more in less time. The walking tours enable the tourists to discover incredible sites, legends, and stories with entertaining and passionate local guides.

On your Barcelona walking tour, you can pay a visit to Park Güell, Boqueria Market, Casa Mila, Montjuic, and Gothic Quarter. You can also witness some of the magnificent and intricate works of the legendary Antoni Gaudi through La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, and Palau Güell. If you are interested in the history and culture of Barcelona, you can take a Catalan History and Political Walk. It allows you to wander around the sites that contextualized the events responsible for the current political chaos in Barcelona.
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Barcelona Walking FAQs

Which sightseeing places can we cover during a walking tour in Barcelona?

1. La Sagrada Familia- The first sightseeing place to cover on a walking tour Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia which has been intricately designed by the world-famous artist Antoni Gaudi. It is a beautiful landmark in Barcelona that attracts visitors to witness a unique perspective of the Roman Catholic basilica. The architecture of the attraction imparts the message of the Evangelists along the lines of the Gothic and Byzantine places of worship. On your visit to the attraction, you can admire the beauty of the eighteen planned towers and the different facades that reflect sunlight to highlight the life of Christ inside the Sagrada Familia.

2. Park Güell- Situated on a hill while overlooking the entire city of Barcelona, Park Güell is another remarkable highlight of the Barcelona walking tour that gives you a glimpse into the works of the legendary Antoni Gaudi. It is a spectacular park filled with interesting architecture, bright colors, luscious greenery, and much more. When you enter the park, you will be greeted by the vibrant mosaic Dragon, followed by Museu del Guarda, Sala Hipòstila, Plaça de la Natura, Jardins d’Austria, and much more. The inspiration from Modernisme, Art Nouveau, and Neo-Gothic styles are interesting to watch in the architecture of the Parc Güell.

3.Boqueria Market- Renowned for its perfect picturesque market, Boqueria Market is another stop on the list of sightseeing places in a walking tour Barcelona. This market is a perfect place for food lovers as they can enjoy top-quality food and produce in this market. You will also find a splash of colors in the market with an array of fruity rainbows and multi-colored bell peppers. Even ham lovers will find solace in this market after savoring the taste of Italian Proscuitto and Spanish Iberico. Moreover, it is advisable not to miss the different kinds of fresh herbs, chilies, spices, and exotic fruits and vegetables of Vietnam on the southern side of the market.

4. Gothic Quarter- Dating back to over 2000 years of history, the Gothic Quarter is the most enchanting and captivating district, included in the Barcelona walking tour. In this guided walking tour, you will take a stroll through the narrow alleyways and learn about the unique history and culture of this vibrant part of Barcelona. This street will take you on an adventurous voyage to the different tourist attractions, like the Church of Santa Maria del Pi, Plaça del Rei, Barcelona Cathedral, and Sant Jaume Square. You can also get some insider tips from the trendy bars and restaurants in the Gothic Quarter.

5. Montjuic- The other sightseeing place you can cover on your walking tour from Barcelona is Montjuic which allows you to capture the splendid panoramic views of Barcelona from the hilltop viewpoints. Visitors can pay a visit to the majestic Montjuic Castle to discover the roots of Catalan dancing traditions. After this, you can take a walk around the romantic gardens that are filled with flowers, waterfalls, and sculptures. At Mirador del Alcalde in Montjuic, you will listen to the tales of the ancient migrant community that once resided in these mountains and stories of one of the most famous flamenco dancers in Spain.

6. La Rambla- Among the other walking tour Barcelona, La Rambla is a beautiful sightseeing spot that allows you to explore the most famous street markets of Barcelona. Stretching from the Columbus Monument, it is a tree-shaded pedestrian area that remains bustling with souvenir hawkers selling trinkets and beach blankets, florists adjusting their arrangements, street performers posing with tourists for selfies, and artists painting caricatures for the passerby. Visitors can also relish the experience at the different bars and restaurants in La Rambla with their friends and family that serve tapas and paellas at an al fresco table.

7. Palau Güell- Palau Güell is an architectural marvel included in the Barcelona walking tour that allows you to take a sneak peek into another one of Antoni Gaudi’s architectural creations. It has been regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that took inspiration from the Venetian palace. The impressive glass and woodwork of the palace is the highlight of the palace that garners the interest of most tourists. The blend of Renaissance and Oriental styles on the interiors of the palace also incorporates the eccentric wishes of Güell. The glass art over the grand staircase is another masterpiece of Palau Güell that resembles the Catalan flag.

8. Camp Nou- Camp Nou should be the next stop on your list of walking tour Barcelona as it is the second largest football stadium in the world. Since its completion in the year 1957, it has been the home ground for FC Barcelona that lets you experience the thrill of visiting the architectural magnificence interwoven with the glorious football history of Spain. The tourists can take a walk through the players’ tunnel to experience the life of an FC Barcelona player. The glittering trophy cabinet of the club which includes five European Cups and 24 La Liga titles is another beautiful sight to behold in Camp Nou.

9. Parc de la Ciutadella- Parc de la Ciutadella is another sightseeing place to consider visiting on your Barcelona walking tour as it is an idyllic and the greenest oasis in the beautiful city of Barcelona. This luscious green park welcomes guests to relax, rebound, go for long walks, and have picnics with their friends and family. Some of the fundamental attractions that you need to visit in Parc de la Ciutadella are the Catalan Parliament, Museu d’Art Modern, Zoological Museum, and the Museu de Geologia. The historic waterfall, a pond, two boulevards, and a romantic English garden are also the center of attraction of the Parc de la Ciutadella.

10. Casa Mila- If you are planning to take a walking tour in Barcelona and are fond of Antoni Gaudi’s intricate works of architectural excellence, you should not miss the chance to visit Casa Mila. It is an extraordinary structure that represents Modernisme style buildings in Barcelona. When you look at the attraction for the first time, you will discover the place to be anyone’s home. But, when you take a step inside the lavish lobbies or the sprawling courtyards, you will find the signature embellishments of Antoni Gaudi that provide a dream come true experience to visitors. The different exhibits in the palace also steal the heart of all the visitors.

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Which other activities can we cover during a walking tour in Barcelona?

1. Montserrat Tour- On your Barcelona walking tour, you can take a tour of Montserrat Mountain, which is a unique rock formation that has been sawed and sculpted by rain and wind for thousands of years. During this tour, you can pay a visit to the famous Benedictine monastery to admire the beauty of the 12th-century wooden statue of La Moreneta, who was the patron saint of Catalonia. You can experience the natural splendor of Montserrat on this enriching full-day walking tour from Barcelona. Visitors can also hop on a glass-bottomed funicular railway to adore the beauty of the fascinating flora and fauna of the region.

2. Catalan History & Politics Walk- The Catalan History and Politics Walk takes you on a voyage to the historical sites of Barcelona, where you can gain in-depth knowledge about the history and politics of the city. During this tour, you will wander around the sites that contextualized the events responsible for the current political chaos in Barcelona. The prominent area that you will visit on this walking tour is the Old Town, which includes Borne, Ciutat Bella, and Parc Ciutadella, which is the presiding ground of the Parliament. Therefore, this three-hour tour is the perfect way to witness the significant hotspots of the Catalonian Political Center.

3. Food & Wine Small-Group Tour- Indulging your senses with the rich flavors of Catalonian cuisine is another best activity to do on a full-day walking tour Barcelona. On this tour, you will pay a visit to a medieval farmhouse and taste the sample fine wines and creamy cheese while enjoying the picturesque scenery of the Montserrat mountain. This guided tour of the winery will also allow you to relish the home-cured meat in a Benedictine monastery, taste the different premium olive oils, and feast on a conventional Catalan lunch. Thus, this small group tour allows you to have a personalized experience of the rich culinary culture of Barcelona and taste some delicious wine samples from the winery.

4. Runner Bean Kids & Family Tour- The Runner Bean kids and family tour is a fun family stroll around the medieval city of Barcelona that is filled with wonderful activities for children. On this walking tour, you will visit special places, like the Giants Museum, workshops, and magnificent candy shops, where the kids can learn and play with their families. The different stories, games, and songs will keep the children begging you to bring them back to this fun-filled tour. This family-friendly walk, through the magical backdrop of the Gothic Quarter is indeed a wonderful experience to spend some quality time with your family and cherish the memory for a lifetime.

5. Barcelona Segway Tour- On this walking tour Barcelona, the visitors will be taken to discover the highlights of the city in a group with an experienced guide. The first stop on the Barcelona Segway Tour is the ancient port area of Port Vell which has been redeveloped as a part of an urban renewal program before the 1992 Summer Olympics. You will alight at the monument to Christopher Columbus to pay a tribute to his first voyage to America. Besides this, you will also walk through the La Rambla to the green beauty of the Parc de la Ciutadella and admire the magnificence of the Arc de Triomf.

What is the best time for a walking tour in Barcelona?

The best time for a Barcelona walking tour is between April and July when the weather remains pleasant and the flowers are in full bloom. During this time, the temperature remains favorable to enjoy the different sightseeing activities by walking or indulging in fun-filled tourist activities.

How to reach Barcelona?

1. By Flight- Barcelona El Prat Airport is very well connected from different European countries to Barcelona, which is situated about 17 kilometers from the center of the city. To reach Barcelona, you can board a flight from anywhere in the world to this airport or the other two smaller airports, like the Reus Airport and the Sabadell Airport.

2. By Train- The most preferred rail network to reach Barcelona from Spain and different parts of Europe is Eurorail. Besides this, Barcelona Sants and Barcelona Franca are the other two railway stations that operate both regional and international trains to Barcelona.

3. By Bus- Alternatively, you can avail yourself of the bus services from Spain and Europe to reach Barcelona. Eurolines is the primary reliable mode of road transportation that helps you to commute to and from Barcelona. The other available bus services on this route are Busbud and Megabus.

Which places are family-friendly in Barcelona?

1. Barceloneta Beach

2. Parc de la Ciutadella

3. Montjuic Castle

4. Tibidabo Amusement Park

5. Cosmo Caixa

6. La Sagrada Familia

7. Caixa Forum

8. Port Vell

9. La Boqueria

10. L’Aquarium Barcelona

11. Poble Espanyol

12. Plaza d’Espanya

13. Park Güell

Is Barcelona worth visiting?

Yes, Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination that is definitely worth visiting with your friends and family. In the city, you can explore the cool neighborhoods, hang out in the museums, savor the taste of different kinds of local delicacies, try out bars and coffee shops, and connect with new people. Moreover, if you love Antoni Gaudi’s work, Barcelona is worth admiring the beauty of his different intricate creations on your walking tour Barcelona.

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