Nightlife in Amsterdam

As the sun starts setting, you can surely be on the lookout for the best nightlife in Amsterdam. Make sure you explore all the options that the magical city will have on offer for you. Amsterdam comes alive at night with night clubs, DJ music, dance festivals and performances at various venues. You can visit the Club Prime Nightclub, Club Amsterdam and others or spend time at the Amsterdam Light Festival or catch a concert at Concertgebouw. Visit the cultural and music centers Stadsschouwburg, Paradiso, and Melkweg to attend various artistic programs or head towards Rembrandtplein to catch a movie or spend time with friends at the cafes.

A famous area frequented by locals and tourists is Jordaan. You can take a stroll along the canal or go partying at one of Jordaan’s clubs. You can also take a canal cruise and watch the glittering city from the water. One of the best places for nightlife in Amsterdam is the world-famous Red Light District with its Red Light Secrets museum and the Erotic museum. Sit around at one of the cafes such as Greenhouse and Baba and enjoy coffee with space cakes. Other places you can visit at night include the Van Gogh Museum, Eye Film Museum, and others. You can also opt for the unique experience of traveling by the Dinner train or have fun at Heineken Experience.

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Amsterdam Nightlife FAQs

What to do in Amsterdam at night?

1. Cruise over the Amsterdam’s Canal Ring: Taste the lavishness of Amsterdam Nightlife while you cruise over the 17th century built Amsterdam’s canal ring surrounding the Old Town. It marks its place in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is famed for its deep-down history. Exploring this canal ring is an adventure itself and the night views with sparkling lights make it even more worthwhile. Click Here to Book: Amsterdam Canal Cruise

2. Dine and delight with the sightseeing dinner train: This experience is a combination of culinary and sightseeing! It begins by covering the major attractions of Amsterdam and includes a 4-course dinner as per the city that you will be passing by. You can know about the history and culture of the city and also relish the exotic delights of the region.

3. Watch illuminations at Red Light District: Something that you must not dare to miss is the Red Light District. Well, this is something that you might have never seen. Here you can witness the 300 one-room cabins that sparkle with the vibrant neon lights and the Amsterdam ladies do their business here. Mostly it is only for adults entertainment and can be skipped from family tours.

4. Explore the vivacity of Jordaan: Witness the slow-paced Dutch life of Amsterdam in Jordaan. If you are an art lover or wish to explore the quieter side of Amsterdam, then this your place to be. With a number of restaurants that serve local delights to the fantastic art galleries here, you can find all of it.

5. Dance off in the clubs & bars: Witness the best version of Amsterdam nightlife with the exciting bars and clubs as this destination is the EDM hub, and a visit without a party here is just out of the question. Amsterdam is dotted with a number of bustling bars, cafes, and clubs that are open till midnight and you can have the best nightlife experience here. Leidseplein & the Red Light District are the best spots to experience this to the fullest.

6. Cool Off at the Xtra Cold Ice Bar: What can be better than chilled’ booze and freezing temperatures? Well, Xtra Cold Ice Bar caters to this amazing combination and you can crash here with your friends and family in the late hours as it is open till midnight.

The bar temperature is kept at -10 degrees celsius and wearing thermal here is a must, if you don’t wish to get FREEZED! The best thing about the bar is that the drinks are all served in Ice glasses and glazing lights turn up the color of the ice glass.

7. Watch the concerts & events: Speaking of the nightlife concerts and live shows make it even more amazing. The city is known for its concert halls and live performances that happen every now and then. Most of them are the late-night shows that are either for entertainment or depict the history and culture of the quarter. Some of the common top names include the Bach Choir, Portuguese Synagogue, and many more.

8. Soak up the local culture at ‘Concertgebouw’: Famed for its exceptional acoustics, the ‘Concertgebouw’ is one of the must-go places in Amsterdam nightlife. The architecture of the concert hall is designed elegantly by A.L Van Gendt and was built in the late 18th century. Here, you can experience the top-class performances along with a stunning setting that the hall offers.

9. Take a view from the ADAMS Tower: Get awestruck with the panoramic views of the city and watch the sparkling skyline at the A’DAM Tower. It boasts off with the highest bar and a combination of stellar night views and cocktails is just perfect.

What are the best night clubs and bars in Amsterdam?

1. Radion: Experience the best of Amsterdam Nightlife at the industrial haven that is snuggled in the corner of Nieuw-West. The vibes of the club are quite laid back and it hosts the best mini parties for the visitors. The best thing about the club is the underground smoking room that reflects neon lights.

2. Claire: Becoming the favorite of the visitors to best experience the Amsterdam Nightlife, Claire is famed for its stellar interiors. It is located in Rembrandtplein and serves the best exotic food with a 24 hours bar license.

3. Shelter: Giving the indication of an abandoned place the aura of Shelter justifies the classic experience of Amsterdam Nightlife. It looks as if it is stolen from Berlin and has all the matte black decor with a bassy sound system. The bar is open all day and night and is an excellent place for a memorable night out.

4. Club NYX: Escape the boring spots and head to one of the best places to go in Amsterdam nightlife, the Club NYX. The vibes of this club will blow your mind away and the sparkling dance floor with the Dutch hip-hop beats are an add on. Mainly it is known for its LGBTQ+ nights and DJ nights.

5. Nooderschip: Soak in the ultimate version of Amsterdam Nightlife at the Nooderschip that was built in the ex-pirate radio ship. It opened in later spring in 2018 and is a hotspot for the party lovers. The best thing about the club is the open boat where you can dance and drink all night!

Where can we eat in Amsterdam at night?

Taste the exotic culinary of Amsterdam prepared by the talented chefs that will delight your taste buds. Some of the best late-night eateries are:

1. New York Pizza: One of the best pizza chains of Amsterdam is the NY Pizza that opens up late till night. You can either get your American style pizza packed or can have it at the dine on the spot.

2. De Japanner: Settled in the De Pijp neighborhood, De Japanner is known for its Japanese bites like the sushis, gyoza, and several others. This is a late-night eatery and is excellent for a sweet tooth as it has an array of exotic flavors.

3. Burger Bar: Have the best burger at the Burger that opens up till 2 am’ and offers self customizations to the patrons. You can add the sauces, toppings, and pattie that you like and create your own burger. Also, you can add beer with your burger as it serves Heineken.

4. The Butcher: Boasting of the hard-hitting menu and flexible opening hours, The Butchers is a choice with no regrets. It opened a few years back and is now an international brand with a number of branches, This is one of the coolest places to go in Amsterdam nightlife and has a party lounge too.

What are the famous night markets for shopping in Amsterdam?

1. Albert Cuyp Market (De Pijp): Running short on time and can visit only one market, don’t get confused as Cuyp is the place for you. This place is a one-stop destination if you wish to shop for fruits, fish, clothes, or jewelry. Everything is available in this market and you can even wander about on the streets and soak up the calm vibes of the atmosphere.

2. Bloemenmarkt (Centre): The one and only floating shopping markets of the Netherlands that open up till midnight is the Bloemenmarkt. Situated on the striking canal this market consists of a number of stalls that you can visit over a ferry. The best thing to shop here is the Tulip bulbs as you can find freshly plucked ones.

3. Noordermarkt-Boerenmarkt (Jordaan): Get the best and premium quality organics at the Noordermarkt-Boerenmarkt that is the finest markets of Amsterdam. Here you cannot buy anything for a low price or try bargaining as it is quite expensive.

4. Waterlooplein (Centre): Another shopping destination for the night is the Waterlooplein also known as the “Jewish Market”. The market focuses on vintage products and has more than 300 different kinds of trades.

5. Antiques Market (Centre): Shop for the best trending and antique jewelry at the Antiques Market. Here you can shop rings, earrings, and various other beautiful artifacts from this night jewelry market.

6. Lapjesmarkt (Jordaan): Get the best vintage clothing of Amsterdam at the night market of Jordaan, Lapjesmarkt. From here you can shop, shoes, denim, fur coats, and several other vintage stuff that will make your wardrobe unique.

Where can I go in Amsterdam with my family at night?

If you are vacationing here with your family, then Amsterdam has a whole lot of options for you. Some of the best ones are:

1. Concertgebouw: Known for its outstanding acoustics, the ‘Concertgebouw’ is one of the must-go places in Amsterdam nightlife. The design of the concert hall is different and was built in the late 18th century. Here, you can experience the top-class performances along with a stunning setting that the hall offers.

2. ADAM’S Tower: Get awestruck with the picturesque landscapes of the city and gape at the shimmering skyline from the A’DAM Tower. It has the highest elevation bar and offers a fusion of stellar night views.

3. I Love Amsterdam Sign: Get amazing pictures clicked at the sign of I love Amsterdam and create an everlasting memory with your family.

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Does Amsterdam have a good nightlife?

With a whole wide list of places to go in Amsterdam at night, the late is lit here. The city is dotted with a number of abandoned warehouses, bars, clubs, lounges, and restaurants that are open till midnight. Not only this but you can even shop in the late hours. The city has an amazing nightlife and if you are an EDM lover, then this is your haven!

Do and don'ts in Amsterdam?

Check out this list of Do’s and Don'ts that you need to keep in mind:

List of Do’s
- Do visit the Museum of Prostitution in Red Light District as this experience is one of its kinds.
- Make sure you do prior bookings for the Anne Frank Museum else you will have to wait for 5-6 hours in queues.
- Do visit the Sex museum in the Red light district.
- Click a picture at I love Amsterdam sign

List of Don'ts
- Do not take pictures at the Red Light District as you may land into problems.
- Do not get confused in the cycle lane and the pavements.
- Do not expect alcohol to be inexpensive.
- Do not forget to pack a raincoat as the weather is wet.

Can you take photos in the red light district?

Make a note that you DO NOT TAKE PICTURES in the Red Light district as it is strictly prohibited and the businesses there do not allow this at all. Keep your cameras back at the hotel and do not even try to capture pictures from the phone as the locals might punish you for this.

What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

The best time to visit Amsterdam is early spring or the late fall that is April, May and September but make sure that you make prior bookings as the prices are too high and late bookings can be costlier.

Can we get local buses or transportation facilities in Amsterdam at night?

Yes, the local buses operate 24 hours in Amsterdam and the night bus hours are 00.30 to 7:30 am. In the day hours, there are different buses and there are special buses for the late hours in Amsterdam.

Where should I stay in Amsterdam for nightlife?

Selecting the best stay for yourself is a child’s play in Amsterdam as it offers a whole of options that might even confuse you. Here’s a list that will help you select the best one:

- If you are traveling to Amsterdam for the first time - Westerpark
- If you don’t wish to hit your pocket har then– Oud Zuid (South)
- For the best nightlife experience– De Pijp
- Stay near major attractions and nightlife– Jordaan
- Combination of nightlife, comfort, and luxury stays– Plantage

Is Amsterdam safe at night?

Yes, Amsterdam ranks high in safety but make sure that you follow the basic safety tips. While there are not bigger crimes but petty crimes and pickpocketing is common here.

Is Amsterdam a party city?

If you are a party lover then this city is your heaven! The city is famed for clubs and bars and the best thing is that some of them are open for 24 hours and you can crash in and party at any hour.

What are the essential items that one must pack while traveling to Amsterdam?

Some of the must-haves while traveling to Amsterdam are:

1. Raincoat: The weather is quite wet and you must be prepared.

2. Power adapters: Make sure you have the power adapter with in-fuse plugs as that is used here.

3. Travel insurance: You never know what problems can come upon a trip and the best thing is to buy travel insurance.

4. Medical kit: Jet lag can make your trip go haywire so make sure you have medicines for that.

5. Clothes: The weather is wet and you can carry light clothing for spring and summer and woolens for winter months i.e. December to February.

6. Cards & Cash: Well, this a must if you are traveling in a different city.

7. Travel Map: You are not aware of the roads and the maps can help you locate the landmarks

8. Power Bank: Keeping the phone charged is a necessity and a power bank can be a plus.

9. Identity Proof: If you are a visitor make sure you carry your passport all the time else an identity proof will work fine.

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