De Riekermolen Windmill Overview

A medieval picturesque architectural classic awaits in Amsterdam’s countryside as you visit the De Riekermolen Windmill. Dating back to the seventeenth century, the still-functional windmill is one of the popular attractions along the iconic Amstel River. Surrounded by greenery, the windmill is reminiscent of period dramas and has a stunning statue of Rembrandt nearby, which celebrates the sketches he made here.

Witness the exquisite beauty of a medieval windmill as you spot the De Riekermolen Windmill during your Amstel River with our Europe holiday packages tour. One of the most classic structures along Amsterdam’s famous river, the De Riekermolen Windmill dates back to 1636 and functioned as a polder drainage windmill during its time. Surrounded by tall green grasses and trees, the windmill is a picture-perfect spectacle that reminds visitors of the quaint backgrounds of period dramas and films.

The De Riekermolen was once used to drain nearby plots of land and can be still seen in its functional glory as it spins on summer weekends when the winds are favourable. A bewitching reminder of Amsterdam’s bygone era, visitors can also admire a stunning statue of Rembrandt which was installed to celebrate the numerous sketches he made here. Explore the calming countryside of Amsterdam with your loved ones of this iconic structure from the outside as the interior is not open for tours.

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