Bithnah Fort Overview

The Bithnah Fort is situated in the village of Al Bithnah,which is located at a distance of 17 kilometres from Fujairah.This fort was built in 1735 and is an exquisite and prominent example of Arabic art and architectural style.The Bithnah fort was a result of strategic planning and was constructed to protect the adjoining areas from the Wahabi attacks.This tourist attraction is free of entry charges.

Located 17 km from Fujairah in the Al Bithnah village, the Bithnah Fort is one of the oldest forts in the UAE. It is one of the most significant UAE tourist places as it stands as a testimony to Fujairah’s long history of wars that took place between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Apart from its historical importance, the Bithnah Fort is unique in its architecture which is constructed of golden stone, mud, brick, palm wood planks and adobe. The fort offers spectacular views of the countryside bordered by the Hajar Mountains.

Location: Fujairah United Arab Emirates

Best time: Saturday- Thursday between 8am- 5pm, Fridays 2:30pm- 4:30pm

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