Snoopy Island Overview

The Snoopy Island lies on the northern side of the Emirate of Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman.This place is a splendid choice for watersports,where the tourists can come across a vibrant marine wildlife including blacktip reef sharks.This island is considered to be one of the most fascinating locations for beach camping and is easily reachable from Dubai via a 2 hour long drive.

Located off the coast of Fujairah, Snoopy Island is one of the best kept secrets of the UAE when compared with its giant rivals like Dubai or Sharjah that boast of their superlatives in all feats. With the Hajar mountains as a backdrop, the island offers a perfectly idyllic gateway with an abundance of activities in the crystal waters surrounding the island.

If you want to spend some time amidst shoals of varied fishes take up your snorkelling gear and reach out to the areas close to the mountain. The more adventurous ones can hop on a kayak or go paddle boarding around the island that are infested with sharks and other giant killers.

Location: Sandy Beach, Fujairah United Arab Emirates

Best time: October - March

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