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Azerbaijan Tour Packages

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Azerbaijan Package From Mumbai 8 Days / 7 Nights ₹ 119999.0

Azerbaijan Holiday Packages: Browse through a wide range of Azerbaijan packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Azerbaijan trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

With the beautifully organized and amazingly planned Azerbaijan tour packages, you can enjoy a happening and totally convenient tour to the enthralling “Land of Fire”. These packages are designed with the perfect itinerary to let you cover the maximum attractions of Azerbaijan within the stipulated period of your holiday. The packages are also suitable for all kinds of holidaymakers, including couples, family vacationers, and solo travelers and can even be customized according to your vacationing needs and moods.

With the Azerbaijan packages you can cover the top places of interest of this historical country, such as Baku, Astara, Sheki, Qobustan, and Nabran. You will also get to enjoy a plethora of fun-filled and mind-boggling activities, including safari walks at the breathtaking national parks, heritage tours, trekking the Caucasus Mountains, and water sports like kayaking, paragliding, jet skiing, and rafting at the various beaches of the capital city.

Booking from the best selection of packages will not only offer you pre-planned and easy Azerbaijan tours, but will help you with your accommodation and local transports and also provide you 24 hours assistance for a peaceful tour. You can also expect the best deals and offers on your packages to enjoy a totally budget-friendly holiday in Azerbaijan.

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Azerbaijan Package From Mumbai


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Azerbaijan is one of the most versatile countries in the world, straddling the continents of Asia and Europe and imbibing the best of both cultures. The country has been the hot seat for historical events, wars, the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and other cultural shifts and is today, a thriving centre for sports, culture and history.In order to experience the best of this beautiful country, an Azerbaijan package from Mumbai is ideal, as you can explore the natural beauty that Azerbaijan is known for including the Caucasian mountains and the Caspian Sea, which fringes Azerbaijan on either side. One of the main attractions of the country is the capital city of Baku, which has a walled inner-city with a temple, ancient ruins, watchtowers and other fascinating attractions that make your trip to Azerbaijan exceptional and memorable.

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34 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Azerbaijan Tours

  1. What are the best places to visit during the Azerbaijan tour?

    1. Absheron National Park: Spread across an area of whopping 2,000 acres, the Absheron National Park lies on the southeastern part of the Absheron Peninsula. Established back in 1969, this national park aims at protecting Caspian Seals and gazelles. At present, the Absheron National Park is home to 50 species of mammals, 25 species of plants, and umpteen varieties of reptiles and birds.

    Featuring arid plains, this national park offers easy sightings of animals like jackals, badgers, gazelles, Comb Jellyfish, sea snake, and of course one of the smallest seals of the world, the Caspian Seal.

    Location: The Caspian region, Bak?, Azerbaijan

    2. Astara: Encompassed by majestic mountains and perched on the border of Iran, Astara is the capital of the Astara Rayon District in Azerbaijan. Bordered by the picturesque Caspian Sea, this flamboyant city is the land of stunning hot springs, aromatic citrus fruit orchards, lush tea plantations, quaint cafes, breathtaking nature reserves, and pristine black sand beaches. Astara is also known famously for its flavourful local delicacies including fish lavangi and Azerbaijani tea.

    The prime attractions of Astara include the Astara TV Tower and Hirkan National Park. Astara is also home to a museum, which exhibits umpteen varieties of archaeological findings excavated in this region.

    Location: Astara District, Azerbaijan

    3. Maiden Tower: The oldest and most iconic structure in the Old Town of Baku, Maiden Tower is a magnificent tapered tower dating back to the 12th century. As per popular beliefs, this building served as a Zoroastrian temple, before the inception of Islam. The tower is also believed to have served as an astronomical observatory.

    The 97 feet high Maiden Tower features a base diameter of 54 feet that gradually becomes narrower moving upwards. The well-preserved body of the tower is credited to its deep foundations, thick walls, and truncated conical shape.

    Location: Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan

    4. Heydar Aliyev Centre: Named after one of the former national leaders of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, the magnificent Heydar Aliyev Center happens to be a stunning cultural hub in the capital city. Spread across an area of whopping 10 hectares, this structure is sheltered inside a gorgeous building, constructed by the Zaha Hadid Architects.

    The Heydar Aliyev Center is aimed at promoting the culture, history, and language of Azerbaijani and organizing various cultural events. The building features a museum, a conference room, temporary exhibition areas, workshops, and an auditorium with the capacity to accommodate 1000 people at a single time.

    Location: 1 Heydar Aliyev Ave, Baku 1033, Azerbaijan

    5. Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: As its name suggests, the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum is aimed at showcasing the artistry, culture, and history of carpet weaving in the country. Founded back in 1967, the building of the museum resembles a humongous rolled carpet, which is designed by the renowned Austrian architect Franz Janz.

    The museum exhibits traditional Azerbaijani carpets, with some being more than 2,600 years old. You can also witness age-old oil lamps, ceramics, jewelry, embroidery works, folk crafts, and archaeological artifacts. Some of the basic carpet weaving equipment is also displayed in the museum, including wool, looms, and ropes.

    Location: 28 Mikay?l Hüseynov Prospekti, Bak? 1000, Azerbaijan

    6. The Caspian Sea: Spread across an area of around 3,86,400 square kilometers and sprawling across a length of 1,200 kilometers, the humongous Caspian Sea happens to be the largest lake of the world. This sea is surrounded by Kazakhstan on its northeast, Turkmenistan on its southeast, Russia on the northwest, Iran on the south, and Azerbaijan on the southwest. The Caspian Sea is fed by a number of rivers, the major ones of which are Terek, Ural, and Volga.

    Since the content of salt in the waters of this sea is low, you can enjoy swimming here without making your skin subject to any major irritation. Having the Caspian Sea in your Azerbaijan tour packages will also offer you the opportunities to enjoy fun water activities, including diving, boating, and cruising.

    7. Shirvan National Park: Established back in 2003, the Shirvan National Park aims at protecting the endemic flora and fauna of the region. The national park flaunts a semi-desert topography with sand dunes and a stunning coastline. Including the Shirvan National Park in your Azerbaijan tour packages will let you enjoy the best encounter with the gazelle, as the park shelters plenty of them.

    The national park is also home to more than 200 species of exotic and indegenous birds and numerous species of rich marine life. There are also nice camping sites and bungalows in the Shirvan National Park that can offer you decent overnight stays.

    Location: Salyan Rayon administrative districts, Azerbaijan

    8. Agh Gol National Park: Lying in the southern part of Azerbaijan, the Agh Gol National Park features an arid landscape. Nestled surrounding the second largest lake of the country, Lake Aggol, this national park makes for one of the offbeat places to visit on your Azerbaijan tours.

    Established with the aim of protecting wetland ecosystems, the national park is home to over 140 species of colourful indegenous and migratory birds and umpteen varieties of fish. Crowded with towering lush trees, adorned by a serene blue-green lake and backed by magnificent mountains, the Agh Gol National Park is an absolute treat for nature lovers.

    Location: Kur-Araz lowlands, Azerbaijan

    9. Goyazan Mountain: Encompassed by rolling verdant fields, Goyazan Mountain is perched near the villages of Alpout and Abbas. Standing at an elevation of whopping 2,812 feet above sea level, the mountain is the place where the remnants of the magnificent 14th century Goyazan Fortress can be explored.

    If you are an avid trekker, you can include a hiking tour to Mount Goyazan in your Azerbaijan tour packages.

    Location: Northwestern Qazakh District, Azerbaijan

    10. Lake Goygol: Lying in the foothills of the magnificent Murovdag, the picturesque Lake Goygol came into existence just after an earthquake, nearly 1000 years back. Encompassed by dense green forests and towering mountains, this lake is perched at a height of around 4,921 feet above sea level.

    Translating to ‘Blue Lake’ in english language, Lake Goygol will offer an awe-inspiring treat to your eyes on your Azerbaijan tours. This serene lake is also home to umpteen varieties of wildlife, including various species of fish and colourful birds.

    Location: Ganja-Gazakh Region, Azerbaijan

    11. Icheri Seher: Often referred to as the Inner City or the Old Town, Icheri Seher happens to be a historical site, lying in the heart of the capital city of Azerbaijan. Ancient Baku was established exactly at the same place where the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ichari Seher lies today. Three sides of Icheri Seher is encompassed by a fortified wall, while one side is exposed to the picturesque Caspian Sea.

    The oldest part of Baku, this place is packed with age-old limestone buildings and narrow winding streets. You can shop for traditional clothes, carpets, and ceramic handicrafts at Icheri Sheher, during your Azerbaijan tours.

    Location: Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

    12.Garasu Volcano: The postcard-perfect Garasu Volcano is considered to be the most popular mud volcano, lying 65 kilometers away from the capital city of the “Mud Volcano Capital of the World”.

    Spewing mud to a height of more than 1000 meters, this volcano is the result of gases building up underneath the earth and pushing the mud into the air.

    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

  2. What are the best things to do in Azerbaijan?

    1. Enjoy an Excursion to Sheki: Go on an excursion to the 2500 years old quaint town of Sheki that is perched at the foothills of the southern Greater Caucasus Mountain. On your tour to this age-old Caucasus settlement, you can explore the Sheki Khans’ 18th century palace, majestic castles, and ancient mosques. You can also shop for textiles, embroidered items, and silk garments in Sheki.

    Location: Sheki district, Azerbaijan

    2. Marvel at the Palace of Shirvanshahs: Pay a visit to the magnificent Palace of Shirvanshahs, which is printed on the ?10 note of Azerbaijan. While you stroll through this 15th century UNESCO World Heritage Site, check out the burial vaults, mausoleum, mosque, and palace that are housed inside this royal residence.

    Have some time in your Azerbaijan tour packages to marvel at the Shirvani-Apsheron style architectural design of this ancient palace.

    Location: Sabayil Baku, Azerbaijan

    3. Experience Oil-Based Treatments in Naftalan Oil Resort: If you are seeking a relaxing experience, include a tour to the Naftalan Oil Resort in your Azerbaijan packages. While you are at the hub of the Naftalan crude oil, you can take a rejuvenating bathe in the crude oil, which is known for its healing properties.

    You can also avail a wide range of professional oil-based therapies that can help inflammation and pain.

    Location: Naftalan Oil Fields, Naftalan, Azerbaijan

    4. Hangout with Friends at Old School Cafe: If you are visiting Azerbaijan with your gang of pals, make sure to visit the Old School Cafe for a perfect evening hangout. Here, you can chit-chat over some delicious quickbites and chilled beer, while soaking in the old-school atmosphere and enjoying amazing live concerts.

    Location: 23 Alimardan Topchubashov, Baku 1005, Azerbaijan

    5. Explore the ‘Stonehenge of Azerbaijan’, Qobustan: No history lover should leave Azerbaijan without exploring the world-famous Qobustan, which is nicknamed as the ‘Stonehenge of Azerbaijan’.

    You can witness the stunning pre-historic cromlech here. You can also explore the fascinating rock drawings, which are spanned over an area of whopping 537 hectares. These rock drawings, together with the ancient tombstones found here will offer you a sneak peek into the age-old civilizations of this place.

    Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

    6. Beat the Heat at Nabran: Plan a visit to the exotic resort zone of Nabran, which is nestled on the picturesque banks of the huge Caspian Sea. If you are visiting this place in the summer season, including a trip to Nabran in your Azerbaijan packages will allow you to get relief from the heat by plunging into the huge swimming pools and enjoying a range of water activities in the aqua park here.

    Location: Khachmaz Rayon, Azerbaijan

    7. Spend Some time at Baku Boulevard: Take a peaceful walk through the 3.75 kilometers long Baku Boulevard, which surrounds the photogenic Caspian Sea. Spend your time checking out the elegant cafes and bars dotting this ever-charming coastal promenade.

    Other attractions that you can visit at Baku Boulevard include Mini-Venice, the amusement park, the Baku Ferris Wheel, and the cacti garden.

    Location: 92 Neftçil?r Prospekti, S?bail Bak?, Azerbaijan

    8. Walk through the Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature: Schedule a visit to the magnificent Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, which is named after the renowned poet Nizami Ganjavi of the 12 century.

    Here, you can go through the myriad of materials that will offer you a sneak peek into the rich culture and literature of Azerbaijan. Also take some time to marvel at the stunning facade of the building that showcases statues of renowned writers and poets of the times gone by.

    Location: 53 Istiglaliyyat, Sabayil Baku, 1005, Azerbaijan

  3. What is the best time to visit Azerbaijan?

    The most ideal time for visiting Azerbaijan is from the month of September to October and April to June. These are the best periods of the year to avoid the heat of the summers and enjoy the pleasant and salubrious weather of the country, soaking in the views of the lush green environs.

  4. How to reach Azerbaijan?

    By Air: You can take flights from any major city of Asia and Europe and fly to Heydar Aliyev International Airport, which is located in the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. Major airlines that offer services to and from Heydar Aliyev International Airport include Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Emirates.

    By Road: Azerbaijan is well-connected by road to countries like Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Georgia.

    By Rail: Railway services to Azerbaijan are available from countries like Georgia and Russia.

  5. How much time does it take to get a visa to Azerbaijan?

    In general, it takes around 3 to 4 working days for the processing of your visa to Azerbaijan. This visa will be valid for 3 months and will offer a stay period of 30 days.

  6. What is the cost of a tourist visa in Azerbaijan?

    A tourist visa for visiting Azerbaijan will cost you anywhere around INR 2,899. This will be a single entry visa, valid for a period of three months.

  7. How much does it cost to tour Azerbaijan?

    In general, a week’s tour to Azerbaijan will cost you around ?1,049 per head. You can estimate your daily expense in the country to be around ?150 per head. Your average daily expense on food will be around ?44, on local transportation will be around ?32, on shared accommodation will be around ?126 for two, and on other miscellaneous activities will be around ?17.

  8. How many days are enough in Azerbaijan?

    You need at least 2 weeks to cover the maximum of Azerbaijan. On your 14 days trip to Azerbaijan you can cover the prime places of the country, including Baku, Quba, Laza, Xinaliq, Qobustan, Kish, Zaqatala, Lahic, and Ivanovka.

  9. What are the best adventure activities to do in Azerbaijan?

    1. Hike the Mountains of Xinaliq: Climb through the mountain community of Xinaliq, which is one of Europe’s high altitude villages. As you hike you can see the traditional homes in the Caucasus Mountains and learn about the culture here.

    2. Take a Walking Safari at Absheron National Park: If wildlife fascinates you, include a walking safari at the Absheron National Park Azerbaijan tour packages. While you tour this national park, you can spot the Caspian Seals, the gazelles, foxes, snakes, tortoises, and 25 plant species.

    3. Enjoy Gondola Ride in Mini-Venice: Enjoy an amazing ride on a traditional Gondola through the artificial canal system, on your Azerbaijan tours. You can also spot the various small and large islands connected by bridges, while you enjoy your ride here.

    4. Ride through the Baku Funicular: One of the fun adventure activities you can include in your Azerbaijan tour packages is a ride through the Baku Funicular, from Neftchilar Avenue to Martyrs’ Alley. During your ride, you can enjoy the views of the historical buildings of the Icheri Sheher.

    5. Sail aboard the Caspian Sea Cruise: Board the Caspian Sea Cruise and sail on the serene waters for an hour, exploring the evening skyline. As you enjoy cruising you can bask in the mesmerizing views of many architecturally stunning buildings of Baku, including the Flame Towers.

  10. Which are the best water sports to do in Azerbaijan?

    1. Kayaking: Have a kayaking session in your Azerbaijan packages, if you are visiting the country during the monsoons. Some of the most recommended kayaking sites you can choose from include Lake Goygol, Shamakshi, Lankaran, and Sheki.

    2. Paddleboarding: One of the favourite water activities among all adventure enthusiasts visiting Azerbaijan is paddleboarding. Letting you paddle along the mighty waves of the sea, paddleboarding is best done at the beaches in the capital city Baku.

    3. Jet Skiing: If you want to enjoy the perfect experience of jet skiing, head to the Amburan Beach in Bilgah. Here you can take the jet ski and life jacket on rent and head into the waters for a thrilling ride.

    4. Swimming: Include a swimming experience in your Azerbaijan tour packages, which you can best enjoy in Nabran, which flaunts the cleanest waters of the country.

  11. What are the best historical places to see in Azerbaijan?

    1. Palace of Happiness: Flaunting romance and elegance, the Palace of Happiness was constructed on the demand of oil baron Murtuza Mukhtarov, who dedicated it to his wife.

    2. National Museum of History: Always included in the Azerbaijan packages of history buffs, the National Museum of History exhibits over 300,000 artefacts that showcase the ancient and modern history of the country.

    3. Ismailiyya Palace: The 20th century Ismailiyya Palace was built by the Polish architect Józef P?oszko under the commands of oil baron Agha Musa. Opened back in 1913, this Venetian Gothic palace originally served as a meeting area for the Muslim Charity Society.

    4. Nizami Street: Often found in the Azerbaijan tour packages of leisure seekers, the Nizami Street is an amazing shopping destination. This 3.5 kilometers long bustling street is lined by buildings with Baroque, Neo-Renaissance, and Neo-Gothic facades.

    5. Government House: Lying on Neftchilar Avenue and constructed between 1936 and 1952, the Government House is a stunning Baroque style architectural marvel.

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