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Duration Price
Muscat in a Nutshell5 days & 4 nights
INR 34,545
Highlights of Oman6 days & 5 nights
INR 64,000
Coastal Charms of Salalah5 days & 4 nights
INR 58,999

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Book the Oman tour packages from Thrillophilia and get a glimpse of this country's beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture, and breathtaking attractions. This package has been curated by our experts, keeping in mind all the basic necessities of the traveler to make their trip once in a lifetime experience. If you book the package beforehand, you'll be able to get a huge rebate and discounts. If you're booking the package on any special occasion, we'll ensure that your trip is full of surprises and you can enjoy it to the core. This package will include everything to make your tour seamless and hassle-free, from accommodation to transportation and flights.

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You can also choose whether you want to stay in a high-end hotel or a mid-sized resort at your convenience. So book the Oman packages and get ready to create new memories that will last with you for a lifetime.

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Places to Visit on Oman Tour:

1.Wahiba Sands: One of the best places to visit during Oman tours is the Wahiba Sands that stretch to South from North over 180km and gives you the best desert experience. It is an ocean of sand dunes where the piles of sand shift between coppery orange and rich yellow when the sun is at a lower angle.

You'll find Bedouin camps along the trails and tracks of this isolated desert that gives you a unique experience of sleeping under the stars. If you're looking for more rugged thrill and adventure, you can enjoy dune bashing over here.

Location: Jalan Bani Buhassan Oman

2. Musandam Fjords: Book the Oman tour packages and get a chance to stay enthralled by the beauty of Musandam Fjords that has unique landscapes, sea-life, and mountains. It is also known as the "Norway of the Middle East" without the extremely cold temperature and snow of Norway.

You can cruise through the Fjords onboard a traditionally decorated Omani dhow and feast your eyes on the striking scenery. You can also enjoy swimming, kayaking, and getting a close encounter with dolphins and other beautiful sea creatures.

Location: Khasab, 811, Musandam Government, Oman

3. Ras al Jinz: Ras al Jinz is a small fishing village on the Arabian Peninsula's eastern shores renowned for its unspoiled shorelines, luxuriant green oases, rugged mountains, and golden deserts. This is a protected area that stretches over one hundred and twenty square kilometers with a forty-kilometer coastline.

It is an important turtle-nesting site and the only public place where you can watch the nesting process of the endangered green turtles. Here you can see enormous turtles building their nest, laying eggs, and the tiny hatchlings appearing out of the sand.

Location: Ras Al Jinz P O Box 296, 411 Junayz al Jan?b?, Oman

4. Jebel Akhdar: Book the Oman tour packages and get a chance to visit Jebel Akhdar that is a part of the Al Hajar Mountains range and offers you diverse options for hiking, relaxation, and visiting cultural sites. It is renowned for its labyrinth of terraced orchards, and wadis where pomegranates, roses, and apricots grow in abundance due to its Mediterranean climate.

Guided walks through Omani villages and trips to distilleries extracting rosewater are unique experiences that await the tourists here. You can also enjoy rock climbing and take a leisurely stroll along various walking trails that wind through beautiful fruit orchards.

Location: Al Hajar Mountains Range, 611, Oman, Nizwa

5. Bahla: Bahla is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a small oasis settlement located in Oman's Dakhliya region. It consists of traditional vernacular houses, a market, the fortification wall, a mosque, Jabrin castle, and the Falaj system. The most popular historical attraction here is Bahla Fort, the largest and most beautiful fort in Oman.

You'll find an old souq across the main road where you can buy traditional handicraft items from the shops. This small town is also renowned for its silver artifacts and pottery items sold in the old souks.

Location: Oasis of Bahla, 611, Nizwa - Ibri Road, Oman

6. Masirah Island: If you're looking for a relaxing destination for a weekend getaway in Oman, you must head to Masirah Island. It spans over ninety-five kilometers north-south and is twelve to fourteen kilometers in width, and is only accessible by a ferry ride. On the shores of this island, you can see hundreds of seagulls hunting their prey.

It has stunning beaches, the rocky interior of palm oases, giant ferries, and island resorts. The island is known to be an absolute paradise for kitesurfers and hosts several migratory birds from the Arabian Peninsula, close-by countries of Pakistan, India, Siberia, and Europe.

Location: Al- Aijah, PO Box - 135, 414 ?ilf, Oman

7. Misfat al Abryeen: Book the Oman tour packages and get a chance to visit Misfat al Abryeen, which is a unique mountainous village situated 1,000 m above sea level. It is one of the oldest settlements in Oman, made up of houses, beautiful gardens, a maze of shaded passageways, and open terraces. The village has windows painted in psychedelic colors and doors with beautiful and intricate designs.

Al Hoota cave is the main attraction of this village, estimated to be around two hundred million years old. There are many guest houses at the entrance of the village where you can stop by and relax.

Location: Al Hamra Oman

8. Wadi Darbat: Wadi Darbat is a beautiful lush green valley with breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, and small caves. A year-round canal flows throughout the wadi, making it different from the rest of the places in Dhofar. It also has some of the best picnic spots where you can lay the mat and enjoy nature and a viewpoint that offers splendid views of the Wadi Darbat Canal.

The wadi has many canopies and huts where you can make tasty barbeque lunches. There are many small restaurants and stalls in the valley selling delicious street food like popcorn, shawarmas, and ice cream.

Location: Salalah, Dhofar Governorate, Oman

9. Wadi Shab: By booking the Oman tour packages, you'll get a chance to visit Wadi Shab that is a stunning gorge with a stream that runs through it, making it look like a slice of paradise on Earth. You can find here circular huts of fishers dating back to the fifth millennium BC and various mountain formations.

The wadi is surrounded by breathtaking hills, gorgeous waterfalls, and date palms. It has some of the best hiking trails with rugged paths and various pools where you can swim. If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, you should abseil through the wadi and swim through the hidden caves to the waterfall.

Location: 50km West of Sur, 411, Ash-Sharqiyah, Oman

10. Al Suwaiq: Book the Oman tour packages to have an enthralling tour of Al Suwaiq, a coastal town in northeastern Oman. Once, it was an off-the-grid town, but now it has evolved over the years, and you can see a blend of modern and traditional elements over here.

You can explore the beautiful countryside, learn about its rich history and culture, enjoy sightseeing, and try some local food over here. Al Baden and Ajwaa Al-Sham are the famous restaurants here where you can taste Fattoush, Tabouleh, Kofta, Knafeh, etc.

Location: Al B??inah, northeastern Oman

Things To Do On Oman Tour:

1. Hike through Wadi Shab: One of the best things to do during the Oman tours is hiking through Wadi Shab that has a bit haphazard and steep trails. This 45 minutes hike will take you through emerald green water pools and various caves.

You can swim through the water pools during your hiking expedition to cool off and relax. At the end of the hike, you'll be greeted by a gorgeous waterfall cascading water from a great height.

Location: 50km West of Sur, 411, Ash-Sharqiyah, Oman

2. Seek solitude at the Sultan Qaboos Mosque: If you're a spiritual enthusiast, you must visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, renowned for its breathtaking architecture and peaceful environment. The mosque covers an estimated area of four lakh sixteen thousand square meters and can accommodate twenty thousand worshipers at one time.

It was designed by the famous architect Mohammed Saleh Makiya, with Quad Design and its construction lasted six years until it was completed. The mosque has a square-shaped prayer room and a central dome that rises fifty meters above the floor.

Location: Sultan Qaboos St, Muscat 113 Oman

3. Visit Fish Market: Book the Oman packages and get a chance to visit Fish Market, where the regular trade of buying and selling is carried out. There are many fish traders here selling the catch of the day at the best prices.

You can find here some of the best varieties of fish such as tuna, Pelican gulper, Pencilfish, Pencil catfish, shellfish, lobsters, and Pencilsmelt. You'll find here on sale various other items such as vegetables, spices, and sea salt.

Location: Dhow Harbor, Oman

4. Swim in Bimmah Sinkhole: If you're looking for one of the best things to do during the Oman tours, you can swim in Bimmah Sinkhole that is a naturally shaped huge swimming pool next to the road near Wadi Shab.

You can have a splash and rejuvenate in its blue-colored water that is known to have medicinal properties. The locals believe that the crater is linked via an underground tunnel to the sea, thus explaining the blue-colored water over here.

Location: Hawiyat Najm Park, Muscat Oman

5. Shop for your favorite items from Muttrah Souq: If shopping is the therapy that rejuvenates your senses, you should definitely head to Muttrah Souq, a traditional Arab market comprising various small shops that sell the best Omani products.

The market has been named after darkness as the sun rays do not infiltrate the lanes during the day, and the shoppers have to use lamps to know their destinations. You can buy everything here, ranging from gold and silver jewelry to traditional clothes and colorful fabric.

Location: Al Bahri Rd Near Corniche Restaurant, Oman

6. Explore Shatti Al Qurum: If you're looking to have a glimpse of Oman's modern side, you must visit Shatti Al Qurum. It is an upscale residential area consisting of large whitewashed villas, embassies, tree-lined streets, and government offices.

With incredible shopping options, various cultural attractions, proximity to historical sites, and a beautiful beach, it is the best place for a vacation. It also has some of the most lively cafes and restaurants where you can gorge on lip-smacking delicacies.

7. Know about the history of Oman by visiting The National Museum: By booking the Oman packages, you'll get a chance to visit The National Museum that highlights Oman's rich history and culture.

It covers an area of 13,700sqm and comprises fourteen permanent galleries – including Maritime History, Splendours of Islam, etc. – all of which feature electronic monitors to bring the exhibited art and crafts to life.

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Oman Tour faqs

How much time does it take to get a visa to Oman?

- It will take around two weeks to one month to get a visa to Oman. Express visa takes lesser time compared to the general ones.

- The work visa can take a variable time to reach you. It depends on various factors like the policies involved, the company sponsoring the visa, education qualification, number of years of experience, and medical conditions.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in Oman?

- A single-entry tourist visa to Oman for ten days will cost around £44.95 per person.

- A single-entry tourist visa to Oman for thirty days will cost approximately £84.95 per person.

- Multiple entry tourist visas to Oman will cost around £154.95 per person.

How much does it cost to tour Oman?

You'll have to spend around one lakh to one lakh twenty thousand for a one week tour to Oman. The cheapest hotel rooms cost around £20–25, mid-range accommodations will cost you around £40–50, and high-end places will cost you around £120. You'll have to spend £10 per day on food and £20 per day on transportation.

How to reach Oman?

By Air: Oman has 3 major airports in Salalah, Al Khasab, and Muscat. The Salalah International Airport and Muscat International Airport are the best airports with non-stop and direct flights between major countries. Major airlines that operate here are Ethiopian Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, and Emirates.

What is the best time to visit Oman?

October to March (Winters) is the best time to visit Oman as the weather remains comparatively cooler than the rest of the years. The daytime temperature during these months rarely climbs above 30 degrees Celsius.

How many days are enough in Oman?

Three days are enough to visit Oman.

- On the first day of Oman tour packages, you can visit various historical attractions such as Sohar, Bahla, and Al Hoota Caves.

- The second day of your Oman tour will be reserved to visit The National Museum, Shatti Al Qurum, Al Suwaiq, and Wadi Shab.

- On the third day of Oman tour packages, you can enjoy paragliding at the Al Hajar Mountains, enjoy water sports activities at Qantab Beach, and enjoy hiking at Jebel Shams.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Oman?

Paragliding: If you're an adrenaline junkie, you must get your straps on and take a flight from the Zighy Mountain, admiring the breathtaking views. You can glide over the pristine bay and soak up the Al Hajar Mountains' splendid views

Snorkeling: Dive into the crystal clear turquoise water of Musandam and get up-close and personal with the underwater species. Enjoy Musandam's hidden treasures under the ocean that are a must-see for divers.

Hiking: Sign up for thrill and adventure as you hike through the rocky cliffs and desert terrain of Oman. You can enjoy both long and short day hikes at Jebel Shams and Majlis Al-Jinn mountain range.

Which are the best beaches in Oman?

1. Qurum Beach: This is the longest beach in Oman, with plenty of palm trees, beach shacks, and coconut groves. You can enjoy here various water-sports activities such as jet-skiing, swimming, and scuba diving.

2. Qantab Beach: By booking the Oman packages, you'll get a chance to visit Qantab Beach, which is a rocky beach hidden from the public. You can find many fascinating rock formations along its shore, along with a playground for kids.

3. Yiti Beach: Book the Oman packages and get a chance to visit Yiti Beach that is a renowned camping site with small cliffs. The beach has clear waters and soft sand, and you can enjoy here fishing, swimming, day-picnicking, and skydiving.

4. Al Sawadi Beach: This beach is also called Aviation Beach due to its close proximity to Aviation Club in the Al Azaiba district. You can find many colorful shells along its sandy shores along with beach shacks and hotels.

What are the best historical places to see in Oman?

1. Sohar: It is rumored to be the home of sailer Ahmed bin Majid and the mythical character Sinbad and is the perfect blend of contemporary societies and culture. You can watch camel races here, shop for traditional handicrafts, or explore the splendid beaches.

2. Bahla: This is the first-ever Omani town consisting of the fortification wall, traditional vernacular houses, a market, a mosque, and the Falaj system. It is the oldest fort in Oman, tracing back its history to the thirteenth century.

3. Al Hoota Caves: Located at the Jebel Shams mountains' foot, Al Hoota Cave is almost two million years old with a wonderful ecosystem. It is around 4.5 kilometers long and is home to bats, snails, anthropoids, and mollusks.

4. Nakhal Fort: Book the Oman tour packages and get a chance to visit Nakhal Fort that was built more than a thousand years old and is surrounded by palm trees. This fortress has witnessed many battles and offers magnificent views of the countryside.

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