The trekking starts from Talguppa, which is a small village on the way to Jog Falls.

Honnemardu is an area of 50 km by 80 km. The water of the reservoir is clean and almost unspoiled. You pass through fields, small huts, verdant landscape, rivulets, waterfalls, and breathtaking scenes.

The place is far away from civilization, which makes it an ideal getaway for those preferring a secluded environment to breath for some time. There are no rest houses around, so its better to take your tent to pitch and camp.

In addition to being a Trekking destination, you can enjoy a number of Water Sports, including coracling, canoeing, Kayaking and wind rafting. Honnemardu is also a paradise for birdwatchers.

Exact Location: Honnemardu is located in the Shimoga district which is about 25 km from Sagara towards Jog Falls.

Nearest Town: Shimoga

Distance from Bangalore: 380 km

How to Reach: Bangalore - Shimoga - Talagoppa - Honnemaradu.

From Bangalore, you can catch the overnight Shimoga Express. Reaching Shimoga, you need to board an early morning train, which takes around 3 hours to reach Talguppa. Or, you can also catch a local bus to reach Talguppa. Reaching Talguppa, you can either trek or hire a jeep to reach Honnemardu.

Trek Length: 14 km

Best Time to Visit: September to June

Other Attractions in the Vicinity

Jog Falls: Jog Falls (26 km): Jog Falls is created by the Sharavathi River. The river water plummets down from a great height of 829 ft, the highest in India. Its located in Shimoga district.

Dabbe Falls: Located 30 km from Jog Falls, Dabbe is another enchanting waterfall in Shimoga. This waterfall is hidden in the mountains near Hosagadde.